4 of the Most Beautiful Sites in Rural New York

There is nothing quite like the open road during the summertime. If you live near the east coast, or are interested in taking a summer trip, consider skipping the traffic and city lights of urban New York for beautiful trees and waterfalls.

When people think of New York they imagine the Empire State Building, Elis Island and the Statue of Liberty, Skyscrapers and subways. Arguably more beautiful, however, is the rural countryside.

This summer, when you plan your road trip to New York, consider stopping for a brief visit to some of these beautiful spots off the beaten path.

Cedar Point State Park

As made clear from the look of the birds above, the view at Cedar Point is not one to miss. With stunning blue water and beautiful lush green grass, wildflowers and trees, Cedar Point is well worth a stop.

Cedar Point offers swimming, fishing, boating and more. The park portion offers covered picnic areas and grills. The docks offer fishing and boat rentals. Also in the park is a campground, popular in the local community as a much desired getaway.

The entire park is beautiful, and as the sun sets, it becomes magical and romantic.

Just look at this beautiful view of the water at sunset. Doesn’t it just make you want to sit around by a fire, cook some hotdogs, and tell stories with your family?

Foreman Park

Another beautiful park in upstate New York, is Foreman Park. This park is right off the road for easy access. No twisty roads or back routes to get to this little spit of heaven.

One unique feature of this beautiful park is a massive willow tree! With a huge gnarled trunk and large roots, this tree alone is a sight to behold.

Foreman park might not seem like much, but its understated beauty is calming. Being at this little park offered us a moment to reflect and ponder. It was a wonderful respite during our travels and vacation.

Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park, home to the upper, middle and lower falls, is a must see stop on your rural New York tour. Flowing along the Genesee river, the waterfalls are a key tourist location in this area. Along with the waterfalls, as you can see in the above picture is the Genesee Arch Bridge. Between beautiful water falls, greenery, and bridges, the Letchworth state park is a stop you should consider for your family vacation.

The lower falls have such a beautiful angelic look to them, don’t you think?

Letchworth park not only has beautiful views from overlook parking spots, it also has some gorgeous sights from the many hiking trails around the park. The trails are steep and long, sometimes treacherous.

These hiking trails are not for the faint of heart. If you consider yourself a true hiker with a love of the outdoors, Letchworth trails might be for you! Make sure you are all geared up and ready to hit the trails!

Scotts Bluff

Scotts bluff, aka the mini chimney buffs, overlooks lake Ontario in Wolcott, New York. Only a handful of miles away from the Chimney Bluffs state park, Scotts bluff is wonderful little stop.

With a beautiful coastline and dark rich sandy gravely beaches, Scotts bluff offers an up close look at the coast that leaves nothing wanting.

Getting down to the beach takes a small hike through this gorgeous green brush, both the journey and the destination, are well worth the effort.

Well there you have it! The best state parks and other stops to make the next time you and your family are in New York looking to get away. Of course there is more we could say about these beautiful parks, but instead, we invite you to go and explore these parks for yourself!