5 Best Perpetual Fantasy Football Trophies


Fantasy football is more than just a hobby. For some, it is a competitive way of life. League members may place bets on their draft picks or perhaps reward the winning league member. Rewards given to the top league member can vary. However, one of the best ways to celebrate the winning member is by providing them with a trophy. A trophy is something that the winner can proudly display in his or her home for friends and family to see. In truth, the trophy represents the member’s bragging rights for the year.

Perpetual fantasy trophies are often your best choice since they can be used multiple times, therefore giving you more value for your money. Perpetual trophies provide you with enough space for at least four personalized entries. The league can pitch in together to purchase a trophy that they feel best works for them. The trophy can then be personalized and passed to each winner year after year until all available spaces have been used. If you are considering rewarding your winning league members with a trophy, the list below will help you choose which perpetual trophy works best for you.

  • Decade Awards FFL Silver Lombardi
  • Size: 9.5 inches tall
  • Engravings per Trophy: 0
  • Materials: Poly resin
  • Expandable: Yes
  • Check Price
  • Perpetual Fantasy Football Perpetual Trophy W/12 Gold Plates & Free Engraving
  • Size: 14 inches tall
  • Engravings per Trophy: 12
  • Materials: Cherry Wood, Metal
  • Expandable: Yes
  • Check Price
  • Fantasy Football Trophy / Armchair Quaterback
  • Size: 6.5 inches tall
  • Engravings per Trophy: 4
  • Materials: Wood, Poly Resin
  • Expandable: No
  • Check Price
  • Crystal Fantasy Football Trophy: Perpetual Fantasy Football Trophy
  • Size: 10 inches tall
  • Engravings per Trophy: 4
  • Materials: K9 Crystal
  • Expandable: No
  • Check Price
  • Fantasy Football Championship Belt Trophy
  • Size: 53 inches long
  • Engravings per Trophy: 4
  • Materials: PU Leater, Metal
  • Expandable: No
  • Check Price
Golded Plates Perpetual Fantasy Football Monster Trophy AwrdPerpetual Fantasy Football Perpetual Trophy W/12 Gold Plates & Free EngravingFantasy Football Trophy / Armchair QuaterbackCrystal Fantasy Football Trophy: Perpetual Fantasy Football TrophyFantasy Football Championship Belt Trophy
Size: 24 inches tallSize: 14 inches tallSize: 6.5 inches tallSize: 10 inches tallSize: 53 inches long
Engravings per Trophy: 12Engravings per Trophy: 12Engravings per Trophy: 4Engravings per Trophy: 4Engravings per Trophy: 4
Materials: Cherry Wood, MetalMaterials: Cherry Wood, MetalMaterials: Wood, Poly ResinMaterials: K9 CrystalMaterials: PU Leater, Metal
Expandable: YesExpandable: YesExpandable: NoExpandable: NoExpandable: No
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1. Decade Awards FFL Silver Lombardi

best perpetual fantasy football trophies

Decade Awards makes some of the best trophies for a variety of things, and this fantasy football trophy is no exception to that. This is a great option for those that are looking for a trophy to give to the newest league champion each year.

This trophy is 9.5 inches tall, which is an amazing size for the price. When you compare it to other trophies on the market that are similarly priced, this is a considerable size.

One of the unique features to this trophy is that you can attach it to one of Decade Award’s bases to either dress it up or convert it to a multi-year trophy. They have excellent customer service and can assist you if you decide you want to do this.

One of the negative aspects to this trophy is that there aren’t many customization options. You are unable to change the logo or engrave any champions. However, considering the price point, this is an excellent trophy option from year to year.


Like the trophy listed above, this Perpetual Monster Fantasy Football Trophy is a great way to show off a member’s bragging rights. This smaller sized trophy stands 14 inches tall yet it has enough room for 12 plates just like the larger version. You can have the plates engraved for free to accommodate each winning member of your league.

The solid cherry base adds to the beauty of the trophy, which would make any member happy to have it in their home. The smaller size of this trophy makes it easier to put on display just about anywhere you wish. To show off like a true champ, the white and gold coloring of the figurine at the top of the trophy gleams quite nicely under the lights of a nice trophy case.

For added customization and appeal, a large gold plate found on the front of the cherry wood base is the perfect place for you to add the name of your league and perhaps the year it was founded. Keep in mind that your customization options for each of the 12 smaller gold plates is limited to 3 lines per plate and 20 character per line.


If you are looking for something a little smaller and a little less extravagant, but just as impressive as the other two, the Armchair Quarterback Perpetual Fantasy Football Trophy is a great choice. The trophy features a copper colored quarterback made of durable poly-resin relaxing in an arm chair. The figurine rests on top of a black base that you can use to feature winning members of your league.

You can place an engraved plate on each of the four sides of the base, which allows you to pass
the trophy onto winning members 4 years in a row. The trophy itself stands 6.5 inches tall, which makes it relatively smaller in size compared to most perpetual trophies, and yet the look and feel of it ensure that it is just as impressive. Any winning member would be proud to show this trophy off as a sign of bragging rights to friends and family.

Each plate features an adhesive backing to ensure easy application onto your trophy. For an added touch, you could choose to feature three winning members and use the space at the front of the base to feature your league’s name. Each plate can hold up to 3 lines, which means you will have to adjust your phrasing accordingly. If need be, you can contact the company to ask them for a sample of what the plate would look like before you finalize your engraving decisions.


Perhaps you are looking for something a bit more striking and majestic for your fantasy football league, which is where the Crystal Perpetual Fantasy Football Trophy comes into play. This trophy, which is made up entirely of heavy duty crystal, creates a stunning visual display that you and any of your league members would be happy to display. Overall, this trophy quite accurately depicts the legacy that your league is steadily creating.

The trophy is only 10 inches tall, but its smaller size does not make it any less impressive than some of the larger trophies that are available on the market. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this trophy is that you can engrave a winning league member on each of its four sides. Keep in mind that engraving is the buyer’s responsibility, so you would need to find an engraver that knows how to work well with K9 crystal.


If you are looking for a perpetual trophy that is out of the ordinary for your league, nothing beats the Perpetual Fantasy Football Trophy Belt. There is no better way to show off that your members are part of the fantasy football big leagues than with this stunning belt. In truth, being the winning member of a fantasy football league is all about the trash talk, and nothing allows you to glorify your position better than a stunning belt.

The belt features four panels, two on either side of the main plate. The four panels can be used to feature the winning members of your league, which allows you to pass it on for the next few years. The members of your league are sure to get a kick out of being able to show off their championship belt to friends, family, and other league members.

In truth, adding a fantasy football league trophy to your group is a fun way to celebrate for everyone. Perpetual trophies are often the best choice because they can save you money. Rather than having to go out and buy a new trophy year after year, instead all you have to do is add a new engraving to the trophy to represent the winner of the year. All-in-all, everyone is sure to enjoy getting a chance to take home their bragging rights for the year for everyone to see.