18 Team Building Games and Activities That Don’t Suck

You may play any number of games and do team-building exercises in the workplace, and each of these exercises will help your team learn to work together while having fun. You are creating an environment in the office that is a bit more playful than normal, and you will notice that all the different parts of the office may learn to work together using these activities. You may drag your employees out of the office for team building exercises, or they may play these games at their desks. Make them as much fun as possible, and your workers will look forward to this process.

List of Team Building Games

#1: Blindfolded Dodgeball

You can play this game with any number of people you like, but you must have an even number to participate. You will split your office into pairs, and the pairs will play the game together. Your teams will have one person who can see and one person who is blindfolded. The person who is blindfolded has the ball, and they will throw the ball at other groups. They get their direction from the person who can see, and the team that manages to avoid being hit is the winner. This is an easy way to improve communication skills because it helps your staff learn how to shorten their communications to the most-effective words. You may set a timer, or you may play short games until one team is left standing.

#2: The Book

A book is a common item in the office, and the only tool needed for this great team building activity. You will place an empty notebook in the middle of the office where everyone may access it, and anyone who has grievances or ideas in the office may bring them to the book. Because the writings are anonymous, staff are likely to be more honest, which will aid collaboration. As someone in charge, you can check the book to learn how they are communicating. They will learn to settle their differences quickly and simply because they must be civil in the book.

Picture example of the book icebreaker

#3: Three Truths One Lie

You will write down three truths and one lie on a piece of paper, and the people in your group must figure out which one is the lie. This is a fun ice breaker for the office, and it is a simple game to play because you may sit around a desk. You will get to know the people around you, and you will have fun trying to figure out what the lie is. You will laugh with the people who are sitting around the desk, and you will find that the people in the office learn funny things about one another. You may play this game for as long as you want, or you may challenge your team to do it as fast as possible.

Three Truths One Lie example

#4: Desk Product Logo

The Desk Product Logo activity is an effective way to improve employee engagement. Put participants in pairs or trios and instruct them to create a logo and slogan for a random product on their desk. This activity is not only fun and creative, but you might actually hear some good ideas to use in your business going forward. You should not cast aside anything that could be considered the next best idea from your business, and you will learn about the creative thinking of the people in your office. This is a simple game to play, and you can do it on a timer in just a few minutes. Plus, you can amp up the competition by offering a prize to the group that comes up with the best marketing plan.

#5: Draw Blind

Team building activities for work and communication games are only fun when there is an element of surprise or stress involved, and this one provides just the right amount. The object of this game is for someone to draw a picture – blindfolded. Choose one person to draw blindfolded and show their team a picture. Now it’s the rest of the team’s job to help the blindfolded drawer produce a picture that is as close to the original as possible. Anyone can play, and you can break your office into as many different teams as you need. You might play this game in speedy lightning rounds, or allow more time for a quality picture. If you bring food in for everyone, we’re sure everyone will be happy to play for as long as you like. All you need is a whiteboard, markers and an imagination.

#6: Don’t Step There

This team building game is a fun spin off from “the floor is lava”. Designate tiles on the floor that are hot lava, and instruct the people on each team to cross the room. They cannot simply jump from one tile to another, and all the people on each team must cross. You may leave the game with no time limit, or you may ask them to complete the game in half an hour. Make the game even more difficult with every round, and you will find your staff members doing quite a lot of interesting things to cross the room.

#7: Be Resourceful

For a supervisor, a productive team building activity might encourage them to be resourceful, and there are plenty of ways to do this. You may have the people in the office make a phone call without a phone or ask them to close a deal without your email account. With ridiculous tasks to complete, you will learn who works well under pressure and who does not. You may send certain people on difficult jobs based on their performance in this game, and you may send other people on simple tasks because you do not want to stress them out. This is a clever way for you to learn how all the people in your office work.

#8: The Traditional Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are quite a lot of fun, and there is not a person in the office who will not enjoy this task. You can make the activity fun, useful, or both. Whether you send your staff to scavenge for information about the business, information about colleagues, or lighthearted trivia, this is an effective way to figure out who’s good at following instructions and figuring things out. Employees will get to know each other, too.

There are plenty of ways to adjust the difficulty of your scavenger hunt. You can shorten the allotted time, take away electronics, or make your clues trickier. You can also try both small groups and large groups. Consider offering prizes for the winners – the better the prize, the more motivated they will be!

#9: Do This With One Question

This is one of the most interesting games to play in your office that will test everyone’s problem-solving skills. You will tell your staff to complete a task, and they only get to ask one question. You may think that the tasks are quite hard to finish because they have so many moving parts, and you will find that the task may be completed by someone who maximizes their one question. You may not realize how someone works until you learn which question they ask, and you will watch them complete this process in a team.

The question game may take only a few moments, or you may give the staff until the end of the day to get the job done. You will find that there are a number of different things your staff members may do during the day to win, and you will learn of a number of creative solutions that were used. You may learn something new from the winning person or team, and you will find that they are asking interesting questions. You want to see who is the most-efficient at using their time, and you will learn who knows how to communicate with others.

This is especially effective on a sales team because a salesman may only ask so many questions before they annoy the customer. Ask your staff to play this game to improve their conversion rate.


#10: Silence

Nonverbal communication is far more effective than verbal communication, and you might find that the office becomes more efficient when your staff is not speaking. They must learn how to communicate with one another in unique ways, and this game is good practice. Someone who is not talking during the day will get more done, and you will reduce the noise in the office.

You could simply ask everyone to go about their normal work day using only nonverbal communication, or you can make it more “gamey” by shortening to a more specific, fun task. Combining this game with “Don’t Step There” will make for a memorable office experience!


#11: Dream Trip

Dream trip is the perfect activity for the morale of employees that want to daydream a bit. It can also be done with both an in-person and virtual team. You are doing much more than taking a dream trip, and you will find that team building activities such as this will help you only when your staff must solve problems. You will start with a dream trip that someone on your staff would love to take. They will show you the trip as they envision it, and you will ask your staff to book the trip in five minutes or less.

There are many complications to get through, and you will find that your staff goes into action hoping to move as fast as possible without wasting any time. This is the game that lets you learn something about the people on your staff, and it is the game that will help you learn how your staff works. The people who complete the tasks will be asked to take a number of steps to get the job done, and you will learn which person is most-capable to complete certain jobs.


#12: Lily Pads

Lily pads is a game that is much like the lava game from earlier. You may play this game with questions at each pad, or you may ask your staff to make their way across the room using only the lily pads. You must ensure that you have taken the time set up a game that does not take much time. You may want to limit this game to an hour so that your staff may get back to work, and you will teach them something about your company or their jobs when they are jumping from one lily pad to the next. You may play this game across your office, or in conference room or break room. You are asking your staff to participate in something that is fun for them, and you are giving them a good time that cannot be replicated.

#13: Dining Room Challenge

The dining room challenge is a game that allows you to use your lunch break as a team-building exercise. The dining room challenge is quite a lot of fun for people in the room because it allows you to learn about the people who work with you. The dining room challenge is a game where you ask everyone in the room to order for the person next to them. These people are trying to get as close to their preferred meal as possible, and you will see who comes the closest.

It is fun to know what someone would order in a restaurant, and your team will bond simply because you all know these simple facts about each other.


#14: What’s in My Coffee

What’s in my coffee is a game that helps you place coffee orders in the morning, but you play it much like the dating game. You are guessing what your partner puts in their coffee, and they have it written down on a card. They will reveal their favorite things to put in coffee, and you will learn who is the closest.

This game only takes a minute, but it is one of those team building exercises that anyone can do. You are allowing to learn more about one another, and you will find that someone in the office is ready to take everyone’s coffee order.


#15: Tug Of War

Tug of war is easy to play with one rope and the length of your office. Split your office into two teams, and they will be prepared to fight to the death in some cases. This game is a great opportunity to learn teamwork, strength, and grit. This may seem like a simple game, but five minutes of tug of war will go quite a way to building your team.

#16: Exercise Challenge

The exercise challenge is a simple way to encourage your staff to get in shape. The people that work for you may be tasked with walking so many miles per week, or you may ask them to go on a run as a team. You are building a group that knows how to work together, and team building exercises for work that get everyone into shape are worth every second they take. You may send everyone off for a walk during lunch, or you may give everyone a pedometer to see who walks the farthest during the week. This is a fun challenge that will show your employees that the company cares for their overall health.

#17: Once Upon a Time

This game might be more on the silly side, but builds cohesion none the less. The idea is simple: get the team to work together to make a story. Gather everyone around in a circle and chose someone to start. The first person start by saying “Once upon a time” then the next person clockwise makes up a sentence. Going around the circle one by one everyone adds a sentence to the story. After everyone has gone once around the circle, make the game a bit more difficult by changing to rule to: adding only a single word to the story. An example would be, “the”, “girl”, “was”, “sent”, “to”, “Tokyo”, “for”, “work”. This game is simple, fun, and gets everyone involved. This works great as a team building game, but also as an icebreaker!

#18: Sales Challenge

The sales challenge is the last on the list, and it is a competition to see who reaches a sales goal the fastest. Ideally, this will spark creativity in sales tactics and increase productivity. Consider splitting the office into teams. Someone on each team may give their teammates a better selling strategy, and they will work hard on that strategy hoping to win. This may go on for a day, a week or a month. You may allow the employees to do the challenge alone, and you will find that certain people have a gift for sales while others do not.

Team Building Games Final Thoughts

These best team-building activities and team building games will build cooperation, camaraderie, and teamwork in any group. A great company starts with a great company culture, and that starts with you.

Put each of these 18 games in a rotation, and you will never bore the people who work for you or those you want to come together. They will happily play along, and they will learn something new every time you roll out a new game or activity. This is your opportunity to learn about the staff while they learn about themselves. Make sure you check out our list of 51 team icebreaker games as well as our list of indoor team building games.

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