Offical Game Rules and Instruction

Requirements: Open field or large gym and a small ball such as the Fun Gripper Handball (6″ Soccer Ball)
Number of players: Medium to large Groups

Note: This is the #2 sport in the entire world! (Yes, only soccer is bigger)

Choose a ball that players can hold with one hand and that will bounce. Divide your players into two equal teams.

If you play by the official rules you would have six field players and one goal for each team on the field.

For play area see diagram for better detail. Set up a play area around 40 X 90 with a dividing line in the center. Both ends will have a goal in the center that is 10 feet wide about 2 feet deep behind the end boundaries. Mark off from the center of the end boundary a 20-foot half circle. Within this marked area will be known as the goalie area. In front of that area centered with the goal, mark off a 10-foot penalty throw line 5 feet away from goalie line. Mark off 5 feet from that or 30 feet from goal in a half circle the free throw line.

Have the teams spread out on their part of the field with goalies in position. Start the game with a “throw-on”; this is also done after each goal. The object of the game is to move the ball down the field towards to opponent’s goal. Players can do this by running with it, or using a series of throws and catches until the ball can be thrown into the goal to score a point. Each player is allowed to hold the ball for three seconds or three steps. You can advance with the ball three more steps if you dribble the ball. You are not allowed to kick the ball or this will result in a free throw for the other team from where this violation took place. You cannot hold, hit, trip, or push any player or this will result in a foul awarded with a free shot from where the foul occurred. The defensive player can closely guard and obstruct the progress of the opposite team.

If the ball goes out of bounds it is thrown-in by the team that did NOT touch it last and defender must be 10 feet away. A goal throw-in occurs after a goal is made by the opposite team, in which case the goalie throws the ball in from anywhere within the goal area. While the goalie throws-in the ball, the defensive player can assist but must stand 10 feet away and the offensive players must stand behind the free throw line. A free throw will occur if a player enters the goal area or if the goal makes an error. A penalty throw occurs when there is a foul. Fouls are when the opponent stops a clean chance for a goal or when a player throws the ball to their own goalie. When this happens all players expect the goalie and thrower must stand behind the free throw line.

The goalie can move anywhere inside the goal area but cannot leave the goal area with the ball. The goalie can step out of the goal area without the ball and become a
player but cannot re-enter the goal area with the ball. The field player cannot throw the ball to their own goalie while they’re in the goal area.

Team Handball is the #2 sport in the world; it originated in Europe in the early 1900’s. The US has not dominated this sport and has high hopes of moving up in the rankings. The US Handball Men’s Team goal is to be in the top 10 in the world by the year 2008. The US Handball Women’s Team goal is to be in the top 10 in the world by the year 2012. For more information on US Team Handball see

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