75 Funny Crossfit Team Names

Crossfit is all the rage lately. Everyone wants to jump on the band wagon and get in shape like they never have before. If this sounds like you, then crossfit is definitely the place to get started. Across the United States there are crossfit teams forming so they can compete against one another and challenge their strength, endurance and ability. Joining a crossfit team is as simple as signing up on the proper webpage and filling out all the required registration. With this done, you are now ready to join a crossfit team, or grab a couple buddies and make your own team. Now is where the real work begins. This is where you challenge yourself, as well as your teammates to give all they have and make your crossfire team the best it can be. You do, after all want to dominate the competition and be known for being the best!

Why Do You Need a Crossfit Team Name?

Your crossfit team is only as good as your name and here is why. Part of competing in the challenges involves having a great crossfit team name. This could possibly be one of the more important aspects of competition. Your crossfit team name is what your competitors hear first and what makes them weak in their knees or laugh out loud when your team comes to compete. Having funny crossfit team names can really add a bit of humor to the challenges faced when competing. Lets face it, crossfit is challenging and not for the weak. They challenge your endurance, as well as your strength. But if you are up for the challenge get ready to be in the best shape of your life! When looking for crossfit team names remember to try to find something that will inspire you and your teammates or just make them laugh when the task seems to difficult. Make it a name that incorporates all the hard work and challenges your team has faced. There is really no bad team name out there, but quit a few funny ones!

List of 75 Team Names

If you are looking for a little inspiration for your team, or just something to make help encourage you to put your best foot forward, check out some of these funny crossfit team names that could be used for your team.

  1. Jacked in the Box

  2. A Teague of their Own

  3. Drop It Like A Squat

  4. Stop Drop and Squat

  5. Bumpers and Bacon

  6. Pistols and PVC

  7. Barbells and Bros

  8. Dumbbells and Donuts

  9. Boxers and Beers

  10. Keep Calm and Squat On

  11. Meaty Divas

  12. My Pistols Are Clean

  13. Buns and Guns

  14. Paleo and Pukie

  15. Donut Droppers

  16. Flex Appeal

  17. Dirty Dealifters

  18. Perfect Posture

  19. Blood Sweat and Beers

  20. Beast Mode Babes

  21. Temporary Pain

  22. Lunging Ninjas

  23. 2 Fit 2 Quit

  24. Rowing Pains

  25. Band of Mudders

  26. Mudder of All Hangovers

  27. The Mudstaches

  28. The Dirty Mudder Funkers

  29. The Slim Pack

  30. Pain Killers

  31. Baby Got Track

  32. Get ‘Er Run

  33. Between a Walk and a Hard Place

  34. Team Spanks

  35. Bringing Up the Rear

  36. Twister Blisteres

  37. My So Called Legs

  38. Nerd Herd

  39. Gym Class Heroes

  40. Dashing Divas

  41. Buns on the Run

  42. Go Go Passer

  43. Sole Mates

  44. Sole Train

  45. Excuse my Burpees

  46. The Press

  47. Chipper Chaps

  48. Carb-erators

  49. Eat em and Weep

  50. Cheeks

  51. Hulking Heros

  52. Mud Flaps

  53. Clean Freaks

  54. On the Ball

  55. Fire Breathers

  56. Hank and Fran

  57. Kettlebells of the Ball

  58. Paleo Punks

  59. Hungry for Pood

  60. Keep it PC

  61. Red Hot Pistols

  62. The Push Jerks

  63. Deadlifting Devils

  64. Cool Poods

  65. Record Setters

  66. Sumo Dudes

  67. Ain’t Dead-Weight

  68. Not Your Mom’s Crossfit Team

  69. Skinny Jeans

  70. Baby Face Baddies

  71. Wall sitting Wallflowers

  72. Stacked and Racked

  73. Snatch and Grab

  74. Honest Abs

  75. Sore Loins

Featured Image via Unsplash