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Here at Fun-Attic, we truly believe that the children are our future (like the Whitney Houston song says), and we believe it’s our main role in our time on this earth to do all that we can to prepare them for it.

What we teach our children today will help determine the success of future generations.

Also, we believe that the fundamental building blocks of future success for kids begins with relationships. For most kids, the primary relationships they have starting out in life are with family members, with mom and dad being their very first relationships.

Later, they branch out and include friends and classmates.

Therefore, Fun-Attic strives to provide tools that you can use to help your child learn to build relationships through a fun an interactive approach. When you add your time and energy, the magic happens: you have a simple formula for enriching young lives.

Think of Fun-Attic as a resource center. The games we discuss and review are all proven methods and techniques that can be used to help children develop essential skills.

For example, they can learn coordination, cooperation, and team problem solving, all while having a blast. Making learning fun is a win/win.

We also put a lot of emphasis on safety here at Fun-Attic. That’s why we feature a special line of products that keep safety front and center.

We urge you to get involved, wherever you find yourself, and make a difference in the lives of children. Whether it’s home, school, church, cam, parties, or wherever, you can make a difference and contribute to future generations.

The Fun-Attic team is always excited to hear from you. Whether you’re playing some of the games we write about or using our amazing products, drop us a line and tell us what you think.

We also welcome suggestions and ideas for games for kids of all ages. Submit your ideas for consideration in our Games and Activities Guide.

We’re here at your service to provide you with safe and fun resources.

The Team

mindy fischer fun attic


Hi! I’m Mindy and I’m in charge of the blog posts here at Fun-Attic. I have been teaching kids for over 20 years and I’m a big believer in teaching through fun games. I’m always looking for new exciting ways to get kids involved where they can express their creativity.

My areas of expertise are dance, gymnastics, and fitness. So I love integrating a mind-body connection with kids. And let’s face it, when kids are having fun they are more likely to stick with a fitness and healthy life choices.

If there are subjects or games that you would like more information to make sure that you let me know!

A fun fact about me is that I’m a rabid college football fan. If it’s a Saturday in the fall you can bet that I’m somewhere decked out in garnet and gold cheering on my alma mater Florida State. Go, Noles!

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lynda sullivan

​Lynda Sullivan
Chief Editor

I’m Lynda, the Chief Editor here at Fun-Attic. Even though I have three children of my own, I’m really just a big kid at heart, so writing about games and sports for kids is right up my alley (bowling alley….get it?). See, I told you I’m a big kid!

Before I came on board at Fun-Attic, I was an elementary school teacher, with most of my years teaching being spent with grades three through six. I loved teaching, and I love that I’m able to bring those years of experience with me here to Fun-Attic. Working at Fun-Attic allows me to have the flexibility I need for my own family.

Fun fact about me: I am the youngest child of six, and the only girl, which explains why I love sports and games so much.

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anneliese shirley

Anneliese Shirley
Communications Manager

I’m Anneliese Shirley, the Communications Manager for Fun-Attic.

If you see an article about books and reading on our site, you can bet that I had some input into those articles, or even co-wrote them. Along with my communications degree, I studied library science in college and am a dedicated bibliophile.

Fun fact about me: I played volleyball and basketball in high school, and participated in competitive swimming. Also, I was on my high school chess team, so I’m the chess “expert” (I’m so not an expert but I try!) here at Fun-Attic.

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