Icebreakers for High School Students

Teenagers can be awkward; this is especially true when it comes to meeting new people and making friends. If you are a camp leader, after school worker or a teacher; you may want to put in place some icebreakers. This will help your students get used to each other and perhaps even encourage them to get to know one another and forge friendships.

With this in mind we have put together some of the best icebreakers for high school students.

Crossword Names

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This icebreaker is ideal for a group that has  just met. This game encourages participants to walk around, talk to one another, and learn the names of their peers. Give each person in the group a pen and piece of paper. Ask them to write down their first name, in capitals, in the middle of the paper. They will then need to move around the room asking other members of the group to add in their name where the letters in their name match a letter on the paper; just like a crossword puzzle! This game is timed and the aim is to see who can add the most names before the time runs out.

This can be especially fun when you get players with unique letters in their name! Plus! If you think you might have made a friend, you will have their name down on a sheet of paper for easy reference!

Freeze Frame

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One of the biggest things about icebreakers is that they are designed to relax people and make them feel less self-conscious. Games that get them up on their feet and moving about are best for this. Freeze Frame is a game that involves the group moving quietly around the room, waiting for your instruction. As they are walking you will need to call out the name of your chosen “activity”. This could be different sports, different animals, or perhaps emotions. The group then need to freeze in a position that acts out that activity. In no time at all you will have every member of the group smiling, laughing and ready to have some more fun!

Who is the Best?

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This particular game involves the group working together to score the most points. The challenge of this game is discovering more about the others on your team and even uncovering some hidden talents that they might not realize they have. Split the group into even teams and move these teams into different sections of the room (or outside space if you have one available).

The object of the game is to be crowned the best at whatever activity or question which is put to you. An example of this is, “Who is the tallest?” The groups will then have 30 seconds to decide who is the tallest in their group and put them forward into the center of the space; whichever team puts forward the best will win a point. The questions can vary; “Who has the loudest scream?” “Who has the most brothers?” even things like “Who can hold a plank the longest?”

This game encourages participants to get to know one another and recognize their unqiue strengths and abilities. Then they get to use their talents for a common goal, to win! If the questions you prepare are diverse enough, everyone in the group will have something to contribute and be proud about.

So there you have it! Here are some ideas to get your high school students to let their guard down and get to know one another. All with the power of icebreakers!

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