Never Have I Ever Questions

200+ Never Have I Ever Game Questions to Play This Year

If you are looking for a list of never have I ever questions, you have come to the right place. This extensive list is sure to lead any group of people to hours of fun. You can play this game anytime and anywhere, with your adult group of friends or with the kids at home.

200+ Never Have I Ever Game Questions for Endless Entertainment

Once again, it’s your turn to host a game night and you’re running out of ideas. Of course, there is always the Fishbowl Game to play at home, but maybe you are into something even more fun. You may also want to get some inspiration from our assorted collection of fun things to do with the kids at home, but maybe you are not so much into baking or building forts these days.

The board games you have are getting old, and everyone has played all the card games ever and possible. Sometimes, gatherings can be boring and serious. Why not try a verbal game? Playing Never Have I Ever could be the perfect icebreaker!

On the other hand, keep in mind that the Never Have I Ever questions tap into peoples’ secrets, relationships, and personal adventures, so stop whenever someone feels uncomfortable with answering them. It is like the Newlywed Game – some questions should sit a few rounds out if the participants are reluctant in answering them for the fun of the game.

So let’s begin our quest to select the best Never have I ever questions for the next party you throw for friends and family!

Gather your circle of friends or your family members to play this party game. You can either call them or message them on social media. You’ve never played before? Well, that’s even better! Let’s jump into the rules first!

Rules of the Never Have I Ever Game

Never Have I Ever is an easy, safe, clean, and fun way to play a game by using the point system. In this variation, each player should start with 10 points.

  • When the question pops up saying something like, “Never have I ever sat in the back of a police car,” each person who has sat in the police car loses a point.
  • The game continues until everyone but one person is out of points; the player who still has points is the winner.
  • You can select a specific number of rounds if you would rather and then the person with the most points left at the end of the rounds wins the game.

The Never Have I Ever Game is best known as a drinking game, but this variation can get out of control if not monitored. Players might be drinking a lot if uncontrolled. Also, make sure that if you turn this game into a fun challenge for teenagers, you keep your proverbial foot on the brake, as some of the questions can make your teens feel uneasy and some answers might downright shock you if you are the parent. So don’t let something fun turn into something cringy. It is the most important rule!

How to Play the Never Have I Ever Game

  • Choose a specific number of rounds, and in each round, each person who has done the opposite of what the question says takes a drink. As you can imagine, if you play it with teens, drinking is out of the question.
  • The person who has taken the most drinks at the end of the rounds loses the game. This variation is also fun with soda.
  • Try it as a campfire game with the family. The best way to start is to form a circle around the bonfire.
  • We recommend you also make a run for this game at the kid’s next birthday party. Giving pieces of candy to the winners as a reward may actually be a fabulous idea. When a kid wins, you can give him or her a piece of candy.

Now that we’ve explained the Never Have I Ever game, you’re probably anxious to get started, but how do you find enough questions to keep it exciting?

That’s not a problem either because we even created a list of the most original Never Have I Ever Questions that we could think of. The questions are split into two categories: Never have I ever questions that are appropriate for your adult friends and another section of Never have I ever questions for kids. At the end of the article, you will also find a section containing questions for couples, accompanied by a short section of juicy questions you can ask your best friends or your partner.

Remember that you can use this game as an ice-breaker game for adults who take part in a team-building, so you know your co-workers better in a fun way. Men can also use this game (in reasonable limitations) with their girlfriends if they want to attach a cute nickname to the girl without her getting upset.

We’ve tried to keep the adult questions rated “PG-13” so that you can incorporate some of them into a fun family game night if you want to.

Best Never Have I Ever Questions for Adults

Here are some of the best Never have I ever questions for adults you can use next time you organize a party for your friends and you want to switch from Charades and other society indoor games on rainy Saturday nights. Keep things simple, don’t overstep your boundaries – with people you don’t know that well – and keep things under control if the drinking gets too heavy. Some of the Never have I ever questions on this list work best with people close to you, as many can either trigger bad memories or judgment, while others may seem inappropriate overall.

100+ Never have I ever questions for your adult friends, family members, or co-workers

  1. sat in the back of a police car.
  2. been called to the boss’s office.
  3. swapped ABC gum with someone.
  4. accidentally sent an inappropriate text message to my mom that was intended for my girlfriend/boyfriend.
  5. made money illegally.
  6. faked an illness to stay home from work.
  7. Facebook stalked an ex.
  8. looked through my girlfriend/boyfriend’s phone without their knowledge.
  9. jumped from an airplane.
  10. text while driving.
  11. spent time in jail.
  12. spent a night in the hospital.
  13. woken up in a strange place.
  14. forgotten where I left my car.
  15. kissed on the first date.
  16. had sex on the first date.
  17. accidentally sent an inappropriate email to my boss.
  18. purposely given someone the wrong directions.
  19. purposely given someone the wrong phone number.
  20. shaved my head bald.
  21. paid late fees on an overdue bill.
  22. fallen asleep in church.
    Never Have I Ever Question
  23. knowingly run a red light.
  24. written a book.
  25. taken something from work.
  26. driven through an ice storm.
  27. used someone else’s toothbrush.
  28. clogged someone else’s toilet.
  29. made up an excuse to leave a boring housewarming party early.
  30. made a poor excuse to leave a party and got caught in the web of lies.
  31. lied about having an emergency to leave a bad date early.
  32. stuffed my pockets with food from a buffet to take home with me.
  33. taken store-bought food to a party as my side dish but passed it off as my own.
  34. worn someone else’s underwear.
  35. bought something special to wear one time then return it when I was done with it.
  36. crashed a party.
  37. visited the White House.
  38. gone skydiving.
  39. play Frisbee for fun or as a pro.
  40. pretended not to be home when someone rang my doorbell.
  41. been to a night club after 2 a.m.
  42. gone dumpster diving.
  43. picked up a hitchhiker.
  44. posted a drunk status on Facebook.
  45. replied to a text pretending to be someone else.
  46. used someone’s child to pick up a date.
  47. gotten so mad that I threw something through a wall.
  48. gotten my license taken away by the police.
  49. had a crush on someone else’s spouse.
  50. gotten fired from a job.
  51. played matchmaker.
  52. been a parent.
  53. bought a gift from a discount store and put it in a different package to make it look expensive.
  54. changed a baby’s diaper.
  55. gotten artificial body enhancements.
  56. told a lie about something I really didn’t do.
  57. waited tables for a living.
  58. ruined a surprise party.
  59. gotten into a physical fight.
  60. seen a ghost.
  61. played with an Ouija board.
  62. got involved with the Supernatural.
  63. borrowed something I ended up keeping.
  64. lied about a family member being sick to get out of work.
  65. broken something in a store and then walked away from it.
  66. participated in the Polar Plunge.
  67. gone skiing.
  68. bought and installed a pool table at my house.
  69. forgotten a loved one’s birthday.
  70. stood in line for hours to buy concert tickets.
  71. stood in line for hours to buy something at a discount.
  72. dated someone but ended up with their sibling instead.
  73. tried to break into someone’s password-protected email.
  74. damaged someone’s car out of anger.
  75. borrowed something from a neighbor just to be nosey.
  76. been married.
  77. gotten a piercing other than my ears.
  78. had a fake ID.
  79. lied about my age to a (first) date.
  80. walked out of a restaurant without paying.
  81. not left a tip for a waitress.
  82. not get my deposit back on a rental.
  83. cooked something in the microwave and then forgot it was in there.
  84. burned a holiday dinner.
  85. gone to a birthday party and not taken a gift.
  86. worked out at a public gym.
  87. adopted a child.
  88. had an allergic reaction to something I ate.
  89. played a joke on someone by putting pepper in the salt shaker.
  90. stolen flowers from a grave.
  91. farted in a store and quickly left the aisle.
  92. peed the bed since I’ve been grown.
  93. re-gifted a present and then realized the person I gave it to was the one who originally gave it to me.
  94. gone to church with a hangover.
  95. worn my dirty underwear inside out.
  96. gone to work with a hangover.
  97. had a crush on my boss.
  98. been involved in road rage.
  99. done something bad or embarrassing on a Truth or Dare Game.
  100. gone on a date with someone just to make another person jealous.
  101. cheated on my diet.
  102. taken my used plate back to the buffet for more food.
  103. lied about my child’s age just to get a discount.
  104. bought something I didn’t need just because it was on sale.
  105. fallen asleep while talking on the phone.
  106. catfished someone.
  107. been out of the country.
  108. had an STD.
  109. went on a booze trip for several days in a row just because I felt like it
  110. went to Las Vegas to get married to someone I had barely met
  111. put laxatives in a co worker’s coffee or tea as a prank
  112. put milk before cereal because I’m a badass like that
  113. made French fries even though I don’t speak French

Best Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids

When you play the Never have I ever game with kids, keep in mind that you can use them as ice breakers for youth activities or fun “let’s get to know each other” games with small children. If you are a parent or a teacher wanting to play this game with the class or during camp, make sure you want to hear the answers first, in case your participants decide to YOLO and tell you some uncomfortable truths. Such games – just as they go for adults – can trigger bad memories or too spontaneous answers for political correctness or basic human decency.

If some of the questions are too sensitive, they may encourage the participants to lie and this is not the main idea of this game. If you want more ideas, we also recommend you check out our guide on Christian ice-breakers for teens. You can adapt a few of those questions to your current situation. Tapping into children’s inherent honesty is a slippery slope, so, as a parent or teacher, first, create a safe environment without judgment or the possibility of punishment if the children offer an answer that does not sit well with you. This is a game for kids to know each other better, not a third-degree interrogation from parents, tutors, or teachers.

100+ Never have I ever questions for kids and teenagers

  1. been called to the Principal’s office.
  2. broken a bone in my body.
  3. copied from someone else’s paper.
  4. stolen food from someone’s lunch tray.
  5. participated in a school musical.
  6. taken something from my sibling without them knowing.
  7. cried because I didn’t get the gift I wanted.
  8. done something just because my parents told me not to.
  9. lost my house key.
  10. seen a cassette tape.
  11. failed a class.
  12. told on a friend.
  13. drank an entire case of coke by myself in one day.
  14. faked having to use the bathroom to get out of a boring class.
  15. gotten in trouble for texting in class.
  16. eaten an entire carton of ice cream by myself in one sitting.
  17. been bungee jumping.
  18. been nature camping in a tent.
  19. made a snow angel.
  20. jumped into the water from a boat.
  21. drank milk right from the carton.
  22. dipped my finger into the peanut butter jar then put it back on the shelf.
  23. forged my parent’s signature.
  24. cheated on a board game or a card game.
  25. played backyard dice games with family or friends.
  26. played a prank on a teacher.
  27. had a crush on a teacher.
  28. jumped off a diving board.
  29. been in a school play.
  30. taken a trip on a train.
  31. found money and put it in my pocket without finding the owner.
  32. gone to summer camp.
  33. gone on a fishing trip with the family and used a fishing pole to catch fish.
  34. eaten my boogers.
  35. told a secret I was supposed to keep.
  36. looked through my teacher’s desk.
  37. told my mom I was going to a rated “PG” movie but snuck into the “R” movie instead.
  38. “Ding, dong, ditched.”
  39. prank called a restaurant.
  40. climbed a tree.
  41. blamed a friend for something I did.
  42. fallen up the stairs in public.
  43. fed my dinner to the dog when Mom wasn’t looking.
  44. sold my lunch to a classmate.
  45. touched a horse.
  46. been afraid of the dark.
  47. helped build a campfire.
  48. made a blanket fort while in lockdown.
  49. put a worm on a hook.
  50. swam in the ocean.
  51. picked flowers from a neighbor’s garden.
  52. made up an excuse to the teacher for not having my homework.
  53. held a baby.
  54. gone to school all day with my shirt inside out and didn’t know it.
  55. used my sleeve to wipe my snot.
  56. gotten into a fight on the school bus.
  57. called my teacher mom.
  58. walked through the neighborhood in my socks.
  59. gone to school without brushing my teeth.
  60. broken something of my mom’s and not told her.
  61. pretended not to see the dog poop in the house so I wouldn’t have to clean it up.
  62. waited until it was almost time for mom to come home before doing my chores.
  63. had a conversation with an animal.
  64. stayed up all night playing a video game.
  65. stayed up all night doing a school project at the last minute.
  66. taken something from a parent without them knowing and then I lost it.
  67. saved all my lunch money to buy something.
  68. eaten the dog’s treats.
  69. gone swimming in the bathtub.
  70. gotten hit with a baseball or a softball bat.
  71. drawn on me.
  72. been to Disney World.
  73. been in a treehouse.
  74. built a treehouse
  75. played miniature golf.
  76. gotten my ears pierced.
  77. got a tattoo without telling my parents.
  78. slept all night in the backyard.
  79. picked food up off the floor and ate it.
  80. tried to run away from home.
  81. been afraid to tell my parents something.
  82. stayed all night in the hospital.
  83. been grounded.
  84. driven a car.
  85. changed a baby’s dirty diaper.
  86. spilled my drink in a restaurant.
  87. cried to get what I want.
  88. cried when the doctor gave me a shot.
  89. made a homemade pizza.
  90. fallen asleep in school.
  91. been to a haunted house.
  92. fallen in public.
  93. found myself in trouble for being with someone I wasn’t supposed to be with.
  94. been in trouble for talking in class.
  95. had my hair cut without asking Mom first.
  96. received a present I didn’t like.
  97. crawled into bed with my parents after a bad dream.
  98. accidentally said a bad word in front of my parents.
  99. been stuck in an elevator.
  100. been kissed.
  101. practiced kissing on a mirror.
  102. swallowed my gum.
  103. read my sibling’s diary.
  104. had food poisoning.
  105. made a cosplay costume and worn it.
  106. played video games for more than six hours with barely any breaks
  107. watched a movie or played a video game that my parents didn’t want me to watch or play
  108. got expelled when I was in middle school for standing up to the class bully
  109. bullied other kids back in my old school
  110. been bullied by other kids back in the day
  111. held a grudge against one of my classmates for something completely stupid now that I look back at it
  112. watched the entire Lord of the Rings Extended Trilogy Collection all by myself out of boredom
  113. made someone cry out of revenge for a very stupid thing when looking back at it
  114. stole someone else’s lunch not because I was hungry or poor but because I felt naughty
  115. made a heartfelt promise that I immediately broke once another opportunity came by

Best Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

As you can easily figure out, these Never have I ever questions are of the “dirtier,” more intimate kind and you should only ask them to people you know very well, who do not get upset or offended easily, and to couples who know each other well enough to skip the whole embarrassment and judgments. It may work well as part of the Newlywed Game, but pay attention to not cross any line. So let’s get down to the third and final chapter of our guide and see some Never have I ever questions for couples!

15+ Never have I ever questions for couples

  1. used a dating app to get a date.
  2. had or still have a nickname.
  3. had a one-night stand.
  4. been in a threesome.
  5. dated more than one person at a time.
  6. been asked into marriage.
  7. ditched a date to spend time with my friends.
  8. refused a date to spend time alone at home.
  9. sent nude pictures of me to a potential partner.
  10. ghosted anyone.
  11. sexted.
  12. lied to my boyfriend/girlfriend.
  13. flirted with someone in a strange place (like a church or a hospital).
  14. had an open relationship.
  15. grabbed the wrong person’s hand in a line or at the movies.
  16. said “I love you” without feeling it just because the pressure was too high.
  17. had a friend with benefits.
  18. called my ex one or more times when I’ve gotten drunk

20+ Juicy Never have I ever questions to spice things up with potential love interests

If you want to have fun with a potential love interest and learn more about the boy/girl you are dating right now. Keep in mind that these questions tap into some intimate details, so if your love interest or partner does not want to answer any of these questions, do not insist. The idea is to play a nice Get to Know You game, not pressure anyone into revealing secrets or personal stuff that makes them uncomfortable.

  1. doubted my sexual orientation.
  2. had a crush on a celebrity.
  3. kissed a person of the same sex.
  4. engaged in betting.
  5. lied to someone to save my skin.
  6. cheated on a partner.
  7. been kicked out of a bar for making a scandal.
  8. taken nude pictures or pics in underwear.
  9. swam naked in a pool or at the beach.
  10. had sex in a public place.
  11. eaten food that fell on the floor.
  12. kissed a random stranger in a bar.
  13. did pot or drugs.
  14. made a sex tape
  15. was involved in a gangbang
  16. had unprotected sex with a complete stranger
  17. engaged in a one night stand with someone I had just barely met
  18. traveled to the other end of the country just to meet someone I had a crush on
  19. stole one of my friends’ underwear
  20. had explicit fantasies with one or more of my friends
  21. made a porn video and uploaded it to the internet
  22. participated in a porn casting
  23. broken up with my crush once I found out a small detail about them that I didn’t like

Final Thoughts on Never Have I Ever Questions

Here you have them, some of the best Never have I ever questions for your adult friends, kids, and couples you love spending time with on a casual fun day. What you need to know is that you should always have fun with this game and stop whenever the questions touch sensitive topics or make someone uncomfortable. If you are using this game to know better a new boyfriend/girlfriend, keep the questions and the mood in good fun and do not turn it into a police-like interrogation. Mix up the questions and change them around to best suit the group. Remember, if you choose to make this a drinking game, do it responsibly and never let it get out of control!

Now, it is your time to offer your feedback! Have you ever played the Never Have I Ever game? What are some of the best Never Have I Ever questions you asked someone or another person asked you? Share them with our community and let’s keep the game going! We’d love to hear from you and about your experiences with this fun game!

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