fun challenges for teens

Fun Challenges for Teens

45 Fun Challenges for Teens

If your are looking for fun challenges for your teens, you have come to the right place. It’s that time of year again when the kids are home and they’re throwing out those famous “I’m bored” lines throughout the day. Chances are that your teen is too old for camp, but not quite old enough for a job. Your door is probably opening constantly to a new face that’s also “bored.”

If this sounds familiar, then let them try one of the following 45 fun challenges for teens. You can offer a bigger challenge by asking them to do one challenge a day for 45 days; that will get them through most of the summer. After all, summer is meant to be fun.

Food and Drink Challenges

#1 Bubblegum Challenge

Gather everyone around in a circle. Give them all the same amount of some good tasting bubblegum. Each person then takes a turn blowing a bubble to see who can make the biggest one. This challenge can be fun with as little as two people or make it interesting with the girls competing against the guys. Split them up into teams with the middle schoolers competing against the high schoolers. No matter how they compete, the challenge will be exciting.

#2  Baby Food Challenge

For this one you’ll need several jars of baby food, 10-12 different kinds should be a great amount. Have someone not participating in the challenge purchase and prepare the food by removing the labels from each jar. Of course, that person will be the only one to know what kind of food is in the jars. Place the food on the table and let the challenge begin. Each person takes a turn tasting the food from each jar. The object is to guess what kind of food it is and then not to throw up. Make it more fun by making everyone taste the food using a baby spoon. Get a lot of pics and videos of this challenge!

#3  Eat It or Wear It Challenge

Choose a bunch of different foods that most people don’t like. Oh and the worse the smell, the better too!

Number some lunch bags and mix up the foods in each bag. Next, put corresponding numbers on small pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Each person gets a turn to draw a number from the bowl and then they will be given the corresponding bag. They will then need to decide if they want to eat a spoonful of the contents or wear it. Make sure to get a lot of pictures of this challenge for blackmail later.

If it’s possible, you might want to take this challenge outside. If that’s not possible then choose a large area indoors and place a large drop cloth on the floor. Be sure to let your friends know ahead of time that they shouldn’t be wearing their best clothes when doing this challenge.

#4  French Fries Challenge

A non-participant should make a trip to several fast food restaurants getting fries. Leaving them in the containers from the restaurants, they should be hidden from the participants. Each participant will need a blindfold and when the challenge begins they will all be given a fry from each place one at a time trying to guess where the fry came from. Of course, the best guesser will be given a point for each correct answer and in the end, the one with the most points wins the challenge.

#5  Chubby Bunny Challenge

Mom always said, “Don’t talk with your mouth full,” but that doesn’t count for this challenge.

Grab a partner, a bowl, and a whole mess of marshmallows to see who can last the longest. Start with one marshmallow in your mouth and say, “Chubby Bunny.” If you can say it clearly then move on to the next round where you will add another marshmallow to your mouth and say, “Chubby Bunny” again. The challenge continues until the first person can no longer say the words, or the first person loses a marshmallow out of their mouth.

#6  Hamburger Challenge

Just like the French Fry challenge, this challenge also involves fast food restaurants. A non-participant will need to visit as many restaurants as possible to buy hamburgers for each participant. You can always cut each burger in half since you probably won’t eat the whole thing anyway. Once the burgers are ready the participants must then put on their blindfolds and begin the challenge. As they taste each one, they must guess where it came from. If the answer is correct they get a point. The winner of this challenge is the one who gets the most points.

#7  Smoothie Challenge

Grab your best friend and take your stomach on a trip down craziness.

First, you will want to pick out ten good ingredients that you would normally find in a smoothie. Next, pick out ten more not so good ingredients that you would never find in a smoothie. Some good ingredients could be things such as fruits and milk. The not so good and normal could be things like hot peppers, spices, pickles, or even lunch meat. The crazier the ingredients the better this challenge will be. After you pick out all twenty ingredients, write each one down on a slip of paper and put them into a bowl. The challenge begins with each person taking turns drawing the slip of paper and adding that ingredient into their smoothie. Keep taking turns until all twenty ingredients have been used. Finally, add all your ingredients and some ice into a blender. When both smoothies are ready you must drink it all and not throw up. The first person to give up or throw up is the loser.

#8  McDonalds Roulette Challenge

You will need to make a trip to your favorite McDonalds and then pay close attention to the people around you.

Take some money and get in line. Listen to the person in front of you and order exactly what they do. Each person must do the same and then when you get back to the table let the challenge begin. You must eat everything you ordered, so for one, it might be fries and a coke while the other might have three combo meals to finish. Finishing everything on your tray without throwing up will determine the winner of this competition.

#9  Raw Onion Challenge

You might enjoy eating an onion on your hamburger, but do you think you can handle eating an entire raw onion? Try it and see what happens. Oh wait, we forgot to mention that you’re not allowed to drink anything, and if you do then you will lose the challenge. Make sure to compete with a friend, and nominate another who is too chicken to try the challenge to be the designated videographer; what would be the point if you couldn’t share it with the world?

#10 Warhead Challenge

Sour is better than spicy, right? Well, maybe not.

Warheads are sour candies that can make you pucker for the first few seconds they hit your taste buds. Let’s see if you can handle a mouth full at once. Gather your friends and provide them all with Warheads. Compete to see who can eat the most pieces at once, and swallow them too because otherwise it would be cheating and nobody likes a cheater. Grab an innocent bystander to be the photographer because this is something everyone will want to see.

#11 Lemon Challenge

This is another one of those challenges that you’ll want to do in the kitchen.

Set up a table with plenty of sliced lemons for everyone. Invite your friends to sit around the table and let the competition begin. Yes, you guessed it. The idea is to see who can eat the most lemons without spitting them out. Pucker up and have fun with this challenge.

#12 The Wendy’s .99 cent Value Menu Challenge

Grab a friend or two and take a trip to Wendy’s. Each person should order one of everything off the .99 cent menu. Sit down and begin to eat. In order to win this challenge, you must eat all the food without throwing up. Yes, someone will definitely upchuck, and that calls for automatic disqualification.

Of course, if you and your friends would prefer another fast food restaurant, that’s okay too, just be sure that there’s a .99 cent menu to order from.

#13 Blindfolded Food Tasting Challenge

If you like a variety of different foods, then this challenge should satisfy your taste buds.

A non-participant should prepare different foods ahead of time. Things such as cubed cheese, small servings of lunch meat, fruits, veggies, condiments, and any other interesting combinations will work. The participants must be blindfolded and given a different food item to taste one at a time. The participants shouldn’t be able to touch the food so serving it on a skewer would work, or for a bigger challenge, they can taste with no hands at all. A point is given for each correct guess and the person with the most points wins the challenge.

#14 The Oreo Challenge

Who knew that Oreo cookies could be so much fun?

There are so many different flavors that it makes this challenge exciting. A non-participant should prepare several different kinds of cookies while the participants cover their eyes with blindfolds. The non-participant should then give each person a cookie to taste. When the participant guesses the cookie correctly they get a point. Yes, you guessed how it ends. The person with the highest number of points wins the challenge.

#15 Bread Challenge

This challenge doesn’t require anything more than a loaf of bread but beware, it’s not as easy as it looks.

With the loaf of bread, see who can construct the tallest configuration using only the bread. Each participant has only 75 seconds to see who’s configuration will be the tallest.

#16 Soda Challenge

The biggest challenge to this one might be for the person who has the job of finding twelve different soda flavors.

Compete with a friend and guess the taste of each soda. The best way to play is to be blindfolded so that you can’t see the color of the soda. You can smell if you want, but remember, the taste doesn’t always match the smell. You get a point for each correct guess, and you guessed it, the person with the most points without getting sick wins the challenge.

#17 Cook-A- Meal Challenge

This is a fun way to fix lunch!

Depending on how many people are participating will depend on the categories. If it’s just two people then each person will prepare the main course using three specific ingredients. This is done similar to the television cooking shows. Each course must include the three specific ingredients but can include anything additional the participants want to add. If there are enough people to include desserts or appetizers then go for it. In the end, there must be a non-participant who can do the judging. The individual or team with the best food wins the challenge.

#18 Exploding Watermelon Challenge

This one is best for an outdoor challenge when possible.

Start out by giving each participant a small, seedless watermelon, or use two melons and split the group up into two teams. Provide each person with a ton of thick rubber bands and when the time begins, start wrapping those rubber bands around the watermelon. The first person or team to cause their watermelon to explode is the winner. The prize? All the watermelon you care to eat!

#19 Tin Can Challenge

Have someone prepare about twenty tin cans of food by taking off the labels and then numbering them. Each can should have a corresponding number on a piece of paper to be drawn from a bowl. Put all the unopened cans on a table and be sure to have a can opener close by. The first person draws a number from the bowl then takes the can with the same number and opens it. That person must eat a spoonful of its contents without spitting it out or throwing it up. Each person gets a point for each of the food swallowed and loses a point when its spit out. The person with the most points wins but the first person to throw up is automatically out.

Exercise Challenges

#20 Jump Rope Challenge

Each person is given a jump rope and a time limit. A non-participant should be the “counter.” Set a timer and let the competition begin. The idea is to see who can jump the most amount of times within the time limit without falling. Each time the rope hits the pavement that counts for a jump. It sounds easy, but is it? Go find out!

#21 Hula Hoop Challenge

Much like the jump rope challenge, the hula hoop challenge will have your waist moving for the win. Set a time limit and the person who keeps the hula going the longest without stopping wins. Of course, if you lose your rhythm and your hoop, you’re automatically out. The teens should try this competition against the adults to see if they still have it.

#22 Blindfolded Keepie Uppie Challenge

This challenge is done using a blindfold and a soccer ball. The participants will have to compete to see who can keep the ball off the ground for the longest amount of time using every part of their body they can except their eyes. Don’t let the ball touch the ground or you will lose the challenge.

#23 Hoverboard Challenge

Grab a hoverboard and set up a challenging obstacle course, then let the competition begin! Just like any other obstacle course, there must be a time limit, so, you guessed it, the person who completes the obstacle in the least amount of time without falling off the board wins the challenge!

Miscellaneous Challenges

#24 Not My Hands Challenge

With one person sitting on a chair, somebody else hides behind them. The person behind will be using their hands while the person in the chair will do the talking to direct the hidden person in the right direction. For example, they might make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but of course, the hidden person can’t see so the person sitting must use direction in making the sandwich. When the sandwich is made, the hidden person must feed it to the person on the chair.

#25 Try Not to Laugh Challenge

You will need some of the funniest videos you can find for this simple challenge.

The basic goal here is to watch the video and not to laugh, that includes a smile.

#26 Blindfolded Make-Up Challenge

One person must be completely blindfolded and give the other a complete make-up makeover. Don’t let a mirror appear until the makeover is complete. The more makeup you use in this challenge the more fun it will be, and oh, don’t forget to get those phones out because everyone will want to see the results!

#27 Say Anything Challenge

You will need some tape and your best friend to make this challenge work. Choose a third person to pick categories or put categories in a bowl and each person takes a turn drawing from the bowl. The idea is not to stumble and to keep the rhythm flowing. When a category is chosen each person must say a word in that category. For example, the category is an animal so the first person would say dog, the next person would say cat and keep going until someone gets stuck. The person who stumbles earns a piece of tape on their face placed by the opponent. You must keep track of the pieces of tape because the person who has the most pieces at the end of the challenge loses.

#28 The Whisper Challenge

Much like a game of telephone this challenge is always fun to find out what the other person thought they heard.

You will need some noise canceling headphones and a few friends to make this challenge more fun. Each person must have their headphones on and cranked up with their favorite music. The first person starts the challenge with a random phrase that can be drawn from a prepared pile of phrases, or by finding random fun stuff from the internet. Tell the first person the phrase and then the next person repeats what they think they heard from lip reading and so on until the last person is left. In the end, the person who started the phrase can then reveal what it was supposed to be.

If you want to complete this challenge using two people, the first person can give a phrase and repeat it three times until the person either gets it right or continues to make a mess of it. Each person can take turns until someone finally gets it right or the time runs out.

#29 Tickle Me Challenge

This challenge requires a little trivia knowledge or you will be tickled!

Each person takes a turn asking another a question, but it if the person answers it incorrectly, that’s right, they will have to be tickled until the time is up.

#30 Ice Bucket Challenge

To compete in this challenge, you will need a bucket full of ice and water. Each person who wishes to compete should be dressed in a bathing suit and there should be plenty of dry towels and clean clothes handy after the challenge is complete. Choose one person to be the designated “dumper.” This is the person that will have a blast drowning their friends with the ice water. Dump the water over the victim’s head quickly and watch them squirm. A phone is a must have for this challenge because you’ll want to be sure and capture the moment in pictures. There isn’t really a winner in this competition but it’s fun to watch their facial expressions and to hear their screams. Obviously, the best place to perform this challenge would be outside, and if you really want the challenge to be harder, try it in the winter.

#31 Blindfolded Hairstyle Challenge

All you need to complete this challenge is a blindfold, a lot of hair accessories, and a brave soul.

The person with the blindfold must use the hair accessories to style the other person’s hair. You can be as creative as you want, but remember that the stylist will be blindfolded so be sure that all the styling tools are safe. An excellent photographer will be needed to capture the events of this challenge while it’s in progress.

#32 Popsicle Stick and Cup Tower Challenge

Set up a sturdy table and gather as many popsicle sticks and paper cups as you can possibly find. Please, for the sake of everyone, if you decide to start pulling from the trash, clean them first. Put all the sticks and cups on the table and let the building begin. Keep going to see who can create the tallest tower without it falling down first. Set a timer to make the challenge even better, or just keep going until the last person’s tower is still standing.

#33 Egg Drop Challenge

This one will work best if you have access to at least a two-story building.

Find as many supplies as possible such as newspaper, tape, straws, paper towels, confetti or anything else you can think of that will give your egg a safe landing. Once you have all the supplies ready each person can begin to build a “safe landing” nest for a raw egg. The biggest challenge will be to build the nest in a limited amount of time. Once the timer goes off the nest is finished no matter what state it’s in. You will need to place the nest on the ground under a high window. Everyone should proceed upstairs and at that time they will each be given a raw egg. The idea is to make the egg land into the nest without it breaking.

#34 100 Layer Challenge

You will need 100 pieces of clothing and you can even include hats and socks in the mix. Start with the layer of clothing you’re already wearing, that counts as the first layer and then continue to layer the clothes until you’re wearing all 100 pieces of clothing. If you can’t make it then you can’t win the challenge.

#35 Card House Challenge

Everyone grab a deck of cards, find a sturdy place, and start building the best house you can without knocking it over because if you do, you lose. Okay, so it might sound old-fashioned and corny, but sometimes the older games and challenges are the most popular.

#36 Memorize Challenge

With this challenge, a non-participant should prepare a tray and place numerous items on it. It’s then up to the non-participant to display the tray for a few seconds for each person to see. As the tray makes its way around, it’s up to each participant to try and remember what’s on it. When the tray is hidden, each person should write down what they saw. The person that has the most items right wins the challenge.

#37 Ice Bath Challenge

If it’s a warm day you can do this one outside using a kiddie pool full of ice and water. The first person must get into the pool of ice water and stay there until they’ve answered one question. In order to complete the challenge, you must be able to stay in the pool until you’ve answered the question completely.

#38 No Hands Nail Polish Challenge

You and a friend must compete to see who can paint the most nails in one minute by using only your mouth. Oh, you might think this challenge is a piece of cake, but think again! It’s really interesting to watch the guys try this challenge too. The person who gets the most nails painted in one minute wins the challenge. You can also have a non-participant to judge the best-looking nails for the win.

#39 The Cotton Ball Challenge

You’ll need a blindfold, two bowls, a large kitchen spoon, and a bunch of cotton balls for this challenge. Set a timer or designate a certain number of scoops and while blindfolded, you must hold the empty bowl on your head and scoop some cotton balls from the other bowl into the one on your head. The person who scoops the most cotton balls wins.

#40 No Thumbs Challenge

Each participant must tape your thumb and forefinger together making it impossible to use your thumb. In the meantime, a non-participant should create a list of tasks for each person to perform. Get a point for each completed task, but get a point taken away for each task that’s incomplete. At the end, the person who has the most points wins the challenge.

#41 The 7 Second Challenge

This simple challenge requires the participants to complete a task in 7 seconds. Continue by doing the process of elimination, meaning that the last participant left in the challenge wins. The tasks can be created by a non-participant so the challenge can be fair for everyone.

#42 Beans and Chopstick Challenge

The rules to this challenge are simple. Each person has one minute to get as many beans into a bowl as they can by using chopsticks. Only one hand can be used or it’s cheating. The person who can manage to get the most beans in the bowl wins the challenge.

#43 Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

Each person is given a blindfold, a drawing pad, and a pencil. A non-participant can tell them what to draw and they must perform the task while blindfolded. The person who has the best drawing wins the challenge. Two people can participate in this challenge by taking turns.

#44 Clingfilm Challenge

With this challenge, it will be someone’s pleasure to sellotape each participant to a chair. When the challenge begins, each person will then have to figure out a way to escape the trap. Of course, each person will want to move the fastest because the first one to escape wins the challenge.

(Avoid using the clingfilm above the shoulders to prevent blocking airways)

#45 Store Challenge

Set a limit of around $10 and pick a favorite store. Next, everyone must make a trip to that store and go on a shopping spree with the $10 limit. When everyone is finished, you must all compare the items with each other. You can make the winner the one who buys the best for the money; who buys a unique item; the funniest, and so on.

Use caution when performing these challenges because some of them may be dangerous. Be sure to try as many challenges outdoors when possible; always provide towels, dry clothes, and other necessities when needed.

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team building activities

17 Team Building Activities That Don’t Suck

Team Building Activities That Do Not Suck

You may play any number of games and do team-building exercises in the office, and each of these exercises will help you team learn to work together while having fun. You are creating an environment in the office that is a bit more playful than normal, and you will notice that all the different parts of the office may learn to work together using these activities. You may drag your workers out of the office for team building exercises, or they may play these games at their desks. Make them as much fun as possible, and your workers will look forward to this process.

#1: Blindfolded Dodgeball

You can play this game with any number of people you like, but you must have an even number to participate. You will split your office into pairs, and the pairs will play the game together. Your teams will have one person who can see and one person who is blindfolded. The person who is blindfolded has the ball, and they will throw the ball at other groups. They get their direction from the person who can see, and the team that manages to avoid being hit is the winner. This is an easy way to learn to communicate, and it helps your staff learn how to shorten their communications to the most-effective words. You may set a timer, or you may play short games until one team is left standing.

#2: The Book

The book is a common item in the office, and you will place it in the middle of the office where everyone may access it. Anyone who has grievances in the office may bring them to the book. Anyone who has ideas may bring them to the book, and you may check the book to learn how your staff is communicating. They will learn to settle their differences quickly simply because they must be civil in the book. You will settle differences quickly, and you will avoid entanglements that could cause your company to lose much of its productivity. Try the book to help your staff talk, and it may go by the wayside when they all learn how to talk to one another. These team building exercises for work are ongoing for all the people on your staff.

#3: Three Truths One Lie

You will write down three truths and one lie on a piece of paper, and the people in your group must figure out which one is the lie. This is a fun ice breaker for the office, and it is a simple game to play because you may sit around a desk. You will get to know the people around you, and you will have fun trying to figure out what the lie is. You will laugh with the people who are sitting around the desk, and you will find that the people in the office learn funny things about one another. This is a bonding experience that will make your work more fun, and you may laugh quite a lot about the things you learn. You may play this game for as long as you want, or you may challenge your team to do it as fast as possible.

#4: Desk Product Logo

Creating a logo and slogan for a random product on your desk is a fun game for your office staff to do. You may put your staff in pairs or trios, and you will find that the people in each group will be quite creative. They will build a new product logo and slogan for this random item, and you will hear wild ideas that you may use in your business going forward. You should not cast aside anything that could be considered the next best idea from your business, and you will learn about the creative minds of the people in your office. This is a simple game to play, and you may do it on a timer in just a few minutes.

#5: Draw Blind

Team building activities for work and communication games are fun only when there is an element of surprise of stress involved. There are many different people who may play this game, and you are free to break your office into as many different teams as you need. The person who is drawing must draw blindfolded, and they are told what to draw through descriptions. Their teammates will tell them what lines and curves to draw, and they will see if they can get close to what the actual image should be. You may play this game in lightning rounds that only take a few minutes to play, or you may play this game as part of your lunch break. Bring food in for everyone, and you may play this game for as long as you like. All you need is a whiteboard, markers and an imagination.

#6: Don’t Step There

This is the classic lava game you may play with the people in your groups, and you may designate tiles on the floor that are hot lava. The people on each team must cross the room, and you will find that they must come up with creative ways to cross the room. They cannot simply jump from one tile to another, and all the people on each team must cross. You may leave the game with no time limit, or you may ask them to complete the game in half an hour. You may make the game even more difficult with every round, and you will find your staff members doing quite a lot of interesting things to cross the room.

team building activity

#7: Be Resourceful

You may start a short game with your staff members that requires them to be resourceful. You may force the people in the office to make a phone call without a phone, or you may ask them to close a deal without your email account. You must come up with ridiculous tasks for them to complete, and you will learn who works well under pressure and who does not. There are certain people in your office who will perform well simply because you gave them a hard task to complete, and you will find that there are a number of people who cannot do tasks like this. You may send certain people on difficult jobs based on their performance in this game, and you may send other people on simple tasks because you do not want to stress them out. This is a clever way for you to learn how all the people in your office work.

#8: The Traditional Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are quite a lot of fun, and there is not a person in the office who will not enjoy this task. The games may be created for a number of purposes. You will find that you may send your staff on a scavenger hunt for information that is required for your business, or you may send them on a scavenger hunt for information about their colleagues. You may learn quite a lot about the people who work in the office because they are hunting for particular pieces of information, and you will find that the staff members get to know one another simply because they have sought out this information.

The scavenger hunt is quite a lot of fun because you may send your staff on this hunt for the balance of the day, and you may ask them to do this work quickly. You may go so far as to ask your staff to complete the hunt without a phone or computer, and you may choose to ask your staff to find something physical in the building. You may not realize how much time it takes to find some of these things, and you will learn who works the fastest after you have asked everyone to complete these assignements. It is quite improtant for you to ensure that you have a scavenger hunt that produces good information for the business, and you must be certain that your staff is motivated to finish it. Offer prizes for the winners, and you will learn quite a lot about everyone who works for you.

#9: Do This With One Question

This is one of the most-interesting games you may play in your office, and you will test the problem-solving skills of everyone in your office. You will tell your staff to complete a task in one question. You may think that the tasks are quite hard to finish because they have so many moving parts, and you will find that the task may be completed by someone who maximizes their one question. You may not realize how someone works until you learn which question they ask, and you will watch them complete this process in a team. You need to have a few different people working on the same task, and you will watch teams in your office work together on this game. They will complete a difficult task using one question, and you will be shocked at what they are capable of.

The question game may take only a few moments, or you may give the staff until the end of the day to get the job done. You will find that there are a number of different things your staff members may do during the day to win, and you will learn of a number of creative solutions that were used. You may learn something new from the winning person or team, and you will find that they are asking interesting questions. You want to see who is the most-efficient at using their time, and you will learn who knows how to communicate with others.

This is especially effective on a sales team because a salesman may only ask so many questions before they annoy the customer. Ask your staff to play this game to improve their conversion rate.

#10: Silence

Nonverbal communication is far more effective than verbal communication, and you will find that the office becomes more efficient when your staff is not speaking. They must learn how to communicate with one another in unique ways, and you will find that they are quite good at learning how to speak to one another when they are not allowed to talk. This is a game of gestures, and it helps your staff cut down on the noise in the office. Your office may be quite a loud place, and you will find that the staff is more efficient. They are getting work done that moves the business forward, and they are using less energy. Someone who is not talking during the day will get more done, and you will reduce the noise in the office to a level that is quite low.

The silence game may be tied to other games that your employees are playing. Asking your staff to do their work in silence is a way to value body language, and your staff will learn that the silence they maintain helps them focus. Concentration will improve in the office, and you will see your teams communicate better because they have been asked to be silent. There are quite a few different people who will learn how to use their words less, and you will see your office grow quieter every day imply because you played once game that asked your staff to stop speaking. Play the game all day, play the game for five minutes or use silence as part of another game.

#11: Dream Trip

Dream trip is the perfect activity for a staff that wants to daydream a bit. You are doing much more than taking a dream trip, and you will find that team building activities such as this will help you only when your staff must solve problems. You will start with a dream trip that someone on your staff would love to take. They will show you the trip as they envision it, and you will ask your staff to book the trip in five minutes or less.

There are many complications to get through, and you will find that your staff goes into action hoping to move as fast as possible without wasting any time. This is the game that lets you learn something about the people on your staff, and it is the game that will help you learn how your staff works. The people who complete the tasks will be asked to take a number of steps to get the job done, and you will learn which person is most-capable to complete certain jobs.

#12: Lilly Pads

Lilly pads is a game that is much like the lava game from earlier. You may play this game with questions at each pad, or you may ask your staff to make their way across the room using only the Lilly pads. You must ensure that you have taken the time set up a game that does not take much time. You may want to limit this game to an hour so that your staff may get back to work, and you will teach them something about your company or their jobs when they are jumping from one Lilly pad to the next. You may play this game across your office, or you may play it in the break room. You are asking your staff to participate in something that is fun for them, and you are giving them a good time that cannot be replicated.

#13: Dining Room Challenge

The dining room challenge is a game that allows you to use your lunch break as a team-building exercise. The dining room challenge is quite a lot of fun for people in the room because it allows you to learn about the people who work with you. The dining room challenge is a game where you ask everyone in the room to order for the person next to them. These people are trying to get as close to their preferred meal as possible, and you will see who comes the closest. It is fun to know what someone would order ina. Restaurant, and your team will grow closer simply because you all know these simple facts about each other.

#14: What’s in My Coffee

What’s in my coffee is a game that helps you place coffee orders in the morning, but you play it much like the dating game. You are guessing what your partner puts in their coffee, and they have it written down on a card. They will reveal their favorite things to put in coffee, and you will learn who is the closest. This game only takes a minute, but it is one of those team building exercises that anyone can do. You are allowing to learn more about one another, and you will find that someone in the office is ready to take everyone’s coffee order.

#15: Tug Of War

Tug of war is easy to play with one rope and the length of your office. You need to split your office into two teams, and you will find that they are prepared to fight to the death in some cases. The people who are in your office working every day are learning how to work together through the games you have them play, and this game will give you a number of opportunities to learn how they work in teams. You are learning just as much as your staff, and you will find that they are willing to work very hard to pull a flag across a line. This may seem like a simple game, but five minutes of tug of war will go quite a way to building your team.

#16: Exercise Challenge

The exercise challenge is a simple way to get your staff to get in shape. The people that work for you may be tasked with walking so many miles per week, or you may ask them to go on a run as a team. You are building a group that knows how to work together, and team building exercises for work that get everyone into shape are worth every second they take. You may send everyone off for a walk during lunch, or you may give everyone a pedometer to see who walks the farthest during the week. This is a fun challenge that sees your employees comparing themselves to others, and they will have fun trying to be the person who walks the farthest.

#17: Sales Challenge

The sales challenge is the last on the list, and it is a challenge that will see your staff vying to be the person who reaches a sales goal the fastest. You will see these people work quite hard on new selling tactics, and you will notice that they are increasing their productivity in the process. You may learn a new sales technique that is helpful for the office, and you may put your staff in teams. Someone on each team may give their teammates a better selling strategy, and they will work hard on that strategy hoping to win. This may go on for a day, a week or a month. You may allow the employees to do the challenge alone, and you will find that certain people have a gift for sales while others do not.

These team-building activities will take your business quite a long way going forward. You may show your workers how to function as a team, and they will learn about each other as you send them more games to play. Put each of these 17 games in a rotation, and you will never bore the people who work for you. They will happily play along, and they will learn something new every time you roll out a new game or activity. This is your opportunity to learn about the staff while they learn about themselves. Make sure you check out our list of 51 team icebreakers as well as our list of indoor team building games.

Never Have I Ever Questions

Never Have I Ever Questions

201 Never Have I Ever Questions

If you are looking for a list of never have I ever questions, you have come to the right place. This extensive list is sure to lead to hours of fun. Lets’s get to it.

Once again, it’s your turn to host a game night and you’re running out of ideas. The board games you have are getting old, and everyone has played all the card games.

No worries, you can play a fun game of Never Have I Ever. You’ve never played before? Well, that’s even better!

Rules of the Never Have I Ever Game

An easy, safe, clean, and fun way to play the game is by using the point system. In this variation, each person should start with 10 points. When the question pops up saying something like, “Never have I ever sat in the back of a police car,” each person who has sat in the police car loses a point. The game continues until everyone but one person is out of points; the one who still has points is the winner. You can select a specific number of rounds if you would rather and then the person with the most points left at the end of the rounds wins the game.

Never Have I Ever is best known as a drinking game, but this variation can get out of control if not monitored. Choose a specific number of rounds, and in each round, each person who has done the opposite of what the question says takes a drink. The person who has taken the most drinks at the end of the rounds loses the game. This variation is also fun with soda. Try it as a campfire game with the family, or at the kid’s next birthday party.

Now that we’ve explained the game, you’re probably anxious to get started, but how do you find enough questions to keep it exciting? That’s not a problem either because we even created 201 of the most original Never Have I Ever questions that we could think of. The questions are split into two categories; 101 Never Have I Ever Questions that are appropriate for your adult friends and another 100 never have I ever questions for kids. We’ve tried to keep the adult questions rated “PG-13” so that you can incorporate some of them into a fun family game night if you want to.

Adult Never Have I Ever Questions

Never have I ever…

  1. sat in the back of a police car.
  2. been called to the boss’ office.
  3. swapped ABC gum with someone.
  4. accidentally sent an inappropriate text message to my mom that was intended for my girlfriend/boyfriend.
  5. made money illegally.
  6. faked an illness to stay home from work.
  7. Facebook stalked an ex.
  8. looked through my girlfriend/boyfriend’s phone without their knowledge.
  9. jumped from an airplane.
  10. text while driving.
  11. spent time in jail.
  12. spent a night in the hospital.
  13. woken up in a strange place.
  14. forgotten where I left my car.
  15. kissed on the first date.
  16. accidentally sent an inappropriate email to my boss.
  17. purposely given someone the wrong directions.
  18. purposely given someone the wrong phone number.
  19. shaved my head bald.
  20. paid late fees on an overdue bill.
  21. fallen asleep in church.Never Have I Ever Question
  22. knowingly run a red light.
  23. written a book.
  24. taken something from work.
  25. driven through an ice storm.
  26. used someone else’s toothbrush.
  27. clogged someone else’s toilet.
  28. made up an excuse to leave a boring party early.
  29. lied about having an emergency to leave a bad date early.
  30. stuffed my pockets with food from a buffet to take home with me.
  31. taken store bought food to a party as my side dish but passed it off as my own.
  32. worn someone else’s underwear.
  33. bought something special to wear one time then return it when I was done with it.
  34. crashed a party.
  35. visited the White House.
  36. gone skydiving.
  37. pretended not to be home when someone rang my doorbell.
  38. been to a night club after 1am.
  39. gone dumpster diving.
  40. picked up a hitchhiker.
  41. posted a drunk status on Facebook.
  42. replied to a text pretending to be someone else.
  43. used someone’s child to pick up a date.
  44. gotten so mad that I threw something through a wall.
  45. gotten my license taken away by the police.
  46. had a crush on someone else’s spouse.
  47. gotten fired from a job.
  48. played matchmaker.
  49. been a parent.
  50. bought a gift from a discount store and put it in a different package to make it look expensive.
  51. changed a baby’s diaper.
  52. gotten any artificial body enhancements.
  53. told a lie about something I really didn’t do.
  54. waited tables for a living.
  55. ruined a surprise party.
  56. gotten into a physical fight.
  57. seen a ghost.
  58. borrowed something I ended up keeping.
  59. lied about a family member being sick to get out of work.
  60. broken something in a store and then walked away from it.
  61. participated in the Polar Plunge.
  62. gone skiing.
  63. forgotten a loved one’s birthday.
  64. stood in line for hours to buy concert tickets.
  65. stood in line for hours to buy something at a discount.
  66. dated someone but ended up with their sibling instead.
  67. tried to break into someone’s password protected email.
  68. damaged someone’s car out of anger.
  69. borrowed something from a neighbor just to be nosey.
  70. been married.
  71. gotten a piercing other than my ears.
  72. had a fake ID.
  73. lied about my age to a date.
  74. walked out of a restaurant without paying.
  75. not left a tip for a waitress.
  76. not gotten my deposit back on a rental.
  77. cooked something in the microwave and then forgot it was in there.
  78. burned a holiday dinner.
  79. gone to a birthday party and not taken a gift.
  80. worked out at a public gym.
  81. adopted a child.
  82. had an allergic reaction to something I ate.
  83. played a joke on someone by putting pepper in the salt shaker.
  84. stolen flowers from a grave.
  85. farted in a store and quickly left the aisle.Never Have I Ever Questions
  86. peed the bed since I’ve been grown.
  87. re-gifted a present and then realized the person I gave it to was the one who originally gave it to me.
  88. gone to church with a hangover.
  89. worn my dirty underwear inside out.
  90. gone to work with a hangover.
  91. had a crush on my boss.
  92. been involved in road rage.
  93. done something on a dare.
  94. gone on a date with someone just to make another person jealous.
  95. cheated on my diet.
  96. taken my used plate back to the buffet for more food.
  97. lied about my child’s age just to get a discount.
  98. bought something I didn’t need just because it was on sale.
  99. fallen asleep while talking on the phone.
  100. catfished someone.
  101. been out of the country.

Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids

Never have I ever…

  1. been called to the Principal’s office.
  2. broken a bone in my body.
  3. copied from someone else’s paper.
  4. stolen food from someone’s lunch tray.
  5. participated in a school musical.
  6. taken something from my sibling without them knowing.
  7. cried because I didn’t get the gift I wanted.
  8. done something just because my parents told me not to.
  9. lost my house key.
  10. seen a cassette tape.
  11. failed a class.
  12. told on a friend.
  13. drank an entire case of coke by myself in one day.
  14. faked having to use the bathroom to get out of a boring class.
  15. gotten in trouble for texting in class.
  16. eaten an entire carton of ice cream by myself in one sitting.
  17. been bungee jumping.
  18. been nature camping in a tent.
  19. made a snow angel.
  20. jumped into the water from a boat.
  21. drank milk right from the carton.Never Have I Ever Question for Kids
  22. dipped my finger into the peanut butter jar then put it back on the shelf.
  23. forged my parent’s signature.
  24. cheated on a board game.
  25. played a prank on a teacher.
  26. had a crush on a teacher.
  27. jumped off a diving board.
  28. been in a school play.
  29. taken a trip on a train.
  30. found money and put it in my pocket without finding the owner.
  31. gone to summer camp.
  32. eaten my boogers.
  33. told a secret I was supposed to keep.
  34. looked through my teacher’s desk.
  35. told my mom I was going to a rated “PG” movie but snuck into the “R” movie instead.
  36. “Ding, dong, ditched.”
  37. prank called a restaurant.
  38. climbed a tree.
  39. blamed a friend for something I did.
  40. fallen up the stairs in public.
  41. fed my dinner to the dog when Mom wasn’t looking.
  42. sold my lunch to a classmate.
  43. touched a horse.
  44. been afraid of the dark.
  45. helped build a campfire.
  46. made a blanket fort.
  47. put a worm on a hook.
  48. swam in the ocean.
  49. picked flowers from a neighbor’s garden.
  50. made up an excuse to the teacher for not having my homework.
  51. held a baby.
  52. gone to school all day with my shirt inside out and didn’t know it.
  53. used my sleeve to wipe my snot.
  54. gotten into a fight on the school bus.
  55. called my teacher mom.
  56. walked through the neighborhood in my socks.
  57. gone to school without brushing my teeth.
  58. broken something of my mom’s and not told her.
  59. pretended not to see the dog poop in the house so I wouldn’t have to clean it up.
  60. waited until it was almost time for mom to come home before doing my chores.
  61. had a conversation with an animal.
  62. stayed up all night playing a video game.
  63. stayed up all night doing a school project at the last minute.
  64. taken something from a parent without them knowing and then I lost it.
  65. saved all my lunch money to buy something.
  66. eaten the dog’s treats.
  67. gone swimming in the bathtub.
  68. gotten hit with a baseball.
  69. drawn on myself.
  70. been to Disney World.
  71. been in a tree house.
  72. played miniature golf.
  73. gotten my ears pierced.
  74. slept all night in the back yard.
  75. picked food up off the floor and ate it.
  76. tried to run away from home.
  77. been afraid to tell my parents something.
  78. stayed all night in the hospital.
  79. been grounded.
  80. driven a car.
  81. changed a baby’s dirty diaper.
  82. spilled my drink in a restaurant.
  83. cried to get what I want.
  84. cried when the doctor gave me a shot.
  85. made a homemade pizza.
  86. fallen asleep in school.
  87. been to a haunted house.
  88. fallen in public.
  89. gotten in trouble for being with someone I wasn’t supposed to be with.
  90. gotten in trouble for talking in class.
  91. gotten my hair cut without asking Mom first.
  92. gotten a present I didn’t like.
  93. gotten into bed with my parents after a bad dream.Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids
  94. accidentally said a bad word in front of my parents.
  95. been stuck in an elevator.
  96. been kissed.
  97. practiced kissing on a mirror.
  98. swallowed my gum.
  99. read my sibling’s diary.
  100. had food poisoning.

Have fun with this game. Mix up the questions and change them around to best suit the group. Remember, if you choose to make this a drinking game, do it responsibly and never let it get out of control!


201 Newlywed Game Questions

Newlywed Game Questions

When it comes to hosting parties it’s not always easy to come up with different themes, much less food that will have everyone going back for more and games that will keep everyone entertained.
A great party to host is a game show party, but which one should you start with? Think about the friends you will invite and what they would like most.
Try hosting a Newlywed Game Party. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to get everyone together and keep them all laughing.
Before planning the party, think about all the couples you know. They don’t have to be married, in fact, it can be played as a way for new couples to get to know each other better, you just might have to tweak some of the questions.

How to Play the Newlywed Game?

The Newlywed Game is a classic that debuted on television in 1966. Since its birth, there have been many different variations, therefore, the rules to this game can be mixed up to your liking.
We have prepared a simple game variation that you can follow, but feel free to tweak the rules and questions to the needs of your group.
Split the group into three or four teams of couples. One person should be elected as the game host (maybe this will be the lonely one). Each couple will be competing to win the game by gaining the most points. For the first round, the women should leave the room. The host should pick four questions from the husband round list to ask the guys. (More questions can be asked if you choose). After the guys have given their answers the women should reappear. The host should ask each question once again giving the women a chance to match with their partner. Each correct match gains five points.
For the second round, the guys should leave the room and the game continues the same as the first round until it’s time for the last question. That question should be one of the two-part bonus questions from the list. When the guys reappear, they will compete in the same as the first round with the exception of the bonus question. When it’s time for the bonus question the team will receive five points for each correct answer, so if they match both answers correctly they will gain ten points.
In the end, the team with the most points wins the game.
You can set the points up however you would like and the bonus questions can be asked in either the wife or the husband round. You might want to use bonus questions in both rounds but double the points in the second round. There is really no right or wrong way to play this game just remember to have a great time in getting to know each other better!
The following list provides you with 201 interesting Newlywed Game questions to help you get started:

Wife Round Questions

1) What would your husband say is his biggest pet peeve?
2) When your husband cooks for you would you say the food is spot on, or would you sign him up for cooking school?
3) Would you say that your husband prefers your face to be painted, or would he rather look at it in its natural state?
4) When it comes to having children, would your husband say, “Our small house will do,” “Honey, start looking for a bigger house,” or “I’m happy with the family dog?”
5) Will your husband say that you spend more money, he spends more money, or you spend money equally?
6) What is one thing you do that drives your husband bonkers?
7) Between the two of you, who will your husband say is the bigger pack rat?
8) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would your husband say that you would go?
9) It’s his turn to plan a date night, what does he plan?
10) When it comes to sports, would you say your husband prefers the ones with a just a field, a ball and bat, a net, or he isn’t really all that into sports?
11) What was your husband’s first job?
12) Which one of you is the biggest procrastinator?
13) How many dates did the two of you go on before the first kiss?
14) Which one of you brought up the subject of marriage first?
15) If you were cleaning out the closets, what is the one thing of your husband’s that you would throw away?
16) What is your husband’s idea of the perfect weekend?
17) Would you say your husband would prefer to live in the wilderness and hunt for his food, or would he rather live in the big city and order dinner in?
18) Which one of your relatives would you say your husband likes the least?
19) Who won the last argument the two of you had?
20) If the two of you went on a double date with another couple, who would your husband want to go out with?
21) Finish this sentence, “I wish my husband would pay as much attention to me as he does his _________.”
22) What is your husband’s favorite hobby?
23) Has your husband ever cried during a movie?
24) What is the one material thing your husband owns that means the most to him?
25) What will your husband say that he loves about you the most?
26) It’s your night to pick the movie, will you pick something that will keep you on the edge of your seat, something that will keep you rolling with laughter, or will you need the tissue box?
27) What is your husband’s favorite late night snack?
28) Which one of you is the first to fall asleep at night?
29) Does your husband prefer pizza, wings, steak, or one of each, please?
30) When eating out, which of you is the bigger tipper?
31) Which of you is the thrifty shopper?
32) If the two of you went to visit a pet shelter together, would he head to the dogs or the cats first?
33) When it comes to dancing, would your husband wait for the slow dance, would he get on the dance floor when it’s time for the fast moves, or would he just sit them all out?
34) If the two of you were on a date, which one of you would be the most likely to look at your phone during the main event of the date?
35) When it comes to doing household chores, would you say that you do the most of them, he does the most of them, or do you share an equal amount?
36) If your husband wrote a book about your family what would the title be?
37) Who will he say you are closest to in his family?
38) What is the one thing the two of you can never seem to agree on?
39) If your husband could have a different job what would it be?
40) What is the one bad habit you wish your husband would stop?
41) How long did the two of you date before you introduced him to your family?
42) Does he prefer a hot cooked breakfast, cold cereal, or nothing at all?
43) What was the name of your first boyfriend?
44) Do you prefer to text or talk?
45) What is your husband’s favorite soft drink?
46) When it’s time for dessert will your husband choose pie, cake, or something else?
47) Will he say you are a morning person or a night person?
48) What was your husband’s first vehicle?
49) Would he say you are more of an indoor or an outdoor person?
50) Does your husband prefer long hair, short hair, or it doesn’t matter at all?
51) If you and your husband were together when you saw a homeless person, which one of you would be most eager to help them?
52) Which one of you would be most likely to go on a diet first?
53) When going to a restaurant, does your hubby prefer a sit-down or a buffet?
54) Which one of you can better deal with a stressful situation?
55) How often do you go to the beauty shop?
56) Would your husband rather wear a suit and tie or jeans and a tee?
57) How many windows do you have in your current home?
58) Does your car have a 4- cylinder or a 6-cylinder engine?
59) Which one, if any, is your husband’s favorite social media site?
60) If your husband were to guess, how many hangers would he say is in your closet?
61) What is one word that your husband uses that you wish he wouldn’t?
62) What is one thing you don’t have in your house but you wish you did?
63) How many sets of dishes do you currently own?
64) What will your husband say is your go-to site on the web?
65) What are you and your hubby saving up for?
66) How many magazine subscriptions will he say you currently get on a regular basis?
67) If the two of you were to go on a trip and take one of your relatives, who would your husband want to take with you?

Husband Round Questions

1) When it comes to shoes, would you say your wife prefers heels, flats, sandals, or sneakers?
2) What is the one household chore your wife will say that you do better than she does?
3) How many pieces of luggage did your wife take with her on your honeymoon?
4) When your wife is getting dressed in the morning, which one of her outfits do you hope she’s putting on?
5) What is the one household chore you absolutely hate to do, but your wife is always nagging you to do it anyway?
6) The last time you gave your wife flowers, were they roses, carnations, another kind, or will she say you never give her flowers?
7) What is the name of your wife’s favorite store?
8) Finish this sentence: “The last gift I gave to my wife was ________.”
9) When it comes to an argument, which one of you always seems to get the last word in?
10) Finish this sentence: “My wife’s biggest fear is __________.”
11) Finish this sentence: “Our wedding was almost perfect until __________.”
12) What was the name of the street your wife grew up on?
13) How many doors will your wife say that you had in the first place the two of you lived together?
14) Is your wife always late, always early, or always right on time?
15) Which one of you is the most organized?
16) What was your wife wearing on your first date with her?
17) Where did you take your wife on your second date?
18) Without saying the year, when is your wife’s birthday?
19) If your wife gave you a hall pass, what would she say you would use it for?
20) What will your wife say is your favorite piece of furniture in your home?
21) When it comes to ice cream, does your wife like plain old chocolate, plain old vanilla, or does she like a little crunch to mix it up a bit?
22) Which one of you is the first to wake up in the morning?
23) When choosing from a menu, would your wife prefer the lighter side, the pasta side, or will she flip to the meat side?
24) When it comes to replacing the toilet paper roll, should the paper go over or under?
25) Who will your wife say is the more romantic one in your relationship?
26) Which one of you is elected to turn off the lights at night?
27) Complete this sentence: “I love eating the food my wife cooks I just wish she would quit making _________.”
28) Of all the bridesmaids, your wife had in the wedding, how many were relatives?
29) How does your wife prefer her eggs cooked, scrambled, fried, poached, omelet style, or would she say no thank you?
30) What was the name of your first girlfriend?
31) Is your wife usually too cold, too hot, or is she just right?
32) If your wife is texting someone, who is she most likely texting?
33) If your wife were to describe you as a superhero, who would it be?
34) Which one of you usually picks the restaurant?
35) How old was your wife when she started school?
36) When it comes to food, does your wife prefer Mexican, Italian, Chinese, or American?
37) What kind of laundry detergent is in your house?
38) Would she say that it’s your fault, or would she admit that it’s her fault that you need two bathrooms in your house?
39) When your wife packs your lunch, what do you hope to find in the bag?
40) What state will your wife say you were you born in?
41) Would your wife say your grades in high school were above average, so- so, or try again?
42) Who spoke the first words when the two of you first met?
43) Would your wife say that you’re the type of person who likes to try new things or would you rather leave well enough alone?
44) How far into the relationship did the two of you get before having your first argument?
45) If you were to write a love letter to your wife would she be able to read it, or would she have to call on a professional for help?
46) When it comes to gardening, is that something you would do, she would do, or would you share the task?
47) Would you say your wife does most of her shopping online or does she go out to the store?
48) What is the brand name of your washer and dryer?
49) If your wife could spend a day in the life of someone else, who would it be?
50) Who said, “I love you” first?
51) Who picked the wedding date?
52) If one of your relatives was going to stay with you, which one would your wife hope it would be?
53) When it comes to the music genre, which one would your wife say is your favorite?
54) What is the one thing that your wife would like to change about herself?
55) Finish this sentence: “Every time my wife goes shopping she brings home another __________.”
56) Which one of your wife’s relatives would you say she resembles the most?
57) When it comes to vacations, would your wife say that you would be happy sleeping in a tent, you like the smell of a cabin, or you want a hot shower in the hotel?
58) How long does it take your wife to get ready for a night out?
59) What is your wife’s favorite fruit?
60) What was the last thing you did for your wife that she never expected?
61) What will your wife say is her favorite time of the year?
62) Would your wife say she prefers gold or silver?
63) What will your wife say is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
64) What was the name of your wife’s childhood pet?
65) How long did the two of you date before you spent the night together?
66) When the two of you are in the car together, who controls the radio?
67) Does your wife prefer juice, coffee, soda, or something else with her breakfast?

Two-Part Bonus Questions (Husband Round)

1) Finish this sentence: “My wife likes to have _________ massaged, but she can’t stand to have her _________ touched.”
2) If you had to leave your house in an emergency what are the two things your wife would say you would grab on your way out the door?
3) Finish this sentence: “I like my wife’s friend ________, but I really wish she would dump her friend ___________.”
4) What are the two most important things your wife will say that you must have on your sandwich?
5) What are your wife’s two most valuable things?
6) When your wife was in school, what were her two favorite subjects?
7) Of your wife’s relatives, which two are the oldest?
8) What are two things you have in your house that your wife could never live without?
9) Name two pizza toppings that are a must have for her.
10) If the two of you were pregnant, who are the two people your wife would want to tell first?
11) Finish this sentence: “My wife is really good at ____________, but ___________, not so much.”
12) What are two things your wife made you get rid of before moving in together?
13) If you stumbled upon a Magic Genie lamp, what will your wife say that two of your three wishes would be?
14) If you were to look through your wife’s purse, what are two things you would find?
15) Finish this sentence: “My wife likes it when I wear ______________, but would rather I put _________ in the trash.”
16) Name two things your wife has on her dresser.
17) Finish this sentence: “My wife can’t wait to watch ________ on TV, but she wishes they would take _________ off the air.”
18) Besides texting and talking, what are two other things your wife uses her phone for?
19) Finish this sentence: “Everyday my wife looks forward to ____________, but she dreads _________.”
20) Name two animals your wife would never have as pets.
21) What are two things your wife likes to keep in her car?
22) Besides you, who are the other two people your wife talks to the most?
23) What are her two favorite days of the week?
24) Finish this sentence: “When we have kids we will name the boy ___________ and the girl will be named_______________.”
25) When the two of you go out to eat, which two restaurants do you visit the most?
26) What are the two pieces of jewelry that you will always find your wife wearing?
27) When going out in public, what are two things your wife cannot be seen without?
28) Finish this sentence: “My wife likes to shop for groceries at___________, but she won’t step foot in________.”
29) What are the two things your wife would say she misses the most about her old neighborhood?
30) Finish this sentence: “When it comes to celebrities, my wife would be ecstatic if she were to meet_________, but she would have no interest in meeting_______.”
31) Finish this sentence: “If my wife were to paint the living room I hope she would paint it _________ because I really hate the color__________.”
32) Finish this sentence: “If my wife were playing on the playground she would be in a hurry to run toward__________, but she would run away from__________.”

Two-Part Bonus Questions (Wife Round)

1) Finish this sentence: “My husband doesn’t mind driving_______, but he really hates driving_________.”
2) When your husband plans an outdoor trip, what are two things he’s sure to have in his cooler?
3) If you sent him to the store with your grocery list, what are two things he would bring home that were not on that list?
4) Finish this sentence: “I like my husband’s friend___________, but his friend___________ is a little out there.”
5) What will he say are the two things you miss the most from your childhood?
6) When the two of you plan to go out for dinner, what two restaurants would not be on the list of choices?
7) When you pack for a trip, what are the two things your husband will say he can find in your suitcase?
8) What are his two favorite kinds of animals?
9) What are two things he will say you can always find in the refrigerator at home?
10) If the two of you went on a picnic, what will he say are two things you would put in the basket?
11) Finish this sentence, “My husband likes to see ________ on his dinner plate, but he will push the plate aside if ________ is on it instead.”
12) Finish this sentence: “My husband is a tough man, but when it comes to ________ and _______, he melts.”
13) Who are the two people your husband works he likes the least?
14) Finish this sentence: “My husband always seems to remember_______, but he can never remember_______.”
15) If you were to look through your husband’s wallet, what are two things you would find in there?
16) What are his two favorite articles of clothing?
17) When it comes to watching TV, what are his two favorite networks to watch?
18) Finish this sentence: “My husband wears size_______ shoes and he requires a size_________ for his gloves.”
19) What will he say are the names of your two best friends from high school?
20) Finish this sentence: “If we were at an amusement park we wouldn’t be able to stay away from__________, but I wouldn’t be able to get him to go on___________.”
21) Finish this sentence: “When it comes to eating hamburgers, my husband always puts________ on his, but he can’t stand to put__________ on it.”
22) When your husband leaves for work, what are the two things he always takes with him?
23) If you were to plant a vegetable garden, what are the two must haves he would insist on planting?
24) What would he say were your two favorite childhood cartoon characters?
25) Finish this sentence: “If I were to dye my hair he would like it to be__________, but he would hope that I didn’t color it____________.”
26) Finish this sentence: “My husband can fix a__________ like a boss, but when it comes to fixing__________ he needs a little professional help.”
27) Finish this sentence: “When we go to a bar my husband always drinks___________ but he can’t stand the taste of___________.”
28) Finish this sentence: “Every time our friends come over for game night my husband hopes we are going to play___________ and not__________.”
29) Finish this sentence: “When it comes to shopping for lunch meat my husband always runs for__________ but turns his nose up at___________.”
30) Finish this sentence: “When I buy soap my husband really hopes it smells like__________ because he can’t stand the smell of____________.”
31) Finish this sentence: “When it comes to buying air freshener, my husband prefers the house to smell like__________, but can’t stand it if the air freshener makes the house smell like__________.”
32) Finish this sentence: “When it comes to his underwear, my husband likes his to be__________, and is uncomfortable in a pair of__________.”
33) Finish this sentence: “When it comes to furniture my husband loves to sit on_________, but please don’t make him sit on__________.”
34) Finish this sentence: “When we eat snacks my husband loves when I put out__________, but watch him frown when he sees__________.”
35) When it comes to nail polish, which two colors will your husband say you will choose?

Now that you have this list you should have no problem keeping the group busy for a few hours. Have a great time, and remember, it’s only a game! Make sure you check out our bridal shower games for large groups as well.

How to Play Fishbowl Game

How to Play the Fishbowl Game

The Fishbowl Game is a fun-filled memory game that combines Charades, Password and Taboo.  It is also an easy game to learn, which means children and adults can play it together.  The Fishbowl Game can be played with large groups, which makes it perfect for family get-togethers.  It also works well as a school classroom activity or a team building exercise.


You will need a few objects to play The Fishbowl Game.  Gather the following:

  • 3-4 pens
  • Paper and scissors
  • A container to hold the paper (a fishbowl is ideal!)
  • A timer of some kind (a smart phone will do the job)

Cut the paper into small strips that are big enough for players to write a couple of words on.  Each player will require three strips of paper.

Playing the game

Step 1: Populate the fishbowl

Start by separating everyone into two equal teams.   Each player will then take three strips of paper and write a word or familiar phrase on each piece.  Players will have to guess the words or phrases later on, so they should’t be too obscure.  Each player then folds their pieces of paper in half and places them into the fishbowl.  After all of the pieces of paper are in the fishbowl, someone has to shake the bowl to mix them up.

Step 2: Play the “taboo” round
The taboo round is first up.  The goal of this round is to guess as many words or phrases as possible within 1 minute.   The round progresses like this:

  1. The starting team selects a player to go first.
  2. That player will grab a piece of paper from the fishbowl and reads it.  The 1-minute timer will start as soon as they pick a piece of paper from the fishbowl.
  3. The player will then use words to get their team mates to guess the word or phrase that is on the paper.  They cannot use any hand gestures — only words.  They can’t say any of the words that are on the paper, as they are the “taboo” words.  For example, if the word is “Cheeseburger” they might say “You eat this at McDonalds”
  4. If the player thinks the word or phrase is too hard, they can “pass” and put the paper back into the fishbowl.  However, players are only do this once per round.
  5. If the team successfully guesses the word, they get to keep the piece of paper.
  6. After 1 minute has elapsed, the other team gets their turn.  They also have 1-minute to guess as many words as possible.

Each team continues to take 1-minute turns until all of the pieces of paper have been removed from the fishbowl.  When the fishbowl is empty, each team counts the pieces of paper they have gathered.  Each piece contributes 1 point to their score.  After tallying the each team’s score, fill the fishbowl with the pieces of paper and move onto round 2!

Step 3: Play the “password” round
The next round is played in a similar fashion, with each team having 1-minute to guess as many words or phrases as possible.  The team that went second last time will get to go first for this round.

The main difference is that the player reading the paper can only use one word to describe the word or phrase.  So, if the word is “Cheeseburger” this time they may use a single word like “McDonalds” to describe it.  The team needs to remember the words that were mentioned in the first round and use the “password” as a hint.  The teams continue to alternate with 1-minute rounds each, then the pieces of paper are tallied and placed back into the fishbowl.

Step 4: Play the “charades” round

The next round plays out in the same way, with each team taking their one minute turns.  The main difference here is that player with the paper cannot speak.  They must use physical gestures to communicate the word on the paper.  For “Cheeseburger” they might pretend to be holding and eating a cheeseburger.  At the end of the round, the scores are tallied up once more.  The team that has the most points from all three rounds is declared the winner!

Step 5: Bonus round
Why let the fun end there?  If you want to take The Fishbowl Game to the next level, play the spooky version!  Get a bed sheet from the cupboard and drape it over the player who is reading the pieces of paper.  The team will then have to guess the word while the player makes movements beneath the sheet!  It is very challenging and a ton of fun.

We hope you enjoyed reading How to Play Fishbowl Game.  For more fun games, subscribe to the blog or follow us on social media!

301 Truth or Dare Questions

301 Truth or Dare Questions; The good, the Funny, the Embarrassing

So, you’re planning a party and you need something great that will keep your guests entertained for a long time. How about a fun game of truth or dare?

This game fits the bill for anyone. It’s a great way for new friends or couples to get to know each other. Parents can learn the secrets of their children, and it’s the perfect way for old friends to catch each other in a lie or an embarrassing moment.

Truth or Dare is a popular game that is played with adults or with couples only. It’s a fun family game and is often played at children’s parties. It’s a popular college dorm party and it makes the perfect game for the tween slumber party.

Truth or Dare Rules

The rules vary to this game, but generally, the questions are prepared ahead of time and placed in a basket or a bowl.

The questions can be separated into two containers and each person can choose if they would like to answer a truth or perform a dare. The problem with this variation is that most people will choose a dare, so it would be a good idea to make it a rule for each person to have an equal amount of truth and dare questions. For example, a person must have a total of five truths and five dares.

The truth and dare questions can be put together in the basket so that each person must do whatever they draw. This way makes it fair in that they don’t get to choose, but if they refuse to answer the truth, the group can choose the punishment that the person should get.

Setting Up the Game of Truth or Dare

The following is a list of 301 Truth or Dare questions; good, bad, and embarrassing. The questions have been thoughtfully prepared to fit into almost any group. Keep in mind that you might have to tweak the questions to fit your situation.

Plan ahead and place the props that you will need in a handy location. Keep in mind that some people might have food allergies and may not be able to perform some of the dares. In such cases, you might want to replace an item for another.

Have fun and stay safe. Use caution when performing some of the dares. Never allow children to play the game without adult supervision.

151 Truth Questions

  1. What is your least favorite thing about family gatherings?
  2. What is your favorite thing about family gatherings?
  3. What is a secret that you kept from your parents when you were growing up?
  4. What is one thing that makes you relax?
  5. What is a bad habit that you have?
  6. Have you ever flirted with a police officer to get out of a speeding ticket?
  7. What is something you look forward to when you retire?
  8. Do you have a bucket list and if so, what is one thing on the list?
  9. What is one thing you are always losing?
  10. Where is your favorite place to shop?
  11. Do you have a weird collection?
  12. Tell about the last dream you had and don’t leave anything out.
  13. Have you ever shared chewing gum with anyone?
  14. Have you ever lied about being sick so you could stay home from work or school?
  15. If you could do one thing you did when you were a child, what would it be?
  16. Have you ever danced on a table when you were drunk?
  17. Have you ever told someone you wouldn’t be home just so they wouldn’t come over?
  18. What is the one thing you dislike about yourself?
  19. What is the one thing you do like about yourself?
  20. What is the one thing you would stand in line for?
  21. Have you ever lied to get a job?
  22. If anyone in your family could win an award for the most annoying, who would it be?
  23. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you in front of a crowd?
  24. What is your least favorite household chore?
  25. If you could hire someone to do one thing for you, what would it be?
  26. What was the most embarrassing thing that you ever did while on a date?
  27. What was the worst gift you ever received?
  28. What is the one thing you are the most afraid of?
  29. Have you ever sent an inappropriate text to your mom or dad by accident?
  30. Have you ever bought something to wear to an event and then returned it to the store when the event was over?
  31. Have you ever fallen asleep in church?
  32. Did you ever break up with someone just before a holiday so that you didn’t have to buy them a gift?
  33. Have you ever kept a library book?
  34. Have you ever cheated on a test?
  35. If you could create your own job title, what would it be?
  36. What is your excuse to get out of exercising?
  37. What was the one thing you could never learn how to do no matter how hard you tried?
  38. What was your favorite childhood television show?
  39. Did you ever sneak into an adult movie when you were underage?
  40. If you had a remote control that would operate anything, what would you control?
  41. Have you ever complained about something at a restaurant just to get out of paying?
  42. What is one thing you did as a child that you still enjoy doing?
  43. Do you prefer the big city or country life?
  44. What is your guilty pleasure?
  45. What are your favorite pizza toppings?
  46. Where is your favorite vacation spot?
  47. Have you ever used a work computer for personal use?
  48. What is your favorite thing to do with your leisure time?
  49. What was the worse vacation you ever had?
  50. If you were to bury a time capsule, what is one thing you would put in it?
  51. If you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for?
  52. What is your favorite holiday?
  53. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  54. If you could choose a different career, what would it be and why?
  55. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  56. What is your favorite vending machine snack?
  57. Have you ever forgotten a special person’s birthday?
  58. Have you ever taken a drink straight out of the carton?
  59. On a scale from 1-10, where do your patience fall?
  60. If animals could talk, which one would you have a conversation with?
  61. What is your favorite restaurant?
  62. What makes you cry?
  63. What makes you laugh?
  64. What is something you find to be disgusting?
  65. Have you ever been stuck in an elevator and if so who were you with?
  66. Have you ever been on an airplane and if so where were you going?
  67. Who was your favorite teacher in school?
  68. What was your favorite subject in school?
  69. What is something that you are not looking forward to?
  70. Knowing now what you didn’t know then, what would you have done differently?
  71. Have you ever told a secret after you were told not to?
  72. Are you always on time, or are you always late?
  73. Are you a morning person or a night person?
  74. What is one job you would never want to do?
  75. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  76. When you think that no one is listening, do you sing in the shower?
  77. The last time you argued with someone, did you apologize first or was it the other person?
  78. What is your favorite food?
  79. What is the best gift you ever received?
  80. What was your favorite childhood toy?
  81. If you were given a million dollars what would you do with it?
  82. Have you ever been arrested?
  83. What is your favorite sport?
  84. Have you ever been golfing?
  85. Have you ever played tennis?
  86. What is your favorite ride at the amusement park?
  87. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?
  88. Have you ever been on a train?
  89. If you found a large amount of money, would you keep it or would you try to find the owner?
  90. What makes you furious?
  91. What makes you happy?
  92. What is your favorite sandwich?
  93. Is there anything you regret buying, and if so, what is it?
  94. What is the best thing you ever bought?
  95. If you were invisible what is something you would do?
  96. What makes you feel uncomfortable?
  97. Do you prefer cats, dogs, or neither?
  98. If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be?
  99. If you were a giant, what would you like to do?
  100. What is your favorite music genre?
  101. Have you ever blamed your sibling for something you did just so that you wouldn’t get in trouble?
  102. How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
  103. When is the last time you took a shower?
  104. When is the last time you brushed your teeth?
  105. What do you like to do when you are alone?
  106. What do you like to do when you are with your friends?
  107. What was the name of your first crush?
  108. How old were you when you had your first crush?
  109. What is the best time of day for you?
  110. What is your least favorite time of the day?
  111. If you didn’t have to work, what would you do with all your time?
  112. What is your favorite possession?
  113. What is your favorite go-to website?
  114. What was the best day you ever had?
  115. What was the worst day you ever had?
  116. What is your biggest fear in life?
  117. Did you have a nickname as a child and if so, what was it?
  118. Do you prefer mushy movies or funny ones?
  119. If you only had two minutes to get out of your house, what would you grab?
  120. What is your favorite vegetable?
  121. What is your favorite fruit?
  122. Do you have a special talent and if so, what is it?
  123. Have you ever been married?
  124. What do you like to put on your toast?
  125. Do you like hot peppers?
  126. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  127. Do you prefer Facebook or twitter?
  128. What season is your favorite?
  129. Who is your most annoying neighbor?
  130. If you could be someone else for a day who would you be?
  131. What was the name of the street you grew up on?
  132. Which do you like better, cars or trucks?
  133. What is your favorite outdoor pastime?
  134. Which do you like better, Coke or Pepsi?
  135. What is your favorite month and why?
  136. Do you like to read and if so, what is your favorite book?
  137. Have you ever met a celebrity, if so, who?
  138. Have you ever cheated to win a game?
  139. Have you ever sent a love email to your boss by accident that was meant for someone else?
  140. What food do you absolutely despise?
  141. Who is the person you are the most jealous of and why?
  142. How many different languages can you speak and what are they?
  143. Do you have any tattoos and if so, where?
  144. Have you ever been outside of the country?
  145. What is one thing your grandparent taught you how to do?
  146. Have you ever been to the opera?
  147. Do you prefer talking or texting?
  148. Have you ever had an argument with someone through text?
  149. What was the last thing you ate?
  150. Have you ever been to the zoo?
  151. Have you ever stalked someone on Facebook?

150 Dares

  1. Get a bar of soap from the bathroom and sell it to the group for 3 minutes.
  2. Go outside, and while skipping down the street, sing “Let it Go’ from Frozen.
  3. With your eyes closed, pick someone from your contact list and send them a text.
  4. Stand up and do your best impersonation of the person on your right.
  5. Go in the kitchen and rearrange everything in the food pantry in alphabetical order.
  6. Imagine the person to your left is your pet, talk to them as though you just got home.
  7. Imagine that you are a dog and act like it until your next turn.
  8. Describe what the sky looks like without using the words blue or white.
  9. Sing the chorus of your favorite song.
  10. Make up a song about the host of the party.
  11. Exchange shirts with the person to your left and wear it for the remainder of the game.
  12. Knock on the neighbor’s door and explain to them that your pet penguin got loose and ask if you can look for it in their back yard.
  13. Invent a new color for nail polish and describe the person who would be most likely to wear it.
  14. For the next 15 minutes, everything you say must be spoken in baby talk.
  15. Make a sandwich while blindfolded.
  16. Eat a spoonful of hot sauce.
  17. From now until your next turn, every time someone talks, interrupt by saying, “that’s a lie.”
  18. You notice that the person sitting on your right has something on their face, spit on your finger and wipe it off for them.
  19. Get down on one knee and propose to the person on your left.
  20. Take the socks off the person’s feet across from you and wear them like gloves until your next turn.
  21. Open Facebook and “like” the first thing that pops up even if you disagree with it.
  22. Stand up and do your best impersonation of your mom.
  23. Go for a short walk outside and while walking, hold a conversation with yourself.
  24. Rearrange all the pictures in the room according to their size.
  25. Take off your shoe and clean your foot as though you are an animal.
  26. Put makeup on the person sitting the farthest away from you.
  27. Do your best impersonation of someone else in the room and keep going until someone else guesses who you are.
  28. For the next 10 minutes, when someone speaks, put your ear up close to them and act as though you can’t hear what they are saying.
  29. Stand up and do jumping jacks until your next turn.
  30. For the rest of the game, you must cluck like a chicken at the beginning and end of everything you say.
  31. Be silent and say nothing from now until your next turn.
  32. While blindfolded, you must eat something that the person to your left chooses to feed you.
  33. Tie your shoe strings together with another person and walk together to the end of the driveway and back.
  34. Drink chocolate syrup straight out of the bottle.
  35. Text someone you are close to and tell them that you no longer want to talk to them.
  36. Using the opposite hand that you write with, print your full name, birthdate, and address on a piece of paper.
  37. Write your name on the floor with your tongue.
  38. Stand in the time out corner facing the wall, not talking to anyone until your next turn.
  39. Run in place and clap your hands for 5 minutes.
  40. Get on all fours and walk over to a wall like a dog, then lick the wall.
  41. Spin around 5 times and then stand on one leg while touching your nose with your fingertip.
  42. Mix mustard and ketchup on your hands and then lap it up like a dog.
  43. Stand on a chair and act like a monkey for 5 minutes.
  44. Act like a cat and “make bread” on the person sitting beside you.
  45. Go outside and howl, bark, and meow all for 2 minutes.
  46. Making “coo” sounds like a baby, suck on your toe.
  47. Run outside, shout, then run back inside.
  48. Wash your hands with toothpaste.
  49. Brush your teeth with soap.
  50. Imagine that a pillow is a baby. Burp it and then rock it to sleep.
  51. Initiate your neighbors to help you look for your “missing cat.”
  52. Go outside, get in your car and honk the horn 10 times.
  53. Every time someone begins to talk, interrupt by saying, “hey, ya know what?” Keep it up until your next turn.
  54. Take a walk around the block on all fours and bark like a dog.
  55. Call McDonald’s and ask if they sell whoppers.
  56. Call Burger King and ask if they sell big macs.
  57. Call Taco Bell and ask if they sell nuggets.
  58. Sing the theme song from Barney non-stop until your next turn.
  59. Pretend you’re a bird and eat cereal off the floor using only your mouth.
  60. Go up to someone, expose their bare feet, and play “this little piggy went to market” on all their toes.
  61. Every time someone performs a dare, yell, “tis but a mere flesh wound.”
  62. Every time someone tells a truth, yell, “liar.”
  63. Stand in the back yard and yell at the top of your lungs, “I was adopted! Nooooooo.”
  64. Text a friend and tell them their hair is on backward.
  65. Wear your clothes backward for the duration of the game.
  66. Go outside to the trash bin and throw a tantrum because someone put trash in it.
  67. Go outside and pick exactly 40 blades of grass with a pair of tweezers.
  68. Call someone and confess your new-found love for Justin Beiber.
  69. Kiss the person to your right on the cheek.
  70. Sniff the person to your left and tell them they smell bad.
  71. Rub your armpits and then smell your fingers.
  72. Knock on the neighbor’s door and ask if you can park your helicopter in their driveway.
  73. Take someone with you outside in the sight of the neighbors and stare into the sky until someone asks you what you are looking at, then tell them that you saw a UFO.
  74. Text your mom and tell her that you are expecting a baby.
  75. Walk outside frantically carrying an empty leash and approach people asking them if they have seen your pet alligator because it just escaped.
  76. Go into the bathroom and look in the cabinet. Write a short summary of what you find and read it to the group.
  77. Call the nearest gas station and ask them if they sell hemorrhoid cream.
  78. Stop a car that is going down the street and tell them that their wheels are turning.
  79. Close your eyes and let everyone draw on you for 5 minutes.
  80. Tell a bizarre 2-minute story about the night you slept in the woods.
  81. Stand up and dance the twist until your next turn.
  82. Name the person in the room who you think is the best dressed.
  83. Name the person in the room who you think is the worst dressed.
  84. Text your siblings and tell them that you just found out you are adopted.
  85. Make the sound of a dripping faucet until your next turn.
  86. From now until the end of the game, every time you talk, speak like a robot.
  87. Act like a cheerleader and do a cheer about the host of the party.
  88. For the rest of the game, you must only communicate using animal sounds.
  89. Make confetti out of a tissue.
  90. Describe to the group what your last bathroom experience was like.
  91. Get a magazine and go outside. Roll up the magazine, put it on your nose and act and sound like an elephant.
  92. Make a hat out of aluminum foil then put the hat on and post a selfie to social media. Leave the hat on for the duration of the game.
  93. Hang your socks from your ears until the end of the game.
  94. Fill your mouth with water and act like a fountain.
  95. For the rest of the game you must say your name at the beginning and the end of every sentence you speak.
  96. Repeat everything the person to your left says until your next turn.
  97. Choose one inanimate object that is in the room. Now spend the next 2-minutes telling the group what that object is thinking.
  98. Eat a teaspoonful of soy sauce.
  99. Cut out an eyehole in a piece of cheese and a piece of lunchmeat. Place each piece over your eyes and leave them there for the remainder of the game.
  100. You are a seat in a car, for 2-minutes talk to your passengers.
  101. Stand on your head and put your legs against the wall for 2-minutes.
  102. Let the person to the left of you give you a creative hairstyle.
  103. Paint your eyebrows with mayonnaise
  104. Put chocolate syrup on a pickle and eat it.
  105. Tie a towel or blanket around your neck and run outside yelling, “I’m Superman!”
  106. Put strawberry syrup on a carrot and eat it.
  107. Dip cheese in soda and eat it.
  108. Without using your hands, eat an entire carrot while holding it with your toes.
  109. Go outside and pick up the first non-poisonous bug you find then hold onto it for 2-minutes.
  110. Eat a blade of grass.
  111. Spread peanut butter onto a piece of cheese. Roll up the peanut butter cheese and eat it all.
  112. Eat a s’more made with peanut butter, saltines and ketchup.
  113. Dip your feet into raw eggs and then, without cleaning your feet, wear your socks for the remainder of the game.
  114. Using a wooden spoon and a pan, play a drum solo until someone recognizes the song.
  115. Teach the room how to tie a man’s tie. If you don’t know how to tie the tie, then you must use it to tie your hands together for the remainder of the game.
  116. Stand up and professionally introduce yourself to everyone. Now convince them as to why they should vote for you to be the next spokesperson for the elephants.
  117. Drink a glass of water with a smashed-up banana mixed in it.
  118. Go to a neighbor and ask them if you can use their driveway to park your new elephant.
  119. Clean out your belly button and show everyone what you find.
  120. Spend 2-minutes telling everyone about the creatures who live under your toenails.
  121. Style your hair with at least ten paperclips. When you are finished, post a selfie to social media.
  122. Go outside and have a 2-minute conversation with the mailbox while someone makes a video and posts it to social media.
  123. Call Pizza Hut and ask them if they sell hamburgers.
  124. Call Wal-Mart and ask if they sell livestock.
  125. Walk down to the end of the street and back while clucking, pecking, and flapping your arms like a chicken the entire time.
  126. Sit on a balloon and bounce up and down until it breaks.
  127. Peel a banana using only your feet and toes.
  128. Call a car dealership and ask if they have any horse buggies in stock.
  129. Call a car part store and tell them that you need a part for your Model T.
  130. Try to eat a piece of popcorn off your nose with your tongue.
  131. Dig through the trash and name off everything you find.
  132. Lay down on the floor and toss popcorn in your mouth using only your feet. Keep it up until you get at least five pieces into your mouth.
  133. Scoot across the floor using only your elbows.
  134. Mix orange juice with soda and drink it,
  135. Taste a dog treat.
  136. Just like when you were a child, make a blanket fort and stay in there for the next three rounds.
  137. For the rest of the game, the floor is lava. Find other ways to move without touching the floor.
  138. Go around the room and smell everyone’s armpits.
  139. While using the hand gestures, sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” in its entirety on someone’s arm.
  140. Text someone “hey.” Every time they respond say, “hey.” Do this ten times and on the eleventh, reply with “hi.”
  141. Go outside and kiss the ground.
  142. Call a pet store. Tell them that you are babysitting and the baby ran out of formula. Ask them how much the kitten formula is.
  143. Call a Chinese restaurant and order a pizza.
  144. Kiss each toe in the room individually.
  145. Go to the fridge and read out loud all the expiration dates.
  146. Put a breath mint in a glass of orange juice and drink it.
  147. Rub the top of everyone’s head for 1-minute a piece.
  148. Eat a butter stuffed Oreo.
  149. Do the Chicken Dance on Facebook Live for 10-minutes.
  150. Everyone must refer to you as “Captain Bed Wetter” for the rest of the game.

There you have it, 301 truth or dare questions. If you are looking for other fun ideas, check out some of the best card games.

How to Play Cornhole

How to Play Cornhole

Cornhole is a very popular lawn game where players take turns throwing bags filled with corn or beans at an elevated platform with a hole in it. Throwing a bag through the hole on the platform gets 3 points and a bag that lands on the platform gets 1 point. The first player or team to get to 21 points wins the round. You can play one round or best 2 out of 3. Cornhole is similar to the game of Horseshoes, except it is much safer and easier to set up. Horseshoes requires sand pits, metal stakes, and heavy horseshoes. Cornhole uses soft bags filled with corn and portable wooden platforms making it a much safer and more popular choice for outdoor recreation. The game has grown from humble beings into a very well known game with its own lingo and official leagues and associations all over the world. Cornhole can be played just about anywhere and by people of all ages. The only skill needed is the ability to accurately toss a bag 24-30 feet at a platform with a hole in it. You can move the platform in closer if kids are playing. This way you can involve the entire family.

Cornhole Rules and Regulations

The game of Cornhole is easy to set up and the rules are very simple to follow. There is some variation to the rules depending on who you ask. We will cover the basics and give a general overview. The only equipment required is two elevated platforms, two sets of bags, a scorecard, and two or four players. The bags come in sets of four and it is recommended that they are different colors for easy identification. Each bag is filled with dried corn or beans, measuring 6 x 6 inches and should weigh 14-16 ounces. It is recommended to use a heavy duty material like double stitched nylon or canvas. The size of the wooden or plastic platform is 2 feet wide x 4 feet long and has a 6 inch wide hole centered 9 inches from the top of the platform. It should have a smooth painted surface. The platform is angled with the back edge of the board 12 inches above the ground and 3-4 inches from the ground at the front. This forms roughly a 90 degree angle.  It is also recommended that sides are enclosed. This makes it easier to tell if the bag actually goes through the hole instead of going through an open side of the platform. Now that you have all the items needed for playing let’s take a look at the rules more in depth.

Distance Between Cornhole Platforms

The playing area should be a minimum of 8 feet wide by 45 feet long. Facing the court in a North to South direction if possible is a good idea because it helps reduce the effects of the sun. Remember to keep the playing area clean and free from obstructions and distractions. A normal regulation court places the platforms anywhere from 24-30 feet apart from the front of one platform to the other. A distance of 21 feet is recommended for children and juniors. The imaginary line parallel to the front of the platforms is also the foul line that you cannot step over when tossing the bags. The bags may be tossed from either side of the platform in a 3 x 4 foot rectangle. You must stay inside of this area while tossing the bag. You can choose to toss from either side but must stay on that side for the entire round.  If you are playing doubles (check out our 67 cornhole team names) matches the players stand on both sides of the platform and alternate turns tossing the corn bags.

Cornhole Scoring

The first person or team to score 21 points or more wins the round. You do not need to win by 2 points or more as in some other games. All players or teams must be allowed to finish pitching their 4 bags per inning. For example, if the player or team that pitches first reaches 21 points the other team must be allowed to finish the inning as well. In the event of a tie the players keep pitching 4 bags per inning until someone ends up with a higher score. The player scores points by tossing the corn filled bag at the platform. Tossing a bag through the circular hole on the platform is called a “Cornhole” or “Corn Bag In The Hole” and is worth 3 points. A corn bag that comes to rest on the platform and is knocked through by another toss or an act of god also counts as “Corn Bag In The Hole” and is worth 3 points. A corn bag that does not go through the hole but lands on the platform and remains in place throughout the inning is called an “Ace” or “Corn Bag In The Count” and is worth 1 point. The bag must not touch the ground before landing on the platform or it is a foul and removed from play. If a corn bag is tossed and determined to be a foul while knocking off a bag that is resting on the platform that bag must be returned to its original position. If the bag lands anywhere else not touching the platform it is called a foul or “Corn Bag Out Of The Count” and is not worth any points. Another form of a foul is stepping over the line or out of the pitchers box. This is also called a “Corn Bag Out Of The Count” and is worth zero points. Corn bags that do not land on the platform or go through the hole must be removed from the field of play and count for zero points. All corn bags except fouls must be left where they are thrown until the inning is over. Other versions of the rules allow a round to be won when one team scores anywhere from 7-11 points and the other team scores zero. This is known as a “Skunk” or “Shutout.”

Cancellation Scoring

Typically, a method of counting scores per inning called cancellation scoring is used. There are a couple different versions we will go over. In the first version of cancellation scoring, bags that are tossed through the hole or land on the platform are either cancelled out or added depending on what the opposing side tosses. For example, if the first player or team tosses 1 bag through the hole and 2 on the platform totaling 5 points, and the second player or team only tosses 2 bags on the platform for two points, the 2 bags on the platform are cancelled out for both teams and the first team gets to keep 3 points for the bag in the hole.  Another example would be if the first player or team only tosses 1 bag through the hole and the second player or team tosses 2 bags on the platform, no points would be cancelled out and the first side would receive 3 points for the bag in the hole and the second side would receive 2 points for the bags on the platform. The other version of cancellation scoring works by adding up the scores for both sides and awarding the difference in points the side with the highest point total. An example of this version of cancellation scoring would be the first side scoring 7 points total and the second side scoring 5 points total. The winning side would be awarded the 2 point difference.

Playing the Game

Cornhole can be played as either singles or doubles matches. When playing a doubles match the four players split up into two teams. One member from each team pitches from one cornhole platform and the other members pitch from the other. In singles play the contestants stand at the same platform and each one player may choose a specific side to toss from for the inning. You must only toss from one side per inning. The players on opposing teams always alternate tossing. A cornhole match can broke down into multiple rounds of play where you toss 4 bags per inning. As mentioned before the round is won when one side scores 21 points or more. You have 20 seconds from the time you step into the pitchers box to toss the bag. It is considered a foul if the toss is not delivered within 20 seconds of stepping into the box and you lose a turn. If you step over the foul line or out of the pitchers box it is also a foul worth zero points and counts as a turn. If the bag accidentally leaves the players hand during a toss it counts as a turn. The player with the high score in the previous inning pitches first in the next inning. If no one scored in the previous inning, the team who previously pitched last will pitch first in the next inning. Each player or team is also allowed two timeouts per match. They may use this time out to walk up to the platform and examine the position of the bags on the platform.

Cornhole Tips

–  It is recommended to use a highly visible scoreboard. This allows players to keep an eye on the scoring and make sure everything is correct at the end of the inning.

– Any discrepancies in scoring or rules should be brought to the attention of the judge or person keeping score immediately.

–  Do not make distracting movements or noises during your opponents turn.

–  Perfecting the corn toss is crucial to becoming a great cornhole player. Learning to spin the corn bag while throwing will stabilize it and allow for a more accurate toss.  It is also important to try and throw the bag so it arcs 5-10 feet above the ground.  You want the bag to land on the platform at an angle to lessen the impact and stick in place when it lands.

– Make sure the surface of your platforms is sanded smooth and painted.

– It is typically deemed acceptable to ask a teammate or spectator for advice on where to throw the next pitch. This is a good idea because there is a lot of strategy involved in the game of Cornhole.

–  The distance between boards dictates how hard it is. If you are having trouble scoring it may be a good idea to move the boards closer together.

– During hot, dry weather the bags and surface may become very slick.  You can either spray the bags with water to help them stick or bring the platforms closer together.

– Find a comfortable stance for throwing that works well for you. Most people like to step forward with their opposite foot and then throw with their dominant hand. Others stand still and toss, while some step and throw with their dominant side.  There is no right or wrong, just make sure it feels natural and relaxed.

– When beginning don’t focus on trying to focus on throwing the bag through the hole every time. Instead focus on just tossing the bags on the platform and letting it slide through the hole or scoring points from a “Corn In The Count.”

– Learn to master the 4 essential shots.  The “Slider” is when you land the bag on the front of the board about six inches from the hole and let it slide through.  The “Blocker” is when you land the bag in front of the hole to prevent your opponent from using the “Slider.” The “Push” is using your bag to either knock your opponents bag out of the way or to nudge a previous toss on the platform through the hole. The final and hardest shot to master is the “Cornhole.” This is when you toss your bag straight through the hole.

Origins of Cornhole

There are many theories on the origin of Cornhole.  Some people say the game originated way back in the 14th century in Germany. Others say the game was created when the Blackhawk Indian Tribe of Illinois filled up animals skins with dried corn and tossed them around. Some theories even point to a Kentucky farmer making a game out of throwing dried corn cobs into a trash can in the 1800’s. No matter who invented it, the game today is one of the most popular and exciting outdoor activities for people of all ages!

You should now be equipped with all the information you need to know how to play cornhole. Make sure you check out our list of best cornhole board wraps.