18 Ways to Keep Your Party Entertained

Nobody wants to gain a reputation for throwing boring parties. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep a large group happy and lively.

Your entertainment can be as simple as throwing a show or video game up on the TV, as juicy as a great question game, or as sneaky as trying to subtly place a sticky note on someone else’s back. 

Carry on for 18 great ideas to keep your party entertained!

Question Games

A memorable party always has a little drama, or maybe even adventure. Question games such as truth or dare, never have I ever, or deep or spicy are age-old and have a knack for getting outside comfort zones, bonding a group, and revealing everyone’s secrets.

Some creative question games that you might not have heard of before can be found here on DontQuitDating.com: Question Games to Reveal Everyone’s Secrets.


This easy, fun learning platform can make great entertainment for a party. There is a Kahoot out there for every genre – so whether you like dinosaurs, pop culture, or sports, everyone will love the chance to compete their knowledge.

For a more personal take on the game, you could invite everyone to make Kahoots about their love lives, or just general trivia about their lives, and have everyone compete to see who knows each other the best. Even better, assign everyone another person in the room to make a Kahoot for.

Jackbox Games

Jackbox games are similar to Kahoot in that everyone can log in and play from their phones. The games are interactive, funny, and easy to play.

For example, one particular Jackbox game called “Quiplash” gives every player a prompt to comment on (like, “Something you can say both at a funeral and on the toilet”). Then, all players vote on the best/funniest answer.

Although jackbox games cost money initially, like any board game or card game, you can use them for every get-together in the future.

Put Something on the TV

No matter the theme or vibe of your party, having something playing on the TV can do wonders to ease awkwardness. Those who don’t have someone to talk to won’t feel quite so out of place if they have something to watch.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie can make your crowd feel like they’re at a sold-out concert. A football game can bring out the competitive spirit of the party. Reality TV can spark conversations and feed the itch for drama. Or, just a fun movie is great, too.

Vision Boards

If you love to craft, a vision board table is an easy way to entertain guests and fuel interaction. Set aside a table with poster board, magazines, scissors, glue, and colored markers. Then, let everyone design how they may!


Simple, relaxed, and entertaining, cornhole requires very little maintenance and cleanup. Anyone can participate, but it takes practice to hone your skills, so this game is great for anyone and everyone.

You can even think up fun cornhole team names for an extra layer of competition!

Never played before? Here’s a simple tutorial: How to Play Cornhole: Rules, Tips, and Accessories.

Photo Corner

In today’s society, nothing really happens unless it gets posted on social media. People love to document their goings and doings, so a good rule of thumb is to make your event easy to document! Some lights, a little background, and even some cheesy props can make for great photos and a fun time.

Icebreaker Games

If you’ve ever visited our site before, you should already know that we are the king of icebreakers. Whether you’re looking for questions, activities, or games, we’ve got you covered. And your party people will have a blast with them.

Here’s a few resources to peruse:

5 Large Group Icebreakers

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11 Icebreakers for Teens


Not to eat, but to play. This game is a fun twist on hide-and-seek and great entertainment for groups.

To play, one person is designated the “hider” and everyone else a “seeker”. Everyone looks for the hider and, when found, becomes a hider themselves by squishing themselves in the hiding spot with all the rest of the seeker-turned-hiders. The last seeker to find the hiders is the loser and becomes the designated hider for the next round.


Light a fire in your backyard to create some warmth, opportunity to roast s’mores, and fun vibes. Similar to a movie or video game, it gives everyone something external to focus on, and also provides free space to talk.

Water Assassin

As long as everyone’s okay with getting wet, playing water assassin can be super fun. Tell everyone to bring a water gun and, at the beginning of the party, assign each person another person at the party to target. If your assassin sprays you in the ankle before the party’s over, you lose. Have prizes ready for everyone who doesn’t get sprayed.

Live Music

If you’re willing to put down some extra cash, hiring a band is a timeless way of entertaining your party guests. This encourages everyone to let loose, dance, sing along, and enjoy themselves.


Use a karaoke machine, or even just some YouTube instrumentals on the TV, to liven your party. Make sure you have a fun, outgoing group before trying this or else things will get unbearably awkward FAST.

To avoid the discomfort of soliciting a volunteer to sing karaoke, you might consider putting everyone’s name in a jar and picking a singer at random. Or, to add more drama, have everyone vote anonymously by writing a name down on a piece of paper.

Mario Kart

Everyone knows Mario Kart, and everyone think they’re the best at it. Challenge everyone’s pride by setting up some controllers and displaying the game on a projector. Even those who aren’t actively playing can join in on the fun by watching and cheering.

Blacklight Volleyball

All you need to make your party unforgettable is a volleyball net, ball, a few blacklights (which you can purchase on Amazon), and some fun glow-in-the-dark merch for guests. People will love this special twist to a classic game of volleyball.

Board Games or Dice Games

Set up some tables with various games on them and let people play how they want!

Fishbowl Game

The top article on our site is a Tutorial for the Fishbowl Game, and it’s not hard to see why! This game is engaging, adaptive, and great for parties. Here’s the link: How to Play the Fishbowl Game: Rules, Regulations, and Tips.

Nerf War

Leave Nerf Guns and bullets out for people to grab and get each other with. Just make sure everything breakable in your house is locked up in a safe place, because this will quickly have people jumping, running, and rolling.

Secret Sticky Note

Explain to everyone at the beginning of the party that you have a single sticky note, and, at some point, you’re going to subtly put it on someone’s back. Everyone must make sure to not get the sticky note on their back and, if they do, to pass it on to someone else. If your victim catches you in the act of sticking, you fail and must try someone else. Whoever ends up with the sticky note at the end of the party gets pied in the face.