The best ways to store Legos

How to store Legos to encourage play and minimize breakage

If you have an extensive selection of Legos, then the odds are that you have had a dilemma at one point or another on how to store your collection. And where you could just get a huge tub and throw everything into it, such a solution is counterproductive to the creative process and to the life of the toy. Try digging down into 2 feet of Legos to find that flat 3 dot connector and you will find that it is much like trying to find a penny in a ball pit. Here are a few storage suggestions which are bound to keep your Legos safe and your creativity flowing.

Sliding clear shelves

Perhaps one of the more simplistic ways of storing your Legos is in clear shelving units. Each container is dedicated to a specific color or style of block. By using the clear containers, you get a quick reference as to the location of the desired piece. The advantage of this system is that (ideally) the pieces can stay in the shelving area without having to take out the containers, pour the contents on the floor, and then sort through the pile to find a piece. The downside to this type of system is that the compartmentalization can get out of hand quickly resulting in a large space being taken up for storage.

If you decide to use a clear storage shelf for your Legos, it is recommended that you use a cabinet that has multiple size drawers such as the Akro-Mils craft cabinet. By utilizing the diverse sizes, base platforms and complete sets, such as the pirate ship or castle sets, can be stored on the bottom while smaller components such 1 by 1 red blocks, can be stored in one of the upper containers.

Lego Storage Block Bins

If you really want to capture the creativity and the visuals that Legos can provide, the Lego Storage Brick Bins are the way to go. Modeled to resemble and stack like the regular Lego, the bins come in the sizes and shapes of their smaller counterparts. This allows for a direct correlation between the block and the contents inside. Additionally, the ability to stack and shape these bins allows the owner to be creative with the actual storage. It is not limited to the traditional square storage unit. Plus, you can purchase the blocks that you need and omit those that you do not require. Customization is a big selling point for this product. In most cases the Lego Storage Brick is sold individually. However, they are not excessively priced (each one averages about $20). Only those which have a very large collection would need to purchase a great deal of the blocks.

Stackable Base Plate Tower

The stackable base plate tower is not like the standard storage. Where the other units are ideal for breaking down a project and putting the pieces where they need to go, the Stackable Base Plate Towers are more ideal for ongoing projects. Instead of having to take apart that creation that you just spent 5 hours creating, the Legos can be mounted to the base plate for another day. Because it is a Lego base, the connectivity discourages movement and the project falling and breaking on the floor.

Creatively speaking, the Stackable Plate tower allows for certain colors to be stacked on certain layers (as you can buy separate base plates and colors to customize your tower). Additionally, since the Plate tower is Lego based, you could branch off of the tower with your own baseplates and supports to create a unique visual storage space.

Other Storage Options

Those which are not concerned with seeing their Legos or with separating the colors out of their logos, but rather just need something that can hold the collection may want to look at the Lego Head Storage container which is modeled after the iconic Lego figure’s head. Yet, if you are going to go this route, I would suggest that you use a storage container that is both functional and diverse. The Tot Tutors Storage Bins works as a storage container.

Get creative

There are several options available for storing your Legos. You need to identify your space needs, the level of creativity that you want to have implemented into the storage device, and the cost. Do not be hindered in your creativity either. Just because a product is labeled for another purpose (such as a large tackle box) does not mean that you cannot use it for your purposes. So get creative, grab your Lego blocks, and get started.