Fundraisers For Schools, Churches & Organizations

Art Contest/Exhibit:

Have the students that would like to participate start making a work of art that could be exhibited. Set up a date for them to be finished (no more than three weeks time). Select a jury that is from the community that would be responsible in choosing 10 – 20 top finalists for the last phase of the contest. Those art finalists will have their work on display in school for about 2-4 days.

If at all possible try to schedule the last day at the same time as the schools open house or conference time when adults/parents will have the opportunity to view and also vote. While on display, the students’ parents and faculty will vote on their favorite exhibit by depositing money into a locked box that contains numbered slots that coincide with the numbered exhibits.

You can also display the exhibits that didn’t make the final cut somewhere separately. The top exhibits could receive a percentage of their personal votes. Maybe 50% for the top voted exhibit, then 30% for 2nd and 10% for third place, or possibly any other idea that would work out best. You could also choose awards for various topics you deem appropriate. Hopefully this will create a new source of revenue for the arts department and many gifted artists will receive the exposure and recognition for their talents and abilities.

Created by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic, Inc.


Get your schools basketball team for this event. Get pledges for foul shots, 3-point shots and half courts (for the higher grades) shoot 10 foul shots, 10 3-point shots and 5 half court (older kids)

Submitted by PJ Gailor – Cortland Alternative High School, Cortland, NY

Bake Sales:

They still work! The fourth graders in our school go to camp every year supported by these events.

Betty Crocker/Campbell Soup Points Collection:

Throughout the school year you can collect Betty Crocker/Campbell Soup points and the school can benefit from this collection. This can be repeated year after year. Send out a list of all the items that contain Betty Crocker/Campbell Soup points to the parents through a flyer sent home or in a monthly community newsletter. You’ll want to have someone in charge of clipping the cut out points down to the correct size and tallying the points. Make sure you pay attention to the expiration date because they are only valid for a period of time. Cash the points in once or twice a year and you’ll receive items that will be helpful for your school.


Find a way to have calendars printed up at a reasonable price. Sell the dates of the calendars for $5 – $25 dollars. People can pay for their birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events. Set up sections for businesses to advertise in the calendar and determine advertising fees. You may want to limit how many names can be on one date. You could have names printed in light florescent colors so that calendars can still be written on for personal scheduling. Once you have collected enough money to cover the printing cost and make a profit, have them printed. Also take orders ahead of time for this calendar and charge an appropriate amount. You can have contests to design each months picture or use other ideas that you come up with.

Car Wash:

This is a fun activity to do even for the smallest groups. Ask permission at your local gas station and bring your own hose and buckets, it even draws attention to their business. Charge anywhere from 3-5 dollars. This draws in the same amount of money that a bake sale would.

Submitted by Susan Jones, President of Luzerne County Community college Circle K Club


It takes a lot of volunteers to pull this off but once set up, you can successfully have this be your annual money making event. You can sell food items like hot dogs, pop, popcorn, chips, cotton candy and even the walking taco is a hit. What is a walking taco? Buy in bulk, small bags of Fritos or Doritos. Cook up hamburger with taco seasoning. Fun-Attic Carnival GamesCut up lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. Once you have the supplies, you just put a couple spoons of warm taco meat into a small bag of chips along with additional items and you have a walking taco. You can even have a table where walking taco p_rolltoscore_100customers can add the additional items, once you have added the meat. See the Carnival Games page for carnival game ideas. You can also have facing painting and another popular activity is button making, if you have a button assembler. Kids draw a design or write their name on small circles of paper and then they have a cool self designed button to wear. The carnival that we do has a two-ticket system. One ticket is purchased which is used to play the games or buy food. The other ticket, which is a different color, is used for winning a game. Players will earn these tickets through out the day and then once they’re ready to leave, they cash in their tickets for prizes. One room is designated for this purpose. Prizes can be pencils, erasers, donated items, small safe toys, up to large items for higher accumulated tickets. Prizes can be purchased in bulk and stored until the next carnival.

Coin Challenge:

The Coin Challenge works great in a school setting where classrooms can compete against each other. Have a set time table as to how long you will be collecting the loose change such as 3-4 weeks. You can limit the collection to nickels and up if you choose to. Send out flyers for all the kids to take home and if you have a monthly school newsletter that goes to the community, advertise the event so that you’ll get better results. At the end of each week, post a running total so that each classroom knows the current standings. This will make for a stronger competition. The classroom that collects the most change might get an ice cream social or pizza party. The money can go towards needed school expenses or you can donate the money to a local or national charity that means the most to the community.

Accountant Seattle

Created by R. Scheel, Fun-Attic, Inc.

Cow Patty:

Seek approval to allow a cow to come onto a protected gym floor or set up a staked out field area. Find a farmer willing to bring in a calf or calm cow to your event. Once you’ve figured out where the event will take place, sell squares for the area that the cow will be contained in. You can use large cardboard boxes-flatten, tape together that are number. In a field you could use line chalk or some type of safe quick-drying spray paint to mark off squares and number each square. Sell the marked off squares for a set dollar amount. You could even let people pick their own lucky squares. If there were more than one person on a winning square, the money allotted for the winner would be split among the owners of that square. And what does it take to be the winner this event? The first person that receives a fresh cow patty from Betsy is the winner.

Cow Poke Buffet & Auction: Get donations of food items from local grocery stores for volunteer cooks to prepare into dinners for an All-you-can-eat Country Cooking Buffet. To get a headcount, we sold tickets in advance for $7/$5 each. After the buffet we held an auction of the free donations from local merchants such as free oil changes, gifts, dry cleaning, meals, motel stay, golf packages and more. Pastor was our auctioneer. Attendees dressed in western or country attire. Prizes were given to ‘best dressed’ male and female adult and child. Dinner lasted for about three hours; our profit totaled $1800/2000 with approx 100 in attendance. This was our third year of the Cow Poke fundraiser; each year yields more profit.

Accountant Philadelphia

Submitted by Robyn Morgan

Craft Sales: They still work! Provide a food and drink service. Cutie Pie:

(Great for the work place!) We asked our employees to bring in their baby pictures and then color copied them onto photo paper. We had children make Valentine School Fundraiser Ideaspockets to put the pictures on (like they do in school). For 10 days before Valentine’s Day, we displayed the pictures in the hall at work and asked the employees to vote for the cutest baby by dropping money in the folders. We encouraged change, bills & checks.ostrich We raised $320! The top boy & girl won a gift certificate to go out to eat. We also added an additional contest of guessing who the babies were. We put the participants names all over the display but not in any order. This gave them recognition for participating. To vote, they filled out a sheet guessing who each one was and dropped it into a Valentine box with $1.00. The person who guessed the most correct names won 1/2 the money. It gave us all a good sense of reality that we were all little once. We had so much fun that we are thinking about doing it with Graduation pictures in June! It was fun and a great success.

You could donate the extra money to some type of Children’s Fund and for the Graduation picture idea donate the extra money to a High School Scholarship Fund.

Submitted by Barbara Claudel

Donated Children’s Clothes & Used Toys: Our church takes donations of infant clothing, baby equipment and toys, and then they have a sale once a year. The proceeds go to the nursery to buy supplies and new infant equipment. Check with radio stations, they will quite often advertise your event for free if it’s a non-profit organization.

Submitted by Robyn Morgan – St. Marys, GA

Doorway Sponsor:

Contact area businesses to be sponsors of a classroom doorway. Set a dollar amount for sponsorship of $50-$200. Each sponsor will have their name across the doorway of the sponsored room and the walls decorated to depict that business. Use different colors of construction paper to simulate the company logo or color theme. The best time to do this is before and during student conferences to ensure the most exposure for the advertiser. You could even offer the sponsor to be added to the next month school newsletter as an added benefit and a way of thanking sponsors. Great way for students to learn about their neighborhood and to become familiar with it.

Fun-Attic has many wonderful carnival game ideas that can be purchased and used year after year. Many of these games have the twist-n-fold feature for easy storage and can be used for indoor recess, youth groups, or parties as well. See all these great new games on our products pages /products.htm

Remember – The object is for everyone to have fun. The moderator is the all-powerful dictator. You may at any time change the rules or boundaries or handicap players to help balance out the wide spectrum of abilities. We want the tentative athlete and the superjock to play together at the best of their abilities.

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