Here’s an idea for point systems or winners of carnival games. You can award small individual pieces of candy or tickets if they accomplish a game. At our carnival special tickets are given if they win a game. Later they go to a prize room to cash in all there tickets. Only prize tickets are good in the prize room, not game tickets.

Balloon Dart Game

Required: Balloons, thin sheet of plywood, tacks and darts

Find volunteers to blow up several large bags of balloons. Set up a board on which you will attach blown up balloons with tacks or stapler. Fun Gripper Roll-To-Score GameYou should consider having cardboard angled off for walls and cardboard on the floor on play area, to prevent wild throws from damaging the room. The throwing area should be about 10-12 feet from the board depending on the age and ability of participants. So different throwing areas are a good idea. You can choose to allow 2-3 three throws depending on your system for awarding this game. Be very careful not to allow anyone to throw while someone retrieves thrown darts or replaces broken balloons.

Baseball Strike Zone

Required: Plywood painted baseball game board, Fun Gripper Baseballs

For serious ball throwers you can have something set up for them but for those little ones you might want to set up a game for them as well. Fun Gripper BaseballsMake a baseball strike zone that will stand up. This can be made out of cardboard or plywood. Paint a background of a ball field and in the middle have a cut out where the ball thrower is to throw the ball threw. Awards can be based on how many out of three of their throws make it through the hole.

Black Hole Bean Bag Toss

Required: 5″ Beanbags

Take a piece of plywood or foam board and cut a hole in it. You’ll need one package of 5″ beanbags that you can find on our site. Paint the cutout into some type of theme, animals, circus, an adventure or some type of science. One fun theme you can use is planets and spaceships. You can add black lights to the room with neon figures hanging from the ceiling. Try adding a tape or CD playing in the background with space sounds or music that involves space. The more added touches to each room the more interesting your carnival will be. Each player will be given 3 beanbags to throw through the black hole, if they get all three they win.

Bowling Game

Required: Marked off area, Fun Gripper Bowling Set

Fun Gripper Bowling SetMark off an area where players will be rolling the ball. Set up the pins about ten to twelve feet away. Players that get a strike are the winners.

Bucket Bonanza

Required: Large coffee cans or small buckets (5-6), screws, 6-8ft board, ping-pong balls, and paint if desired

Attach empty coffee cans about 8-10 inches evenly apart on narrow board. They can be attached by running a short screw through the can into the board. The object of this game is to toss a ping-pong ball in each can one at a time without missing. You can choose different locations for a player to toss from, depending on players’ ability. You can number and paint cans different colors prior to assembly. (Note: If you use cans be sure to take a hammer to around all the cut opened edges. Pounding down the sharp edges will prevent anyone from getting cut while reaching into take out a ball. You can also apply thick tape around the cut edge for additional protection.)

Cake Walk

Required: Donated bake goods, tape for floor, music and box of numbered tickets
Players: One for each square in the circle (usually 12 to 18)

Fun Gripper Flyer GolfMark off on the walk area a circle with numbered squares and have corresponding tickets
numbered. Fun Gripper Flyer Golf GamePlayers are to start out standing on a square that is numbered, one person per square. Start playing music and when you it stops players should end up on a numbered square. Once everyone has a number to stand on, pull out a numbered ticket. The player standing on the corresponding number wins a baked goody. This is a very popular game so make sure that you have a lot of numbered squares. If no one is standing on one of the numbers pulled, pull out another number until someone wins.

Finger Nail Painting

Required: Nail polish, cotton swabs, nail polish remover

Set up a table to paint fingernails. Purchase cotton swabs, nail polish and nail polish remover (maybe from the dollar store). Charge a fee for those that would like to have their fingernails done. Don’t forget to pick up white nail polish for those that would like French tipped nails.

Floating Duck or Boat (Game of the Month 4/07)

Required: Nail polish, cotton swabs, nail polish remover

Find a floating item that is cheap and small, possible at a dollar store and get about 15 -20 of them. Mark on the bottom of a few of them your award system. Fill a small wading pool or washtub and place them in. They get one try to pull out an object that is marked. Kids love water!! Lay down plastic if this is done inside or in a classroom.

Great products for carnival prizes!

Golf Zone

Required: Plywood painted scenery board, Fun Gripper Golf Set

Make a putting background that will stand up. This can be made out of cardboard or
plywood. Fun Gripper Golf SetThen paint a fun background on it. Cut one or more holes at the bottom for the players to putt through. The holes can be different sizes for different age levels or prize awards. Players will stand at a marked off line to putt. Awards can be based on which hole the ball goes in. You can even have an area that will ring bells or blow a horn. You’ll probably want to have someone behind the board to return the golf balls.

Fun-Attic has many wonderful carnival game ideas that can be purchased and used year after year. Many of these games have the twist-n-fold feature for easy storage and can be used for indoor recess, youth groups, or parties as well. See all these great new games on our products pages /products.htm..

Remember – The object is for everyone to have fun. The moderator is the all-powerful dictator. You may at any time change the rules or boundaries or handicap players to help balance out the wide spectrum of abilities. We want the tentative athlete and the superjock to play together at the best of their abilities.

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