Multiplication is a fundamental arithmetic skill, yet even kids and adults can struggle with it. Third grade marks the beginning of learning more advanced math, including multiplication. While various tips and tricks can make learning easier, fun games are often the best way to reinforce the skill.

These six multiplication board games provide an excellent opportunity for children to practice their multiplication tables and improve their multiplication skills. They also offer a great way for families to learn and work together on sharpening their number skills. These games are not only fun but also help with memorizing multiplication facts and improving speed and accuracy in solving multiplication problems.

Multiplication is a key component in mathematics and an essential skill for students to master. It is important for students to be able to quickly recall multiplication facts and apply them to real-world situations. These games can also be a fun and engaging way for kids to develop an understanding of multiplication and its importance in their daily lives. By playing these games regularly, kids will have more confidence in their multiplication skills and be able to solve problems faster and with greater accuracy.

In conclusion, multiplication board games are a fun and effective way for kids and adults to practice and reinforce their multiplication skills. By playing these games, kids can learn and memorize multiplication facts, improve their speed and accuracy, and develop a deeper understanding of the importance of multiplication in their daily lives.

Say Cheese

LogicRoots SAY Cheese – Math Board Game for Kids to Master…

  • FUN GAME PLAY: Multiplication practice becomes cheesy and fun with this amazing fun for kids of all ages. Great tool to…
  • MATH PRACTICE: Converts family time in to a time to bond over math. Lots of fun where kids actually apply math to win…
  • LIFE SKILLS: Builds 4 Key skills – Communication competence , Memorization , Hand eye coordination

This game is designed for children ages 8 (2nd grade) and up. This award-winning game helps children (and adults) practice their multiplication tables and factor recognition. The game description claims to help with retention of times tables and to reinforce common core math skills. The most useful skills in this game are quick thinking and multiplication knowledge. The faster your child can use their multiplication skills, the more cheese wheels they’ll receive!

Super Genius Multiplication

Blue Orange Super Genius – Multiplication 1

  • Super Genius is an educational matching game developed hand-in-hand with teachers.
  • Multiplication 1 prepares students for more complicated math skills.
  • Teaches multiplication tables, works on visual perception and processing speed.

This particular game is geared toward younger students learning about multiplication. The game comes in two parts – Multiplication 1 and Multiplication 2, allowing you to play the version that best matches your child’s current skills. Children can play this game alone or with up to six players and there are up to five ways to play to combat boredom. Very similar to flashcards, your child can practice matching cards while simultaneously practicing recognition of factors and equations. A great tool to keep your child’s multiplication skills sharp during the summer break!

Bumper Car Math

While practicing math and problem solving, the goal of this board game is to capture the cluster of bumper cars and buses – to score as many points as possible. Children will not realize the skills that they are using while playing this game since it’s so fun! Created for grades 3-6, players are using mental math skills to practice their multiplication tables up to multiples of 9. You and your child can also practice division while racking up the cars and buses! This easy to play game is designed for 2-4 players, making it another great family learning opportunity.

Multiplication & Division Bingo

Multiplication & Division Bingo Game

  • Master fact families with options for differentiating with multiplication or division
  • Fun for large or small group use
  • Set includes: 36 playing cards, over 700 chips, caller’s mat and cards, and a sturdy storage box

Who doesn’t like Bingo? Even Grandma and Grandpa play Bingo! This particular take on the popular game can be played so many ways – fill the whole card, fill a row or column, four corners, etc. This is a simple board game that can be played with a few players or up to 36 – making this a great game option for families, small groups, and even classrooms. This would be a great way to meet some learning goals inside of a classroom. Since this game can be played with a focus on multiplication or division, there are great chances to work on multiplication table memorization and finding factor families each time Bingo is played.

Flip 4

Solve & Match Math Practice Pages

  • Challenging and engaging
  • Great for polishing simple math skills
  • Self-checking format provides immediate feedback

This comprehensive set of worksheets is designed to challenge and engage students as they practice essential math skills. The worksheets cover topics such as addition, subtraction, time, money, measurement, and more. The self-checking format provides immediate feedback, helping students to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. Ideal for homework assignments, independent study, or any other time, this collection is suitable for students in Grades 2-3. The simple and user-friendly format makes it a valuable tool for teachers and parents alike.


PLYT Family Board Game – Numbers Game That’s Competitive, Challenging,…

  • Fun family numbers game that children from aged 4+ and adults can enjoy together
  • PROVEN to help improve confidence with numbers and maths by independent research
  • Super flexible for all ages and abilities – and there are lots of video tips on the plyt website to help you – plus…

PLYT is a unique game that can be played by all ages 4 and up! This is another award-winning game that uses numbers and increases math knowledge by up to 27 percent, according to game description on Amazon. Endorsed by National Numeracy, this game has rules and limits that are adaptable to however you want to play. Your family could choose to play for fifteen minutes or an hour – that’s entirely up to you! This game combines addition, times tables, and multiplying up to six dice at a time – which could be challenging even to adults who are very proficient in math.

Multiplication, as an elementary arithmetic skill, can be tricky for both kids and adults. Third grade marks the start of learning advanced math, including multiplication. Reinforcing this skill through practice is crucial for children to retain the information learned in school.

Playing math board games can provide the perfect opportunity for kids to practice their multiplication tables and improve their arithmetic skills. It also creates an opportunity for parents and teachers to assess the child’s understanding of the material. The added bonus of playing these games as a family reinforces learning at home and helps kids to understand the real-world application of multiplication.

Additionally, playing math-related games can also be a fun way for adults to brush up on their own arithmetic skills. So, why not try a new multiplication game with your kids and improve your own math skills while you’re at it!

In conclusion, practicing multiplication through games is a fun and effective way to reinforce the arithmetic skills of both kids and adults. Try incorporating a new multiplication game into your routine to help your child retain the information learned in school and to improve your own arithmetic skills.

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