5 Fun Obstacle Course Bounce Houses

Bounce houses have come a long way in recent years.  They now have elaborate designs with slides, obstacle courses, tunnels, splash pools, and even basketball hoops!   Kids can do much more than simply bounce up and down — they will have years of fun inventing new games to play inside their feature-packed bounce house.

Bounce houses are available in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes.  You can find the perfect bounce house to suit your back yard and the types of games that your children enjoy playing.  This article will list the reasons why you should buy a bounce house, provide some information for choosing the right one, then highlight 5 of the best obstacle course bounce houses on the market!

Why buy an obstacle bounce house?

Some of the best reasons to buy an obstacle course bounce house include:

Obstacle course bounce houses are the ultimate party activity!

An obstacle course bounce house can provide hours of entertainment for your children and their friends.  If your home is often the location for children’s parties or family get-togethers, the bounce house will regularly be in use and be a highlight for visitors.  Your children’s friends will love coming over and spending time playing in your bounce house — your children will be the most popular kids on the block!

An obstacle bounce house has many activities on offer

Modern bounce houses are designed like activity centres and have many games to play.  In addition to bouncing around, children can have races through the bounce house, use the slides, use the pillars like punching bags, hang off the ceiling, playing in a ball pit, set up the bounce house like a stage to perform a concert, add a sprinkler to cool off and much more.

Bounce houses are great for exhausting your kids!

Do you have some very energetic children who are constantly running around at 100 miles per hour?  If you buy an obstacle course bounce house, they will have hours of fun while expending their seemingly boundless energy.  That means you get to enjoy some peace-and-quiet while watching them happily exhaust themselves.

You can reposition and store your bounce house very easily

Unlike bulky swing sets and play houses that constantly take up room in your back yard, you can deflate the bounce house to make more room in your yard.  This is handy if you want to have a party in the back yard or the bounce house is only used in the summer months.  You can deflate it and pack it up very easily.  It is also simple to move a bounce house around the back yard.

A very cheap form of entertainment

An obstacle course bounce house will provide your children with hours of entertainment over many years.  They provide excellent value-for-money!

They keep your kids fit!

Your kids will be very active when they are playing on the bounce house, which helps them stay fit.  Playing on a bounce house is a much better past time than being glued to a television screen or spending hours on the Internet.

Tips for buying an obstacle bounce house

Buying an obstacle course bounce house can be quite confusing because there are so many choices on offer.  The build quality, size, durability and value-for-money of different bounce houses varies greatly.  Here are some important bounce house buying tips:

Buy a bounce house that is the right size for your backyard

Before you start comparing bounce houses, it is important to determine how much room you have in your back yard.  If you intend on keeping the bounce house inflated for long periods, you will need enough room to walk around the bounce house and perform tasks like mowing or trimming the hedges.  Be aware that some obstacle course bounce houses can be quite tall, so think about the height as well — are there trees that may get in the way?

Is it a residential bounce house or a commercial bounce house?

Obstacle course bounce houses are separated into two categories — residential units and commercial units.  A residential bounce house is designed for home use and will typically have a maximum capacity of between 4-6 children who weigh less than 100 pounds each.  A commercial unit is designed to be much tougher and is suitable for use by adults.

If you only expect children to use the bounce house, a residential unit is usually fine.  However, if you want a large bounce house that you can take to special events and is usable by adults, consider purchasing a commercial bounce house.  There is a significant price difference, but a commercial unit is very durable and quite useful if you have a lot of children’s parties or special events.

Is the bounce house as big as you think?

It is important to be diligent when comparing the sizes of bounce houses.  Some manufacturers will misrepresent the height or width of their product to make it seem larger than it is.  For example, they may place ornaments on top of the bounce house so they can list the bounce house as being higher than it really is.  If you are unsure, contact the manufacturer or retailer for specific details on the height and width of the product.

Double check the weight

If you intend on regularly moving the bounce house, double check its weight.  Some manufacturers don’t mention the weight of the bounce house accurately in an attempt to make consumers think it is lighter.  They will often separate the weight of components in the bounce house.

Get a bounce house with a good warranty

Make sure you understand the warranty before purchasing a bounce house.  Many residential bounce houses have restrictions on how you can use the product — using it at a commercial event may void the warranty.  Also make sure the blower has a good warranty, because they can be prone to breakage.

Double check the slide stoppage area

If the bounce house has a slide, check the length of the slide stoppage area.  It is the component at the bottom of the slide, where children stop after their feet hit the ground.  Some manufacturers make this section quite short to save money on materials.  The problem with having a short slide stoppage area is that passengers come to a very abrupt stop — increasing the risk of an accident.

Check the country of manufacture, materials and craftsmanship

The durability and build quality of an obstacle course bounce house is important.  After all, it will have many screaming kids frantically bouncing on it — it needs to be tough!  While some Chinese companies are producing quality bounce houses, there are also many dud products being made in China.  Consider buying from an American company to make sure the product is of a high standard.

Also, take a look at the craftsmanship that the manufacturers have put into the bounce house.  Does it use a high-quality material like PVC tarpaulin or woven oxford cloth?  Does it feature double or triple stitching?  Does the blower continuously add air to the house (allowing it to stay inflated as long as necessary)?

Ask the kids what kinds of games they want to play

It is important to buy an obstacle course bounce house that offers the kinds of activities that your children enjoy.  Do they like singing and dancing?  Consider buying an obstacle bounce house that doubles as a stage.  Do they like boxing?  Buy a bounce house with pillars to punch.  Is the weather warm where you live?  Buy a bounce house with a splash pool!  Some of the features that are available include:

  • Slides
  • Tunnels
  • Obstacles
  • Climbing walls
  • Splash pools
  • Water features (sprinklers, hoses)

Consider safety

Bounce houses are safe environments for children to play in.  However, if you have very young children, avoid purchasing a bounce house with a high bounce floor or tall slide.  You can also consider purchasing a bounce house that has strong mesh or vinyl walls to reduce the risk of a little one toppling over the edge.

5 of The Best Obstacle Course Bounce Houses

Here are a few of the best obstacle course bounce houses currently on the market.  They can provide years of fun for your children and their friends!

Inflatable Obstacle Pro-Racer Bounce House

1Manufacturer: Bounceland

Price: $

Size: 19’ L x 9’ W x 7’ H

Features: Tunnels, slide, pillars

This is a well-constructed obstacle bounce house featuring heavy-duty puncture-proof materials and double to quadruple stitches.  It is an excellent choice for households with small children because it is lower to the ground than many other bounce houses.

The obstacle course is set up to allow two children to race one another.  They crawl through tunnels, hang off a beam, run between pillars then fly down a slide.  The powerful 0.7 HP UL blower can inflate the bounce house in less than a minute, which makes it a great choice if you need to transport it to parties or move it around the yard.  The blower has a long fill hose, so you can safely secure the mechanical components well away from the bounce house.

This bounce house has 9” ground stakes to firmly secure it into the ground and comes with a large carry bag.  Up to 4 children weighing up to 100 pounds each can use this bounce house simultaneously.

Ultimate Combo Bounce House

2Manufacturer: Bounceland

Price: $

Size: 12’ L x 9’ W x 7’ H

Features: Huge slide, pillars, secure bounce area, ball pit, basketball hoop

This bounce house is perfect for kids who love going down slides!  The Ultimate Combo Bounce House features a massive curved slide with a long landing pad and high rails for safety.

This bounce house is made from PVC coated Terylene/Laminated Oxford Terylene, with mesh segments surrounding the main bounce area.  The Ultimate Combo Bounce house comes with 30 plastic balls, a basketball hoop, a UL certified blower, repair kit and carry bag.

Inflatable HQ Commercial Grade Bounce House Castle Kingdom Jumper Slide

3Manufacturer: Inflatable HQ

Price: $$$

Size: 16.5 L x 16’ W x 15’ H

Features: Castle design, slide, pillars, huge secure bounce area, climbing wall

This is one of the largest and most durable residential obstacle course bounce houses on the market!  It features a large bounce area with mesh windows and two seperate ramps — a small one for the toddlers and a large one for the bigger kids.

It is constructed from high-quality 100% PVC vinyl and is capable of holding up to 8 children, weighing up to 100 pounds each.   The super-thick PVC, heavy-duty stitching and reinforced stress points ensure that this bounce house will deliver many years of fun.

Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer

4Manufacturer: Bounceland

Price: $

Size: 15’ L x 13’ W x 8.3’ H

Features: Stage area, 7ft slide, basketball hoop, secure bounce area

This is a fantastic bounce house for children who like to put on a show!  In addition to features a large bounce floor, slide and basketball hoop, it can be used as a stage.  The kids could have some fun acting out movies, singing songs and much more.  The bounce floor is toddler friendly, with mesh windows and a closable velcro opening.

Yard Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer Obstacle Course Super Combo


Price: $$

Size: 21.5’ L x 9.3’ W x 7.9 H

Features: Tunnels, slide, pillars, climbing wall

This is a large obstacle bounce castle that is set up for races!  It starts with two tunnels that go into the bounce area, onto a climbing wall then finally down the slide.  The bouncing floor and slide surface are made from commercial grade PVC that is guaranteed to deliver years of fun.

The YARD inflatable bounce house includes ground stakes, a powerful blower and extra long blower fill hose.  Being a larger bounce house, it has a bigger capacity and is capable of accomodating up to 8 children.

So what are you waiting for?  Buy your kids a quality obstacle course bounce house and watch them have the time of their lives! Make sure you check out our adult obstacle course ideas as well.