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12 Cheap Outdoor Games But Exciting Ideas For Kids



Everyone loves a party. Especially an outdoor party. Looking for fun and affordable ways to spend time outdoors with family and friends? You don’t need to break the bank on fancy equipment or activities to have a great time. In fact, some of the most enjoyable and engaging outdoor games require little more than a ball, some space, and a bit of creativity. In this article, we’ll explore 12 cheap outdoor family-friendly games that will provide hours of fun and entertainment. Whether you’re planning a backyard BBQ, a picnic in the park, or just a day outside, these games are easy to set up, require minimal equipment, and offer numerous physical and mental health benefits. So get ready to unleash your competitive side and have some fun in the great outdoors!

Unfortunately, many people think outdoor parties are expensive – and that’s just not true. Here are some ideas for a memorable outdoor party. The ultimate list of cheap outdoor party games for the family to enjoy.

12 Cheap Outdoor Games

Backyard Badminton

Badminton is a simple game that doesn’t need a lot of space. Backyard badminton is a game that requires a net, racquets, and a shuttlecock. The game aims to hit the shuttlecock over the net and onto the opponent’s side of the court without them returning it. The game utilizes two or four players and is enjoyable for people of all skill levels. Backyard badminton is a fun and easy way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a game similar to traditional golf, but instead of using a ball and clubs, players use a frisbee or disc to throw at targets such as baskets or poles. The game aims to complete the course with the fewest throws possible. Players take turns throwing the frisbee from a particular starting point and continue to throw until the disc lands in the target. Frisbee golf is a fun and low-cost activity for people of all ages and skill levels.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a game where participants are given a list of items to find, often hidden in an area, such as a park, neighborhood, or house. The goal of the game is to find all the items on the list within a specific time frame. Scavenger hunts are for individuals or teams and are custom to suit the age and interests of the participants. The items on the list can range from common objects like leaves or rocks to more specific items like a red feather or a toy car. Scavenger hunts can be a fun way to explore the outdoors, promote teamwork, and develop problem-solving skills.


Horseshoes is a classic outdoor game that involves throwing horseshoes at stakes set in the ground. The objective of the game is to throw the horseshoe in a way that it lands as close as possible to the stake or even encircle it. Players take turns throwing their horseshoes from a certain distance and score points depending on how close they get to the stake. The game requires one player or teams of two. The winner is the player or team with the most points at the end of the game. Horseshoes is a fun and easy game to play and create an enjoyable environment for people of all ages and skill levels.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is a series of challenges or obstacles that participants must navigate through. The obstacles can be anything from hurdles, cones, tunnels, balance beams, ropes, and more. The goal of the obstacle course is to complete it in the shortest amount of time possible. The course can be set up indoors or outdoors and can be entertaining for various ages. Obstacle courses can be individual or team-based. They are a fun and exciting way to improve coordination, balance, and agility and to promote teamwork and friendly competition. Obstacle courses are custom to suit different themes. Such as a ninja warrior course, a military-style boot camp, or a fun and colorful obstacle course for children.

Miniature Golf

You don’t have to spend a fortune on this game. It only requires a cheap set of plastic golf clubs and golf balls. The good thing about miniature golf is that you can make a lot of variations of the game.

Miniature golf is on a small course, usually made up of 9 or 18 holes. Along with obstacles such as windmills, water features, and other challenges that make the game more interesting. The game aims to hit a small ball into a series of holes in as few strokes as possible. Players use a putter to hit the ball, which is usually made of plastic or rubber. The course will be challenging yet fun for all ages and skill levels. Miniature golf can be played individually or in groups and is a popular activity for families, friends, and couples.

Backyard Volleyball

All you need for this fabulous game is a ball and a net. If you don’t have a net, don’t worry, you can improvise by using a piece of rope. You can play singles, doubles, or any number to suit the party. Backyard volleyball is a fun and active game. You can play in any flat, level area with enough space for a regulation-size court. Players go into two teams, and the game begins with a serve over the net.

The teams rally the ball back and forth over the net. Each team has three touches to get the ball over. Points come when the ball lands in the opponent’s court or when the opponent makes an error. The game continues until one team reaches the predetermined number of points or wins the set or match. The game can differ depending on skill levels by adjusting the net’s height or the game’s rules. It is a fun and social way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Remember to have fun and stay safe while playing backyard volleyball.

Balloon Darts

An easy-to-set game but very exciting to play, balloon darts will definitely make your party a blast. Balloon darts involve throwing darts at balloons attached to a board or wall. The game aims to pop as many balloons as possible by throwing darts at them. You can play Balloon darts individually or in teams. The game can be indoors or outdoors and differ to suit different themes, such as a carnival game or a birthday party activity. Balloon darts is a fun and safe game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and is a great way to promote hand-eye coordination and accuracy.


Lawn Twister

Lawn Twister is a fun and exciting outdoor game that is a variation of the classic game of Twister. The game is played by laying out a large plastic mat on the lawn with a grid of colored circles. Players take turns spinning a wheel or calling out instructions that specify which body part and color to place on the corresponding circle. The game gets more challenging as players try to balance their weight and avoid falling over while holding their positions. Lawn Twister is a game that all ages can play and is a great way to promote physical activity and social interaction. You can play at family gatherings, picnics, and other outdoor events and customize it to suit different themes and skill levels. Lawn Twister is a fun and entertaining way to get outside and enjoy fresh air and exercise.

Water Balloon Toss

Water balloon toss is a fun and refreshing outdoor game utilizing water-filled balloons. The game requires partners to stand a few feet apart, tossing a water balloon back and forth, and taking a step back after each successful catch. The game continues until one of the balloons breaks, and the team with the last unbroken balloon wins. Water balloon toss is a popular summer activity, especially for kids and families, as it provides a fun and fantastic way to beat the heat. It can be in a backyard, park, or open outdoor space. Water balloon toss can also be adapted to suit different ages and skill levels. Variations such as a water balloon relay or a water balloon fight can be added to make the game more challenging and exciting.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag involves two teams competing to capture the other team’s flag and return it to their own territory. The game utilizes a large field or open area, and a dividing line or neutral territory usually separates the two teams. Each team has an area where they hide their flag. The game’s objective is to successfully infiltrate the other team’s territory, capture their flag, and return it to their own territory without being caught by the opposing team. Players can get out of the game by being tagged by an opposing team member while they are in enemy territory, and the game ends when one team successfully captures the other team’s flag. Capture the Flag is a great game for promoting teamwork, strategy, and outdoor physical activity, and it can be customized to suit different ages and skill levels.


Cornhole is a popular outdoor game for two or more players. They take turns throwing bean bags onto a raised board with a hole in it. The game utilizes two boards at a set distance apart. The objective of the game is to score points by throwing the bean bags into the hole or landing them on the board. Points are based on where the bean bag lands and the first player or team to reach a certain score wins.

You can play Cornhole in various settings, including backyards, parks, and beaches, and it is enjoyable for people of all ages. The game is easy to learn and is customizable with different rules, board designs, and bean bag colors to add a fun and personal touch. Cornhole is a great game for socializing with family and friends while enjoying the fresh air and outdoor activity.

Cheap Outdoor Games Does Not Mean Boring

There you have it, 12 exciting games you can play at an outdoor party. Just because games are cheap doesn’t mean they will be dull. Cheap outdoor games can be just as fun and engaging as expensive ones. They often require creativity and ingenuity to make them exciting. Playing games outdoors with family and friends is a great way to bond and have fun. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple, inexpensive game – it can be just as entertaining as any other activity. You might even discover some new favorite games along the way!


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