Fun Outdoor Games for Teenagers

If there’s something true about teenagers it is their ability to celebrate just about anything the way they want if allowed. When it comes to games the common denominators are laughter, fun and bonding whether it’s a birthday, family reunion, youth camps, among others.  Here are a number of teen outdoor games that can be enjoyed as they’re or with a little adaption if need be.

List of fun games for teenagers

1. Fun Outdoor Game for Teenagers: Three-legged athletics/sports

Youths are full of energy and any outdoor game that draws on this energy is a source of great fun. To play a three-legged type of sport find some masking tape, cloth strips or bandanas and game supplies depending on the sport such as a soccer ball, volleyball, basketball or beach ball.  The teens should divide themselves in pairs and tie each of their inside leg together. With every pair having three legs the group can then be divided into teams or pairs depending on the game. The teams can then play any of the sports, from kickball, athletes, tag, soccer, basketball to tag.

2. Mini Teen Choice Popularity Awards

Teens, awards and trophies can be a source of huge fun and enjoyment. In this game the idea is having friends casting votes to find winners in certain fun categories like the likeliest to travel around the globe, most likely to be president of the nation, most likely girl or boy to be famous in future, best dancer, best couple, best make-up, best sportsman, best jokes among others. The award topics can be as vast as you want. Have slips of paper with all the categories and ask the teenagers in the party, camp or gathering to cast their ballots. Choose unbiased individuals to tally all the votes to find the different winners. Come up with an award show that gives each winner a minute or two to say a couple of words of acknowledgment. You can create/find cheap trophies to award the different categories.

3. Soccer the American football way

This simple game is not just easy but straightforward. Find a rugby or American football ball and use it to play soccer. You can create small goalies or play goalless. It’ll be massive fun and craziness watching a horde of teenagers running around kicking a ball that bounces in the oddest fashion.

4. Fun Games for Teenagers: Split and slide

Its said adrenaline charged sports begin with a simple slide across a slippery surface. In this game you want to create a split and slide for everyone outdoors, especially on a warm summer day out in the yard. Get a plastic tarp about50-60 feet and spread cooking oil, ice cream, chocolate syrup, maraschino cherries, caramel syrup among other goo substances. Let the teenagers queue and slip and slide, one after the other. Oil is important to add to make the slide real, easy and fun.

5. Blindfolded Dodgeball

Have a group of teenagers blindfolded. Get a dodgeball and ask them to stand at the center of the yard or play area. Choose a ball fetcher and a blindfolded teenager who’ll throw the ball. The blindfolded ball thrower should shout asking the blindfolded gang whether they’re ready, such as shouting ‘Marco’ and the blindfolded dodgers shouting ‘Polo’. Every blindfolded teen hit by the ball should be removed by the ball fetcher. The winner is the last teen standing. Make a rule that anyone who touches or hit by the ball has to be removed, including anyone who doesn’t respond to the throwers call whether they’re ready. This is a really fun outdoor game and you get to do some exercise as well.

6. Obstacles for the blindfolded

If in a yard or a playground with enough space come up with an obstacle course spread over and put the teens in pairs. Each pair should have one blindfolded participant with the other leading the blindfolded using their voice only.

7. Blob Tag

While this game can be played indoors and outdoors it’s a twisted typical tag game. When a person has been tagged, the individual together with the one who tagged him join hands and run together to catch the next victim. Once they tag the next one, he/she has to join hands with them and they should all continue chasing after the others and so on. The game should continue until the last person, the winner, has been snared by the blob. Create a perimeter if on a vast playground and rule that anyone who goes past the boundary is immediately banned from continuing with the fun outdoor game.

8. Balancing the Bucket

One of the most fun games for teenagers with simple rules: with towels ready select two teams of a specific number of teens depending on the number of people around. Each team has to lie on the grass or floor on their backs forming a circle using their feet and raising them, meeting each other at the center. A bucket full of water has to be balanced on the circle of feet. Once the bucket has been balanced each member of the team has to remove their shoes without spilling out water or letting the bucket fall.

9. Dodgeball Mayhem

Come up with a dodgeball and play it without boundaries where every teen for himself/herself. When one is hit, the individual is out and if a person catches the throw the thrower leaves. Make it fun by indicating that if a person who knocked you out is removed you can return. However, to eliminate boundaries, rule that the one throwing the ball cannot move.

10. Sponge Pass

This outdoor game is best for hot summer afternoons. Teens should be divided in rows. At the front of every row a sponge and bucket full of water should be placed and another empty bucket at the back of the row. Put the rows on a timer and the first teen on the row has to dip the sponge into the water, pass it to the person on his/her back until it reaches the last teen at the back, who has to squeeze the water inside the empty bucket before returning the sponge. The winner is the row that has collected the most water within the set time.

Outdoor Fun Games for Teenagers Final Thoughts

Teenagers make friends very easy and they play a lot of games together at an age when socializing and getting new interests is very important. Feel free to browse our list of fun games for teenagers and find out what is your favorite game.