Looking for some fun water games? Below you will find some of the best water games. These games are sure to entertain for hours. If you’ve ever witnessed children playing with water, you will be able to testify just how much fun they find it. In the past, we’ve seen a series of toys introduced into the market for children to enjoy water, such as water pistols and water balloons, which have remained a staple of many a child’s playtimes.

However, the modern day production of toys and gadgets means that something new is constantly being introduced into various markets, and water games are no different. Here, we look to offer some insight on the various fun water games available today, as well as some classic incarnations.

Wet Head

Wet-Head-GameWet Head is a water roulette game that is simple, but lots of fun. The game is shaped like a cap, with various pegs sticking out. The cap is then filled with water, and then passed around players as each look to remove a peg without getting squirted by the water. The game has a similar feel to the successful ‘Pie Face,’ with the pie replaced by water.

For such a simple concept, ‘Wet Head’ will entertain children for hours, as well as some adults, as they look to dodge the oncoming squirt, without much success, much to the hilarity of the children.

Jump Water

Sunny day, but don’t have the budget to visit a water park? Fear not, as a simple garden hose can provide hours of fun for both children and adults. Simply connect the garden hose and create a strong stream of water. Those playing will simply have to jump over the stream of water an avoid getting wet. The winner is the last one standing who has not been hit by the stream of water.

Zuru Bunch of Balloons

Zuru-Bunch-of-BalloonsDo you remember water balloons back in the day? Of course you do, and more and more parents are keen to introduce their children to games they enjoyed as a child, however the hard reality of water balloons only come to light when we are an adult. As well as filling numerous balloons, we also have to tie them, making for an unpleasant experience in some instances.

Fortunately, ‘Zuru Bunch of Balloons’ eliminates the time and frustration and associated with water balloons, by offering a solution that fills 100 balloons instantly with a simple hose attachment. Whether you’re looking to fill a paddling pool with balloons, or just have a classic water balloon fight, Zuru Bunch of Balloons will be able to provide your children and their comrades with plenty of ammunition.

While these can be seen as more expensive than generic water balloons, the fact that you can fill 100 balloons instantly is well worth the investment.

Ball Blast

Who would have thought that a simple garden hose could provide children with many forms of entertainment? Yet again, the garden hose can be adapted to entertain children of all ages with this simple, but enjoyable water game.

Create a circle in the garden, many use rope, but anything can be used as along as the circle is visible. A series of balls should then be placed within the circle. Once all the ball has been placed, turn the hose onto a high setting and ask your child to blast as many balls as they can out of the circle within 60 seconds. The looming deadline will ensure that all attempts are exciting as children try to tone their water-blasting technique.

Sizzlin’ Cool Tick n’ Tater

Sizzling-Cool-Tick-N-Tater-Water-ToyAnother fun water game that takes inspiration from the classic ‘Hot Potato’ game we’re all familiar with. Instead of using music to dictate when the potato stops, the potato is filled with water, meaning those left holding the potato will end up soaked in the process.

The threat of an oncoming spurt of water injects excitement into this modern reincarnation of a classic, providing hours of fun for adults and children alike.

Water Gun Tag

Water-Sports-Water-TagDo your children enjoy tag? Then why not inject a little water for the summer months and create a game that offer more than a little refreshment during the hotter periods. Just like tag, the person has to tag other people, although in this case it’s with a stream of water.

This game is ideal for those who have a plethora of water guns scattered around the home currently not doing much. However, if you would like to go one better, then why not invest in a dedicated water gun designed exclusively for the game of water tag, complete with water streams and vests for the ultimate water gun showdown.

Aqua Splash Beach Ball

Aqua-Splash-Water-Soaking-Beach-BallWe’ve already covered how fun waters spraying out streams of water are, and this is especially true for the Aqua Splash Beach Ball. Sporting aesthetics that match that of a conventional beach ball, this one has a little trick up its sleeve, in that it sprays its unsuspecting victims with streams of water as the ball is thrown.

Ideal for those scorching summer days, regardless of whether you’re in the garden, or down at the beach.


While not a water game per se, ‘Freeze’ does offer a simple concept for children to enjoy the wonders of water. Simply place small prizes within an ice cube tray, and then allow to freeze. The prices can include plastic toys, such as mini cars and figurines.

Why the ice cubes are ready, simply hand them to your children and get them to hold until the ice has melted, giving the child a small reward in the process.

Wet n’ Wild Splash Blaster Rocket

Splash-BlasterOf course, it’s not all about the soaking of victims (as much fun as it is) and sometimes it can be fund to teach children about the more scientific aspects of water, and just what it’s capable of when used in the correct manner.

The Wet n’ Wild Splash Blaster Rocket uses water as its launch pad, giving children a tuition in water, while they enjoy watching the rocket soar high into the sky. This nifty little product is great for entertaining children, while providing them with some insight into the scientific world.

Sponge Worthy

Many may assume that a generic sponge doesn’t have any fun elements, but that assumption would be wrong.

The use of two buckets and a sponge can provide hours of fun for children with a competitive streak. Fill one bucket with water, and leave the other one empty. You then have the children transfer water from one bucket to another using the sponge. The child to do in the quickest time could be given a price, such as first choice of popsicle.

Itza Floaty Pong Backyard and Pool Game

Water-Sports-Itza-Floaty-Pong-BackyardPong Toss is a game that you’ve probably seen some version of across the years. The game sees players throw a ball into certain circles, scoring whatever number is on the circle. Itzy Floaty Pong is effectively the same game, but the circles are designed to float on water.

While children can have hours of fun in the pool just splashing about, introducing a simple game like Itza Floaty Pong can bring a little originality to the proceedings, as well as some fierce competition as participants attempt to get the highest score possible.

Pool Ping-Pong

Although the name is something of a mouth full, the game itself can provide young and old alike with hours of splashing fun.

Simply blow up a rubber ring (or spare inner tube if you don’t have a rubber ring) and place in the center of the pool. You then scatter some ping-pong balls around the pool and instruct participants to collect the balls and throw them into the center of the ring in the quickest time possible.

Itza Paddle Ball with Splash Balls

Water-Sports-Itza-Paddle-BallThe Itza Paddle Ball is a fun little game that uses two paddles that can be used for a number of classic games, as well as some new ones.

Whether it’s a game of tag or monkey-in-the-middle. The Itza Paddle Ball, complete with its own set of splash balls, is guaranteed to bring hours of fun, while cooling down your little ones in the process.

Beach Ball Balance Race

Another game that is something of a challenge when it comes to pronunciation, but lots of fun nonetheless.

This game is designed with bigger pools in mind, and it can be played solo or within teams. Participants have to balance themselves on a beach ball and make it to the other side of the pool without falling off.

Although this could be challenging for smaller children, it’s ideal exercise for older children, and provides a great bonding opportunity as adults can also get involved.

Nerf Super Soaker Bursts

Nerf-Super-Soaker-BurstNerf Super Soaker Bursts have been designed for those with a keen interest in the football, which can be identified by its design. The Super Soaker Bursts themselves are constructed from foam, so there’s very little chance of any damage or injury. They have also been designed so children can still acquire a grip regardless of how wet they are.

The balls provide hours of refreshing funs, letting out streams of water as the ball is thrown. Nerf Super Soaker Burst also inject a little originality into an otherwise generic game of football.

Dolphin Relay

Another game that is designed with larger pools in mind, Dolphin Relay sees participants race up and down the length of the pool, pushing the ball forward using their nose. The person at the other end of the pool will then repeat the process to the other end of the pool and then so on, until a winner is declared.

If playing with inexperienced swimmers, then it’s advisable to play in the shallow end of the pool. Similarly, those who are more seasoned swimmers can take full advantage of the pool for some real competition. The more teams involved, the better!

Pool Volleyball

Intex-Pool-Volleyball-GameWe’re all familiar with volleyball, and many have introduced the game into the pool. Just like the regular incarnation, players must keep the ball in the air without touching it two consecutive times.

The game can be played with an imaginary boundary in place, or you could invest in an inflatable pool volleyball set to get a truly immersive experience. Regardless of whether its child against child, or adults battling against children, pool volleyball will provide everyone with hours of refreshing fun.

Water Slide

HearthSong-Inflatable-Water-Slide-for-KidsIt’s amazing how much fun can be introduced into the garden using such a simple concept, but a water slide can provide hours of fun on those hot summer days. The slide itself is inflatable and will project a constant stream of water to ensure the slide stays wet.

Children will then find hours of fun as they speed across the garden the quickest way possible. Children can even have competitions with their friends as to who can travel down the slide ni the quickest time.

Sizzlin Cool Aqua Energy X02 Water Blaster

Sizzlin-Cool-Aqua-EnergyAs you can see from its name, this water gun is one that means business. While generic water guns can provide hours of fun, more modern incarnations have a selection of features that make water fights all that more appealing.

The Sizzlin Cool Aqua Energy X02 Water Blaster not only allows for more water capacity than your everyday water gun, but it also allows for a greater stream of water. Introduce more than one garden into the proceedings for some truly exciting water-based warfare.

Fun water games are something the entire family can enjoy, and can be a great way of introducing children to water, making those first steps towards swimming a much easier endeavour.

The range of games that can be played simply by introducing water can give classic games a brand new twist, while proving an outlet for all the family to let go off some stress during those hot summer months.