Great Obstacle Course Ideas for Adults

Some of the best obstacle course ideas for adults are those that literary throw all rules out with a view to enjoying mad adult fun. From bringing out the kid in each individual to encouraging physical fitness, obstacle courses are a delight to engage in, particularly if you are in a band of likeminded adults. Obstacle courses can get you in shape if you can fit them around the backyard. You can also come up with obstacle course ideas depending on the size of the space that you have. Find those that reflect on the current fitness level of each adult without leaving out any medical restriction. Here are a number of obstacle ideas for adults you might want to think about.

Aerobic exercise obstacle ideas

If you know something about aerobic exercises you can take them to the next level by incorporating a number of ideas. There’re immense aerobic exercises that can always be tried out, although the important thing is incorporating them with something special on the side for uniqueness. For example, you can come with 10 jumping jacks as a start before running around picking up one of the basketballs and trying to shoot a couple of hoops, followed by a rapid jump rope of 50 reps or something else. The more incorporated the better.  

Disability obstacle courses

Whether you have disabled adults in mind or not, incorporate obstacle ideas that will benefit disabled and physically fit individuals in the same breath. Adult without disabilities can use this chance to boost disability sensitivity by having them use a specific course blindfolded and with a cane for the blind or allowing them to borrow wheelchairs for use along the course. In case there’s a disabled person, ensure the area is at least paved.

Obstacle course mash up

If you’ve noticed, the more obstacle courses added in a single adult challenge the more the merrier, invigorating and satisfying it will always be. Start by ensuring there’s a large ground where all the obstacle courses can be laid outdoors. Indicate that it all starts with a little 2-5 minute power jog followed by another jog on a couple of hula hoops depending on the number of participants. Follow it up with 3-5 chairs or as needed for crawling under and find a strong tree in the ground and tie a rope well where each person will have to swing depending on how fast they end the initial obstacles. They can then catwalk on the thinnest wall around making sure there’s zero slipping.

Of course you can include as many obstacle courses and repetitions as you want depending on the fitness level and willingness of the adults participating.  You can also be creative as much as you can. For instance, if you don’t have a tree find ladder pockets you can run through with ease or a rope each person has to jump over, perhaps from one side to the other or even drawing in hopscotch’s and doing rounds of it. All these can be done as a team or individually with everyone under a timer; completion of all obstacle courses should earn the participants points or even rewards.

Partner obstacle ideas

To inculcate the values of trusting a partner and motivating one another obstacle course ideas are worth your time. When you join up with a partner a game will become either difficult or fun, in most cases both. Each of the activities designed in this regard has to reflect partnership. Think about using skipping rope and having both adult partners jumping in together with a designated number of jumps, such as 10 or 15. If the partners fail to complete the designated number they either have to try again or drop out of the competition. You can also bring the sack into a partnership obstacle course by ensuring the right leg of one adult partner and the left foot of the other are tied up before they’re handed a sack to hop across. Make it a bit difficult by placing a number of hula hoops in between for the tied partners to jump through.

Military obstacle course ideas

Chances are you’d like something elaborate and grand like a military obstacle course that fosters team spirit among adults while encouraging a positive interaction. If this is what you have in mind and there’s a significant outdoor space, create a muddy pit in your backyard with a rope that crosses across it. Find tires and place them on the surface for each adult participating to step onto while following the well demarcated course. Add some obstacles along the way such as A-frame structures, perhaps made of wood, for climbing up and moving or sliding down.

You can also create a crawl course that looks like a tunnel with raw eggs strategically placed for participants to crawl through while being instinctive enough to avoid crashing the eggs. You can add some fun and indicate that anyone who destroys an egg has to go back. To start up everybody with a shot of adrenaline jumping jacks or push ups, determined or timed, can be included. Of course more obstacles as deemed fit can be added.

Daring physical tasks

If you have lived in a farm before there is nothing like the natural games that comes with such an environment. With some space you can take this to the next level by going for a tractor tire flip task for every adult participating, which can be fun and very tricky. Think out of the box, such as jumping out of the high barn window (Clark Kent’s kind of barn window in the Smallville TV series) and falling right into stacks of 25 ton bales of hay especially in the summer. You can also have monkey or ladder bars between trees, an uphill run challenge, zigzagging across trees and a high 1-foot rope in a hopscotch style. You can also throw in a number of temporary obstacles such as bucket jumps, sandbag carries, bear crawls, balance beam walks or over-unders where the obstacle is jumping over a specific hurdle and crawling under the next one.

With so many obstacle course ideas for adults to run with, you’ve every reason to get out there with a team of co-workers or friends and get the fun of your life wherever and whenever you want. You can also get inflatable obstacle courses for adults, slides and other interactive fun games and get the fun of your lives, together.