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Best Party Board Games Reviews

Reviews of the Top 9 Best Party Board Games

You’ve got drinks, chips, helium balloons, and an amazing playlist. The one thing that is missing is an entertaining board game. That’s where the best party board games come in.

Maybe, you might spread out a polka-dotted mat for a game of Twister? Or perhaps test your knowledge of the film industry with a rousing game of Scene It? Or, just play a simple game of Clue.

Whatever you choose, it needs to be super fun. When selecting the perfect board game for your party, you should consider a few things like the number of people involved per round, how engaging the game is, and how long it takes to set up and play.

Here are some good selections:

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Top 9 Best Party Board Games

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1. Codenames

Czech Games Codenames

  • For 2 8+ Players
  • 15 minute playing time
  • Age 14 and up

In Codenames, two teams are created. Next, you select a player from each team and try to get the other co-players to come up with words that are corresponding to a color on a small grid without saying a word.

Giving your team the right word clue could make them answer the correct words and earn your team points. But giving them the wrong clue will give the other team a chance to answer on your team’s behalf and you may lose the points.

2. Telestrations

USAOPOLY Telestrations Original 8 Player | Family Board Game | A Fun…

  • Telestrations “The Original” for 8 players is what got the party started!
  • Over 1,700 words, 8 erasable sketch books, 8 dry erase markers, 8 clean-up cloths
  • Perfect for families, small parties or friends; LOL fun for everyone!

The next of the best party board games is Telestrations. Each player rolls a die and sketches an illustration according to the outcome. A sand timer limits the amount of time spent to draw. When time is up, all players should pass the sketches to the player next to them who must guess what is drawn. The guesses are then passed to the next player who should draw what they see, and so on.

3. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

  • Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people.
  • This is the main game. Buy this first.
  • Contains 500 white cards and 100 black cards for maximum replayability.

Players describe this game as the “horrible people’s game”. It’s more fun when played in the right environment and with the right people.

It simply involves one player laying down a question card as the rest of the members try to give the right funniest answer they can.

4. Spontaneous

Spontuneous – The Song Game – Sing It or Shout It – Talent NOT…

  • Do you, or someone you know, have a song for everything? It happens to millions of us.
  • Can you think of a lyric with the word “night” in it? Pitch perfect or not, just let your voice rip!
  • The 1st player to blurt out a song, rolls dice to advance on the board. More details in description.

The objective of this game is to move your avatar to the end of the board before all the other players.

You start by creating a list of words from any song you know. Then, players take turns in figuring out the song. And whoever sings it correctly gets to roll the dice and start moving around the board.

It seems pretty simple but its unpredictability makes it fun and challenging at the same time. We consider this one of the best party board games.

5. Quadropolis


  • For 2 – 4 players
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Playable in 30 – 60 minutes

This game can be played by up to four players who take up the role of city planners working on building a city from the ground up.

In the game, you will be required to take turns in assigning out teams of four architects, plan for buildings, and construct them in your metropolitan map. Each building constructed earns you victory points depending on the location and type.

6. Monopoly

Monopoly Classic Game

  • Buy, sell, dream and scheme your way to riches
  • Players buy, sell and trade to win
  • Build houses and hotels on your properties and bankrupt your opponents to win it all

Monopoly is a classic game loved by many. The rules may vary a little bit from one group to another. Nonetheless, you have to roll the dice and move your avatar the same number of spaces as the outcome.

The best part about the game is its predictability – you can end up with hotels, farms, on your friend’s property, or even in jail!

7. Pit

Winning Moves Games The Pit Game – Deluxe

  • Contains: 74 premium quality cards, silver toned bell and rules
  • Fast-Paced and Fun!
  • Great for group play!

This game involves a lot of player interaction, yelling, and energy. It emulates the trading floor of the stock market. The players act like commodity traders and trade with their opponents.

You should act and move quickly to let everyone know what you are selling or what you are buying. This may involve a lot of yelling and shouting.

8. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Bezier Games OWUWBEZ One Week Ultimate Werewolf

  • A social deduction game where the tension builds throughout the game until the final vote takes place
  • Each game is different thanks to more than a dozen rooms, of which only a few are used each game.
  • No app required!

This is a simple board game to learn. And it requires a lot of player interaction.

Each player is assigned a secret role of which one of them is a werewolf. The group has to identify and eliminate the werewolf (hopefully, you are not the werewolf). Different roles have different special abilities to help capture the wolf.

9. Sequence

Sequence Game

  • Play a card from your hand, and place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board – when you have five in a row,…
  • Each player or team tries to score the required number of five-card sequences before their opponents.
  • Easy enough for kids and challenging enough for adults – great for individual or team play!

In this game, players take turns playing a card from their hand and placing a chip on the corresponding space on the game board. Once you get five in a row, it’s a Sequence! Each player or team is working to score the five-hand Sequence before their opponents.

Not only is this a fun party game, but with this exciting game play, it can help develop certain STEM skills, such as strategy. Although the game sounds simple, it is actually challenging! It can be played with anywhere from 2 to 12 people. Sequence is meant for players ages seven and older.

In addition to the normal game of Sequence, there are some Wild Cards thrown into the mix that keeps the game interesting. This game is not based on luck, there is a decent amount of strategy involved!

Sequence is a staple to any board game collection, and is excellent to whip out at any party. It’s easy to learn and incredibly entertaining for both young children and adults alike!

Make Your Party Fun with This Party Game Boards

close-up photo showing the lower left corner of monopoly board with paper money and cards

Everyone likes to party in their own different way. You can go for several games above and let people at your party choose what they like.

Keep in mind that the best party board games will vary according to your type of guests, the age bracket, and the number of people at the party. So, choose wisely!

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