15 Fun 70th Birthday Party Ideas

When planning a 70th birthday party, it is important to make sure that your guest of honor is comfortable and will enjoy the celebration. It is their party after all!  This will depend greatly on their health, food preference, and party size desired.  Seems like a ton of stuff to consider right? Well, worry not, because in this article, you are sure to find something that will work for any lucky 70 year old!

On the Day You Were Born:

This is always a fun party idea, because it allows you and other guests to get a glimpse inside the life of the honoree that they might not have seen before.  First thing you will want to do, is either go to your public library or on your computer, and do a search for the exact day they were born, and learn!  Then you will need a way to display all of the information you have just learned.  My favorite way, is to get a big chalkboard and decorate it with facts about the day of the honoree’s birth.  If you do decide to use a chalkboard, a fun idea is to also place a second chalkboard next to it, and allow guests to write memories, or sweet notes.

Slide Show:

Slide shows are a great way to keep the party intimate, and also bring back happy memories with loved ones.  There are two different formats that can be used for a slide show, one is a “Now and Then”, where you would display pictures of the honoree from childhood through to their 70th birthday party.  Another way to present a slideshow, is “A look Back and a Look Forward”. This one is my favorite, because not only do you get to share and enjoy the memories of their life so far, but you get the chance to ask them and display pictures of where they hope to go and what they want to achieve.  This is an idea to be careful with, you do not want to dredge up old and painful memories.

Milestone Photo Book:

In case, you are concerned that a slideshow might evoke too many painful memories, I suggest using a photobook instead. Choosing this route, will allow everyone to look at the photos at their leisure. People can talk to the birthday guy or gal about the photos. This is a beautiful way to hear stories from the honoree and learn about their life and what is special to them.  Choose not only photos of the honoree, but also ones of children and grandchildren. They will be reminded of the life and joy still flourishing around them.

Host a Roast:

This is a great way to liven up any party, especially a 70th birthday party! Can you imagine all of the stories after 70 years of living!?  It is important that you include on the invites the plan for a roast, and have whoever wants to participate think of a funny story about the honoree they would like to share at the party.  Be sure that you ask to see each memory/funny story first, this way you can avoid duplicates, and most important hurt feelings. This is a theme where the guest of honor is remembered and gets to feel special, while laughing.

Classic Car Theme:

If your birthday honoree is all about old, classic cars, this is a great theme to have. Find out what cars they owned, or always wanted to own, and decorate the place.  The important thing to be aware of, is that this is not a party for a child. That being said, the cake can be in the shape of an old car, you could try organizing a car show for the party, but I would keep the decorations for the most part subtle. You are celebrating something they love, and need to be cognizant of where to draw the line.

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Casino Night:

This is one of my favorite ways to celebrate well, ANYTHING!  If the person you are celebrating is one who likes to go to casinos, then this is a party that cannot fail.  You can put their picture on everything from the poker chips and cards, to the slots in a slot machine! With this theme everyone can play games at their own pace, and party while remembering who they are celebrating. Besides, who would not want their face on a poker chip?


If you are throwing a party for someone who loves the outdoors, a wonderful party would be a picnic or BBQ. Find a beautiful shaded and somewhat secluded place, place blankets on the ground, and picnic baskets filled with goodies. If the honoree enjoys being on the grill, have a personalized apron made for them with something like “kiss me, I’m 70” or “made in 19__” for a special touch.  This is a great was to celebrate a spring or early fall birthday.

Afternoon Tea Party:

If the guest of honor is not much of a party animal, or prefers smaller crowds, an afternoon tea party is a sweet and intimate way to go.  Find a nice room to rent for an afternoon, and place lace tablecloths down, some flowers, perhaps even some pearls.  A trick I have used, is to find clear vases or bottles, and put pearls and glitter in the bottom and then stick flower in. They make lovely centerpieces. Tea lights are also a classy and fun way to go. Just because this is a tea party for a 70 year old, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Golfing Theme:

This theme is another fun outdoor type party to have. This theme is not just for the adults either, you could go big and set up a miniature golf section as well for the kids.  A game that I think is a fun one for this type of party, is to get a large glass jar, fill it with golf balls and tees, and have people place bets on how many items are in the jar, with a prize for the winner.


This type of party would be fun for any age, but especially for someone hitting 70.  Lookup popular television show games, or family games and go wild!  Find out which games to use and replace some things. For example, make player pieces with their face on them, or for a question/answer type game, come up with questions about the honoree.  This is a fun way to keep everyone interactive, while keeping the focus on the main person.

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Memory Jars:

Memory jars are a great way to illustrate the life of the person celebrating their 70th birthday party.  You can start by making ones yourself as table decorations. Provide extra jars, photos, and other fun things for the guests to make their own.  Then after the party is over, everyone will have something to take home as a keepsake of the wonderful life they just celebrated.

Dance Party:

A themed dance party is a great way to celebrate any 70th birthday party for someone still very active.  Choose music from their teen to young adult years, and let the music take control.  Finding a DJ can be expensive yes, but it doesn’t have to be. Just pick someone you know and have them create a playlist, then all you will have to worry about is the speaker system.

Photo Booth:

A photo booth is a welcome attraction at any party.  Pick some cool props that are appropriate to celebrating the honoree.  Help them and everyone create new memories that will last forever.  This is something that will be interactive and fun for everyone!

Food Throughout the Years:

If the person you are celebrating is a foodie, then here is the party for them!  Pick popular foods from the last 70 years, and have at it.  A fun idea to do with this, is to make the tables different themed and allow guests to move about.  Sitting at different tables enjoying different foods, will make for excellent conversation and full happy stomachs! This is also an excellent way to ensure that you have a wide variety of food, for special diets.

Do not forget the Balloons:

The right balloons can make any party a success.  They are a reminder of youth and fun, and keep everything light and fun.  If you are having trouble pinpointing the perfect theme, balloons can help.  By simply picking a color scheme, themes will just sort of start popping out of the woodwork! They do for this party planner anyway.

There you have it, some of the best 70th birthday party ideas. The most important thing to remember, is to celebrate the life of the person, and not to focus on their age.  Keep it light and fun while making new memories.  Your goal is that everyone walks away from the party feeling like they have been a part of new memories being made.  Good luck, not that you will need it!

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