11 Fridge Magnet Activities for Kids

Kids need a lot of love and attention. Its easy to fall into a routine and use the same four or five tricks to keep them occupied. Eventually either you or your kids, will want something different. If you are looking for easy ways to entertain your little ones, all you need are a few magnets. Better yet, magnets are all you need to educate your kids with various fun activities. From those who are homeschooled and needing a few extra projects to those who need a few ideas for the summer while there is not school, there are hundreds of activities that offer hours of enjoyment. Simply begin by grabbing your magnets, metal objects and other household things you have lying around and read through these amazingly simple ideas.

Fun Magnetic Scavenger Hunt

Give your child a fridge magnet to take around your home or classroom. Have your child or children practice by finding objects that are magnetic. Have them make a list of the objects they found or draw a picture. This is fun for all ages! Whoever finds the most objects wins!

Needle in a Haystack

Give each child a stick with a magnet tied to it. Place a large amount of objects in a bin or box such as pencils, shoes, paper clips, crumpled paper, etc. Have the children “fish” for magnetic items using their poles. You can split them into groups to make this a fun game for all.

Twist on the Haystack

Place the letter and number magnets in a bin of random items. Allow each child to fish for the letters and put them in the correct order as they find them.

How Strong?

Give each child in your group a different size magnet. Have each child find objects that the magnet can hold, starting off small. Have each child continue with this until they find an object that the magnet cannot hold. This test of strength is a great learning activity for all age groups.


Give each child a metal cookie sheet with a set of letter magnets. Call out spelling words for them and allow them to search for the correct letters to place on their sheet. You can create a game by seeing who can spell the fastest.


Give each child a metal cookie sheet and a set of numbers and math symbol magnets. Allow them to create their own equations and then trade them with a partner. Have the partner answer the question using their magnets! Teach kids math in an engaging way!

Floating Paperclip

Magnets are amazing! Have each child take a paperclip tied to the end of a string and hold it. Then have another child take a magnet and move it towards the paperclip. The string will not allow it to touch, so it will hover in the air. This is a fun quick experiment with magnetism anyone can do!

Magnet Painting

Use your fridge magnets as stencils for custom cards, paintings and more! Give each child a set of different size magnets and let me create their own work of art! These can be given away as gifts, or held onto as a memory of time spent together as a family.

Funny Sentences

Give each child a set of letter magnets and let the games begin. Allow each child to create a word with their magnet. If you have more than one child in the group, let them add another word and so on. The sentence will take on a funny structure and the story will continue. If you have older children, you could consider buying word magnets or poetry magnets to really build a story!

Funny Face

Find some random fridge magnets and allow each child to make the funniest face they can imagine on the fridge or a metal sheet. Call them Magnet Monsters! Make sure to spend some time after they are made playing with these funny faces or magnet monsters. Give them voices and scoot them around on their magnetic surface!

Close Your Eyes

Give each child some random letter magnets. Blindfold each child and have them place the letters on the fridge in front of them. Guessing what each letter is by touching it, have them come up with a word with the magnets. They may…or may not…have the correct spelling when they peek.

Magnets are an amazing and budget friendly way to enjoy time with the kids or educate your students. Best of all, almost everyone has them in their home! Enjoy the fun by trying these various activities with all your little kiddos!

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  1. Taylor Bishop
    Taylor Bishop says:

    Thanks for explaining some fun fridge magnet ideas to do with your kids. I hadn’t considered it could be fun to use the magnets as stencils. This could be more fun if the magnets had an interesting shape to them.

  2. Sachin Shah
    Sachin Shah says:

    Magnets have always been the heart of fun activities. Children enjoy the idea of fishing out objects from a stack. They also love trying out different games. Very interesting share and it does give many ideas on how to use a magnet to play with kids. Thanks for sharing this post and giving ideas to other parents.

  3. Alisha Chinoy
    Alisha Chinoy says:

    Wonderful information in this article. Magnet activities can be a fun and educational way to introduce young children to the concept of magnetism. From making simple fridge magnets with paperclips and paint to scavenger hunts with magnetic letters or patterns with sets of colored bar magnets—these activities are sure to be engaging and entertaining for kids of all ages.


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