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December Game of The Month

What’s in Your Bag?

Required: Players:
Felt to make 2 1/2″ bags, safety pins, white permanent marker, items to fill bags Small to large groups

This game will take a little bit of work but it’s fun for all ages, a great icebreaker.

deas for filling bags: (** note for extra points)
Penny ** year
Screw Tooth pick
Birthday candle Ink pen cap AA battery
Balloon Night light bulb Sewing bobbin
Rubber band Crayon ** color Marble ** color
Tea bag Safety pin Key
Button Bottle cap 10 Penny nail
Paper clip Peppermint candy 1 – dice
1 p.c. of Lifesaver candy ** Screw
flavor Peanut in shell

Make a bag for each item that you have collected. Put each item in it’s own bag and number them with corresponding list for correct answers. Example: Felt bag with 1998 penny is marked #1 and a list is started with #1 as 1998 penny. All bags must be sewn completely closed so don’t put anything in that you don’t want to loose. Make a lot of bags so that you can use this again for your next icebreaker idea. If you have 15 players use #1 bag to #15, just pull out the rest. Have each player go around feeling each other’s bag, trying to guess What’s in it and listing their guess on paper. The one who guessed the most correct is the winner, for tie, use extra point ** method.

For those to be engaged, place engagement ring in one of the bags and make plans to have recipient be pinned to bag. At end of contest inform all players that one bag was not correctly identified. Have giver open bag for recipient. Inform me if you use my idea-the hopeless romantic.

Previous Games of The Month

Talking Behind Your Back

Required: Players: Category:
Piece of paper, washable markers, tape, pencils Small to large groups Icebreaker Games

Each person writes his/her name on a piece of paper lightly in pencil; then help one another tape the piece of paper on each persons back (NAME NOT SHOWING). Using (washable) markers, each person must go around the room and write something about that person on their back. (Children need to be instructed that the comment must be positive – funny is OK, too) Leader removes all the papers and lays them out for everyone to view. How well do you think you know yourself or what others think about you? What would they say behind YOUR back? After reading them, participants may predict which one they think may have been on their back. Then, everyone can turn them over and find their own, and hopefully keep it, feeling great about what others had to say about them “behind their back”.

Submitted by Charla Lindsey, TX

Trash Target

Required: Players: Category:
Splash Water Bombs, rain gear (cold weather), and trash can lids Small to medium groups Water Games

Set up teams and face off. The first player on each team will wear rain gear and hold trash can lid, a player from the opposing team will try to hit him with three water bombs. If the player is hit on the body, the other team receives a point. If he deflects throw with trash can lid his team receives a point. Next they switch and the other team has a turn. They continue until each player has a turn to throw and to deflect. Mark off a square that the player should stand in and cannot step out of , if he steps out his teams looses a point. The team with the most points wins.

Poison Cookie

Required: Players: Category:
8 Foam Discs (Cookies), flat play area (gym floor or parking lot), flags or bandanas Small to large groups Tag Games

Make cookies out of 2″ foam,12″ in diameter. Color 4 cookies yellow and 4 red. You can use colored tape around the circumference or spray paint the cookies.

Divide into two teams on opposite sides of the play field. You use bandanas or flags to identify the two teams. Each team gets one color of the cookies. The object is to hit member of the other team by kicking the cookies at their legs. Anyone hit by a cookie from the opposite team is out of the game. When one team has been completely eliminated, they lose.

Who Am I?

Required: Players: Category:
8 Foam Discs (Cookies), flat play area (gym floor or parking lot), flags or bandanas Small to large groups Tag Games

Pre-make tags with each tag having one famous person on it, mainly divas that everyone would know. These tags will be placed on the back of each guest as they arrive. This is done without them knowing who they are. They are to go around the room asking questions as to who they might be. Questions like “am I a singer?” They can only ask one question and make only one guess as to Who they are with each person that they talk to, then they have to move on to another person. They can come visit previous players once they’ve visited another player.

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