Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids for Lounging in Style

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If you’re searching for the best bean bag chair for kids, it probably means you’re trying to find a comfy seating alternative for the young ones in your life. Whether you’re revamping your kid’s room or just want to give them their special seat in the family room, a bean bag chair is a great option.

Bean bag chairs have been around for decades. While they’re still popular with adults, they’re a must-have for kids.

Why? Because they’re comfortable, durable, and, most importantly, inexpensive. Plus, they’re versatile, easy to move around, and come in all sorts of fun colors and designs.

However, with the endless choices, how do you pick the right one? Well, choosing the best chair for kids is easy if you have a little bit of knowledge in your pocket.

What Is a Bean Bag Chair?

A bean bag chair is a soft and frameless chair that is either round, square, or oval. Bean bag chairs are usually filled with polystyrene beads and covered with soft fabric, vinyl, or even leather. However, some use memory foam as filling, while others use a child’s stuffed animals (no, seriously, that’s a thing).

Bean bag chairs have come a long way since they first hit the market in 1968 when they were called a Sacco or “shapeless chair.” But the idea of sitting in a comfortable, shapeless seat without restraints has withstood the test of time.

Why Your Kid Needs a Bean Bag Chair


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There are many reasons why every kid should have a bean bag chair in their lives.

One bag to rule them all

The best option for kids is lightweight, which means kids can drag it all over the house or even outside as they search for that perfect spot to read or daydream. Plus, they’re fun to tote around, especially if their bean bag chair is the kind holding all of their stuffed animals.

Kids can also sit on it, sleep on it, or even use it in a pillow fight with friends. And since they are so easy to carry, there won’t be any fuss when it’s time for your kid to put the chair back where it belongs.

Takes a licking…

Bean bag chairs are incredibly cozy and comfortable. Kids will love sitting in their chairs as they prepare to battle an evil villain in a video game or turn on the tube to watch their favorite cartoon.

Plus, they are easy for kids to clean. Most chairs can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or have removable covers that can be machine-washed. So, there’s no need to worry about juice staining the couch or a mountain of potato chip crumbs falling between the cushions.

In addition, the best bean bag chair for kids is durable. So, no matter how many times they throw it across the room or jump on it, it will still keep its shape and not fall apart.

Great for bean counters

The majority of bean bag chairs are inexpensive. So, when you’re looking for alternative seating for your child, these chairs are a perfect choice.

Plus, they’re great to have on hand for sleepovers or parties when you need additional seating for guests.

And many bean bag chair manufacturers have different sizes available. So, not only can your kid have a unique, comfy chair, but the entire family can, too!

Choosing the Best Bean Bag Chair for Kids

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There are many factors to consider when selecting the best bean bag chair for kids.

Big and small

Size is an important factor when choosing the best bean bag chair for kids. Since bean bag chairs come in a variety of sizes, you’ll want to make sure the chair seats your child comfortably without too much or too little space around him.

If there’s too much space, they’ll lose that cozy feeling, and if there’s not enough space, they’ll feel like a trapped animal. And no one wants that kind of terror in their house.

However, choose a larger chair if multiple kids, such as siblings or friends, will be using it as well.

Inside out

There are two types of materials to consider when choosing the best bean bag chair for kids: filler materials and cover materials.

Bean bag chair fillings consist of polystyrene beads, shredded memory foam, or stuffed animals. Polystyrene beads are the traditional filling for bean bag chairs and offer the most comfort because they conform to a child’s movements. Plus, the chair will immediately shift back to its original shape once the child gets up.

Shredded memory foam will also conform to a child’s body, but sometimes, it’s not as soft and comfy as the beads. Plus, the chair won’t immediately revert back to its original shape after getting up.

Stuffed animals as a chair filling should be soft, but it all depends on what kinds of stuffies your child puts on the cover. However, many parents have raved that stuffed animal bean bag chairs are quite soft and not lumpy.

When it comes to covers, they can be cotton, polyester, microsuede, or even vinyl. It’s up to your child as to what’s most comfortable for him or her. However, the outer cover should be removable so it can be machine or hand-washed.

Whatever floats your boat

These chairs come in a variety of designs and colors. Some chairs are shaped like animals, while others feature flowers, stripes, and space designs on the covers. So, it all depends on what you and your child like best and how it fits in with your decor.

Zippers and stitches

Safety is an important consideration when choosing a bean bag chair, especially for very young children. The best chairs for kids will have durable zippers so the beads aren’t accessible. Better yet, there would be a chair that features both an inner and outer cover so the beads are entirely separate.

Childproof zippers that have locking heads that require opening with a paper clip are another excellent safety option. However, chairs that offer this feature are limited.

In addition, chairs that feature double stitching at the seams are ideal because they minimize the chances of rips and tears that could cause the fillings to spill out.

How We Chose Our List

We researched the best Bean Bag Chairs currently on the market. We then reached. out to the experts and got their opinion. Finally, we compared prices and evaluated features to give you an unbiased review of the best bean bag chair for kids to make your purchasing decision easier.

The Best Bean Bag Chair for Kids: Our Top 10 Picks

Although we’ve numbered our list, it does not signify a ranking. Any one of these will make an excellent choice for your little one, depending on your personal preferences.

1. Big Joe Milano Kid’s Bean Bag

Big Joe Milano Kid’s Bean Bag Chair

  • Covered in stain-resistant, easy-to-clean smart ax fabric
  • Double stitched with dual zippers for extra safety and durability
  • Recommended for ages 2-8. Dimensions: 23″W x 18.5″D x 19″H Weight: 2.1 lb

The “Big Joe Milano Kid’s Bean Bag Chair” in Pink Passion Smartmax is a charming and comfortable seating option designed specifically for children. With a compact 2-foot size, it’s perfect for little ones to relax and unwind in style. The chair is crafted from a durable polyester nylon blend known as Smartmax, making it both tough and easy to clean. Its bean bag design conforms to the body, providing a cozy and supportive lounging experience for kids. Whether it’s for reading, gaming, or simply chilling out, the Big Joe Milano Kid’s Bean Bag Chair offers a vibrant and inviting addition to any child’s room or play area, all while adding a pop of color with its pink hue.

2. Flash Furniture Bean Bag Chair

Flash Furniture Small Solid Navy Blue Kids

  • Child-Sized Bean Bag
  • Portable Lightweight Design
  • Solid Navy Blue Cover

If you’re looking for a more traditional-style bean bag chair for your child’s room, the Flash Furniture Bean Bag Chair is the one you want. And it’s the perfect size for kids ages four and up. Plus, it comes in 16 different colors, making it easy to match any decor.

This bean bag chair features a cotton twill cover and is filled with breathable polyurethane foam beads, so your child will be more than comfortable lounging on its squishy softness. In addition, it has a removable cover that is fully machine washable. And since the beads are enclosed in a separate cover, there’s no need to worry about where to put all those crazy beads when it’s time for washing.

It’s also extremely lightweight, so your child can bring their new chair anywhere they want for their own special seating option. Plus, since it’s refillable, adding new beads to puff it back up is easy!

3. Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair


Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair – Extra Large Stuff…

  • MADE TO LAST – With our kid’s bean bag Lifetime Guarantee, you never need to worry about quality issues. Our amazingly…
  • HOLDS MANY STUFFED ANIMALS – Approximately 38 inches in diameter when full. This roomy home for your stuffies means that…
  • STORES MORE THAN STUFFED ANIMALS – If your home is anything like ours, stuffed animal toy storage is just the tip of the…

The Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair is not your grandmother’s bean bag chair! This chair is a make-your-own, which means you fill it with stuffed animals, and it becomes a soft, comfy chair!

Each cover can hold up to 90 stuffed animals. And if you think it’s going to be a lumpy mess to sit on, you’re wrong. It’s quite comfortable, and your child will love being able to bring all her favorite stuffies along wherever she goes, especially with its convenient handle to help.

The cover is made of 100 percent cotton canvas and comes in 11 colors and designs to fit any style. Plus, it has a heavy-duty zipper, making it tough to break from constant opening and closing.

One important thing to remember, though, is that this is a cover only. It does not come with stuffed animals or any other filling. But that’s the point, right?

4. Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chairs

Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chairs

  • FUN FOR EVERYONE: A great size for both kids and teens, this comfy bean bag is the perfect furniture addition to any…
  • OVERSIZED SACK: 24 x 24 x 20 inches – Collapse into a seat that loves your back and forms to fit your body; perfect for…
  • SHREDDED MEMORY FOAM: Chill Sack bean bag chairs are stuffed with a shredded, soft, memory foam blend that is highly…

The Kids Chill Sack is a fun seating option for kids up to 5 years old. But if you have older kids, there are larger sizes available that offer more seating room. Plus, there are many colors to choose from to fit any kid’s style.

This chair’s filling consists of a shredded memory foam blend so your child can sink into its softness while watching television, reading a book, or just hanging out in their room. Plus, it features a microsuede fiber cover that is soft and comfortable. Also, a separate cover houses the stuffing, which makes it easy to remove and wash the outer cover when needed.

And since it’s lightweight, it can go anywhere your kid goes.

5. Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chairs

Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chairs

  • ULTIMATE COMFY COVERS – Interchangeable Comfy Outer Covers with Double Stitched Seams made for maximum strength & durability. We use the highest quality zipper available. The best part is that our comfy covers are machine washable.
  • SHREDDED 100% VIRGIN USA FOAM – Ultimate Sack Footstools are stuffed with a 100% virgin shredded, soft, brand new memory foam blend that is high quality to give you comfort levels you have never experienced for the Ultimate Sack Family Comfort.
  • ULTIMATE SACK in Multiple Sizes – 6000: Approx. 6 ft. in Diameter. 5000: Approx. 5 ft. in Diameter. 4000: Approx. 4 ft. in Diameter. 3000: Approx. 3 ft. in Diameter. Kids Sack: Approx. 30 in. in Diameter. Corner: Similar to 5000 in size.Ultimate Lounger: 33-36″ wide and 65″ long. Pillow: 52″x63″x20”. All Bean Bags come Pre-Filled and ready to Set Up.

The “ULTIMATE SACK Bean Bag Chairs” offer a versatile and comfortable seating solution available in multiple sizes and colors to suit various preferences and spaces. These bean bag chairs are filled with high-quality foam, providing exceptional comfort and support. They come with machine-washable covers, making maintenance a breeze. Double-stitched seams ensure durability, and each chair includes a sturdy inner liner to contain the foam filling securely. The “Kids Sack” version, featured in Grey Suede, is tailored for children, making it an excellent addition to playrooms, bedrooms, or family living areas. ULTIMATE SACK Bean Bag Chairs combine style, durability, and easy maintenance, making them a practical and inviting choice for casual seating.

6. Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair

Sofa Sack – Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair – Memory Foam Bean Bag…

  • THE PERFECT BEDROOM ACCESSORY: Simple and soft, The Sofa Sack individual bean bag chair is the perfect addition to every…
  • A BEAN CHAIR WITHOUT BEANS: These colorful, personal beanless bags are comprised of memory foam, which is much more…
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCT: Our bean bag furniture for adults and kids is made with durable foam stuffing encased in velvet,…

The Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair is a retro-looking chair without retro-style beans. And it’s a perfect option for tweens looking for something stylish, fun, and more grownup.

The chair’s filling consists of super fluffy memory foam, which allows your tween to sink into a world of comfy pleasure. And the velvety feel of the soft microsuede cover will make them feel like royalty!

Plus, there are several color choices available to suit their style and mood. In addition, the chair features double-stitched seams for strength and durability, so it can withstand that tween drama mode anytime it strikes. It’s also lightweight, so they can move it wherever they want, whenever they want.

In addition, the cover is removable and machine washable, which is a great plus.

7. Posh Creations Bean Bag Chair

The “Posh Creations Bean Bag Chair” is a versatile and comfortable seating option suitable for kids, teens, and adults. It features a spacious 38-inch size, providing ample room to lounge and relax. The chair comes in a stylish solid navy blue color, offering a classic and timeless look that can complement various room decors. One of its standout features is the removable and machine-washable cover, making it easy to clean and maintain. Whether it’s for casual seating, reading, gaming, or watching TV, the Posh Creations Bean Bag Chair offers both comfort and convenience for individuals of all ages, making it a practical and inviting addition to any living space.

8. American Bean Bag Child-Sized Bean Bag Chair

Child Bean Bag Chairs by Better American Products – Kid-Sized Baseball…

  • LONG-LASTING COMFORT: Better American Products’ unique baseball-style vinyl bean bag chair design maximizes comfort and…
  • TRUSTED BY TEACHERS FOR DECADES: Better American Products has worked with school districts and teachers for decades. Our…
  • GAME ROOMS & MORE: Our child and kid-sized bean bag chairs are a perfect & fun addition to your living room, game room,…

The American Bean Bag is Child-Sized and offers a retro design that is comfortable and stylish. It’s filled with polystyrene beads to conform to your child’s body and is a perfect size for toddlers and elementary-school-aged children.

The chair features double-stitched seams for strength and durability, so it will last a long time. Plus, its dual zippers have locking heads, which means you’ll need a paperclip to open both the inner and outer covers. And that’s a great safety feature to have.

In addition, the outer cover consists of easy-to-clean vinyl, and there are 13 different color choices available.

9. Aubliss Unicorn Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Aubliss Unicorn Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

  • Efficient Storage: This bean bag chair offers a creative and efficient way to store and organize plush toys. It can hold a large number of stuffed animals, reducing clutter in a child’s bedroom.
  • Durable Construction: The sturdy construction and high-quality materials used in the Aubliss bean bag chair ensure durability and longevity with proper care.
  • Space-Saving: Since it serves a dual purpose as both storage and seating, it can help save space in a child’s room by reducing the need for additional toy storage solutions.

The “Aubliss Unicorn Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair” is a versatile and functional piece of furniture designed primarily for kids’ bedrooms. It features a plush velvet cover that is extra soft to the touch. This bean bag chair is X-large in size, making it suitable for storing and organizing many plush toys.

One unique feature of this chair is its stuffable design, with a convenient zipper that allows you to fill it with stuffed animals or other soft items, effectively decluttering your child’s room. The cover features a Koala design, adding a cute and whimsical touch.

In summary, the Aubliss Unicorn Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair is a practical and decorative solution for managing and tidying up plush toys in a child’s room. Its plush velvet cover and Koala design make it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.



10. Posh Creations, Cozy Chair for Toddlers and Kids

Posh Creations, Cozy Chair for Toddlers and Kids

  • IDEAL SIZE: Our shark-size bean bag chair is a great chair for toddlers and kids who want to have a spot to call their very own.
  • SOFT DURABLE NYLON COVER: Comfy yet strong, this nylon cover is easy to clean, and the colors will stay vivid for many washings.
  • SECURE ZIPPER: Our high-quality zipper locks prevent accidental access to the polystyrene beans inside, but it’s easy enough for adults to open with a paper clip if needed.

The “Posh Creations Cozy Chair for Toddlers and Kids Large 30″ Children’s Bean Bag in Blue Shark” is a comfortable and fun seating option designed specifically for young children. This bean bag chair is generously sized at 30 inches, providing ample space for toddlers and kids to sit and relax.

The chair features a playful and attractive Blue Shark design, making it visually appealing to children. Its child-friendly appearance can add a touch of whimsy to any playroom or bedroom decor.

What sets this chair apart is its cozy and inviting feel. It’s filled with soft, high-quality materials that create a comfortable and supportive seat for young ones. The bean bag construction conforms to the child’s body, ensuring a snug and cozy seating experience.

This chair is not only comfortable but also durable, constructed to withstand the wear and tear of active children. It’s easy to clean, making it a practical choice for parents.

The Best Chair for Kids Offers Style and Comfort

As you’ve read, bean bag chairs come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors. And the best bean bag chairs for kids are comfortable, cozy, and fun.

So, whether your child wants a bean bag chair with a retro look or one that can hold all of their stuffies, there’s a perfect bean bag chair calling their name.

What are your recommendations for the best bean bag chair for kids? Share yours below!