Who Knows Mommy Best Baby Shower Questions

Who Knows Mommy Best Baby Shower Game Questions

Parties being held for every occasion are getting better. The reason is simple; the hosts are attempting to entertain their guests by creating a game mode for the party, and no matter what celebration is taking place there is a slew of fun facts and questions at the host’s disposal to ask the guest about the person or occasion being celebrated. From questions about the occasion for the party, Christmas for example and what is your favorite Christmas carol, Christmas present, Christmas movie; to individual questions about celebrations centered on one person, a birthday, anniversary, or a baby shower.

Baby showers often bring a different and complex collection of an individual’s friends, family, and business acquaintances. In this case, the baby shower games questions serve as a perfect ice-breaker for the guests. The guests have a chance to exchange information about the person being celebrated, and this serves to open an avenue for interesting and often funny individual stories.

The following is a list of popular questions that can be asked to the guests at a baby shower:

  1. What is Mommy’s favorite color?
    For this question, choices can be provided in boxes to be checked off by the guest.
  2. What color are Mommy’s eyes?
    Again choices enclosed in boxes are a good idea for those who do not know the Mommy as well as others.
  3. What is Mommy’s favorite drink?
    Again boxes for selections among the choices should be alcoholic and regular beverages.
  4. What is Mommy’s favorite food?
    The boxes to be checked off should be creative.
  5. What was Mommy’s maiden name?
    Here’s a chance to throw in a Schicklgruber for laughs.
  6. What is Mommy’s shoe size?
    Narrow it down but include a giant sized foot for laughs.
  7. Does Mommy want a boy or a girl?
    Have boxes for Boy? Girl? Other?
  8. Who is Mommy’s favorite singer?
    Throw in one teen favorite among the other boxes.
  9. What is Mommy’s favorite song?
  10. How many children does Mommy want?
    Boxes should start with Zero, last Box more than a dozen.
  11.  What is Mommy’s favorite book?
    Bible? 50 Shades of Grey? Fun with Dick and Jane? Harry Potter?
  12. What is Mommy’s favorite TV program?
    The Kardashians? Ghost Hunters? Masha and the Bear?
  13. Where does Mommy want to go when she can take her next vacation?
    Hawaii? Tahiti? Bora Bora? Next Door?
  14. What will be Mommy’s next car?
    Bugatti Veyron? Chevy Truck? Mercedes? Harley Davidson?
  15. What is Mommy’s favorite chocolate?
    Milk chocolate? Semi-sweet (like Mommy)? White chocolate? Any chocolate with nuts (like mommy)?

Depending on the age and social background of the Mommy whose upcoming baby is being celebrated, other more embarrassing questions can be asked. It would be a better idea to have an adult set of questions and a set for older or younger guests and those who are more reserved. Here are several adult themed baby shower games with questions and answers.

Embarrassing Questions

The idea of more risque questions is to put guests in a mood to enjoy the time spent celebrating the birth of a brand new world citizen from a good and loved person who is hosting the party. Whoever hands out the “who knows mommy best baby shower game questions” should be aware of the guests who might be offended by the risque questions and explain that filling these answers out are optional. The risque questions could be printed on another piece of paper to be selectively handed out to those guests who wouldn’t be offended by the more ribald questions.
The important thing is to make this “who knows mommy best baby shower game questions” a fun part of a joyous occasion and a great way to bring disparate people together and to put them all in a party mood. The celebration of birth is a tribute to the couple and especially to the woman who labors through this long, tiring, and difficult process. This is a time for the celebration of the greatest occasion and most important occurrence in life.

There you have it, a list of who knows mommy best baby shower questions. Make sure you check out some of our other baby shower ideas.

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