Top 8 Hockey Skates List & Comparison

To be a good player on the ice and be at your best performance, having high-quality hockey skates is always the first step.

But finding the best hockey skates for you is quite daunting. Your foot width and size, weight, level of expertise, playing style, budget, and many more important variables come to play. Hockey skates also come in different designs and colors, and this can be really confusing.

Comparison Table

Best Hockey Skates to Buy

With so many factors to consider, you’ll need some guidance to get the best possible skates. Here are the best hockey skates to consider:

1. Bauer Vapor X400

These hockey skates bring with them performance and comfort that justify their high-end price tag. If you’re a professional skater, they’ll boost your maneuverability and speed. They also come with a TUUK Lightspeed Pro blade holder and Super Stainless steel runner for better acceleration and flexibility.

The Bauer Vaper X400s are durable skates with reliable performance.

2. CCM Super Tracks

These skates are stiff through the ankles and skate tops giving you lots of forwarding flex. They come with a mono-frame technology to prevent energy loss.

The CCM Super Tracks are very comfortable. They have an anatomical heel design that makes them asymmetrical and easy to fit any feet size. They also use a memory foam for extra comfort.

If you are looking for best hockey skates with explosive power, comfort, and fit, consider the CCM super Track. It will never let you down!

3. Bauer Vapor 1X Skates

These skates guarantee you strength and reliability. They come with a suede sole to offer extra cushioning for smooth gliding on ice. Its authentic synthetic material makes them lightweight to offer greater flexibility.

They are durable and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about regular repairs, maintenance or replacement costs.

If you are a regular ice hockey player, consider getting yourself these affordable Bauer skates.

4. Bauer Supreme 1S

Botas – Largo 571 PRO – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates | Made in Europe…

  • Recommended use: for professional hockey skating and top class level
  • Upper: durable synthetics with waterproof finish
  • Lining: soft nylon fabric laminated lining combined with synthetic materials

These skates provide the ultimate comfort and impeccable fit. From its heel, four-part ankles, instep and forefoot soles, they have a unique design that will seamlessly fit your feet. They also offer plenty of support for your feet with their forefoot wrap.

Made of lightweight materials, they guarantee you a long, swift, and hard skating.

They are also incorporated with composite and titanium for durability and strength. Its outsole is made from a perforated composite material that is well-vented for efficient breathability and energy transmission.

Its blades and holder construction have extra 3mm height to give you a better offensive angle and tighter turns. They’re designed with memory foam ankle pads and thermo-formable speed plate footbed for better comfort, durability, control, and balance.

5. Ribcore Pump Skate

These are the lightest skates on the list. They incorporate a pointed design with a narrow forefoot that is suitable for acceleration and implausible motion.

They enhance agility and comfort with their modified quarter package. For stiffness and stability, they have firm carbon fittings on their malleable composite body. Their dual zone liners for great heel locking, moisture management, and durability.

Its pump tech ensures your heel and foot is safely secured in place.

6. American Athletic Ice Force

American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate, 9, Black

  • Perfect skates for beginner skaters to intermediate skaters
  • Indoor and Outdoor skates, good for pond hockey
  • Light weight sidewall injection mold giving the skate a custom fit right out of the box

Affordable and simple in design, these skates are made for beginners. However, you can still pull some impressive skills with them.

With their wide base and narrow upper, they provide efficient stability so you don’t have to worry about skidding or falling. It comes with a Cambrelle interior padding making it moisture-resilient and guarantees you the much-needed comfort.

They come in all sizes.

7. Graf PeakSpeed 300

Zerust Hockey Skate Blade Covers Rust Protection and Rust Prevention…

  • Uses a soft absorbent material to keep moisture off of the blades, keeping them rust-free
  • Will also protect your blades from becoming dull and chipped
  • Protect from rust and corrosion for up to 5 years

The Graf PeakSpeed will offer you the ultimate comfort and fit. They are light weight and come with a stay-dry liner (anti-moisture) in their interiors. They are designed with a replaceable runner Graf Attack and have a symmetrical tongue for extra comfort, control, explosive speed, and acceleration.

They are a great bargain for reliability and performance.

8. American Athletic Senior Soft Boot Skates

Men’s Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skate

  • Grey and Black camouflage pattern
  • Soft boot hockey skate for non-competitive ice hockey and recreation
  • Thick foam padding for warmth and comfort

If you are skating for fitness or working on getting back into shape for the next season, get yourself these American Athletic skates.

They have a multi-layered construction to support your ankles and Velcro straps to keep your feet in place. The thick padding construction helps to keep your feet warm and comfortable while on the ice and the steel runner blades provide the much-needed breakaway speed and acceleration for a top-notch performance.

Get a New Pair of Hockey Skates Today!

Whether you are an amateur or professional, these 8 choices are great picks to consider. Remember, your hockey skates will determine your gameplay.

Happy skating!

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