25 Retirement Plaque Wording Phrases

People who have stayed with a company long enough to earn a retirement are likely to be familiar with every type of social commentary and pun associated with this very important stage of life and career. It’s highly likely that for years, a retiree has juggled the concept of retirement with what it implies.

It’s especially true for retirees leaving a place of work where they have a venerable reputation, to have thought about what leaving means. A person who has given the better part of their working life to a company has undoubtedly earned the respect of authority figures and coworkers. In most cases, retirees are more concerned with how they will spend their earned free time, instead of becoming overly reminiscent about time spent on the job.

The Retirement Gift

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An important part of planning a retirement party is coming-up with suitable gifts that contain. These gifts must convey a sense of connection between the retiree and the remaining work crew, but must also carry a message of importance. Coworkers will have had ample time to get to know the personality and preferences of a person who is about to retire. This interaction is vitally helpful when choosing corporate gifts for a retirement party.

Retirement party and celebration gifts should combine the guest of honor’s favorite things with a bit of humor, lighthearted affinity, and class. Artwork is a great choice for giving at a retirement party. Memorabilia pertaining to the history and achievement of the company is also appropriate. Along with traditional parting gifts, things like photographic displays are a brilliant way to highlight a person’s career and contribution.

Retirement Plaques

Plaques with sentimental messages are also a perennial favorite gift for coworkers to bestow upon retirees. These items are simple, yet can provide a summation of the thoughts and feelings of coworker groups in simple, straightforward statements. Retirement plaque wording can be creative and fashioned from a wide range of materials that also speak to the retiree’s importance.

If a retiree was mainly employed in a managerial position, wooden plaques with traditional golden engraved lettering are highly appropriate. Other plaques can be made using trophy-like motifs. Wooden, hanging plaques are exceptionally meaningful, and can be engraved with long, noteworthy messages. The gift of a hanging plaque is always a thoughtful gift, and something a retiree will treasure at home.

Other retirement plaques can reflect the nature of the business that a person is leaving. Sculpted concrete plaques for contracting and municipal retirees are wonderful. Brass and metal plaques for teachers and government workers have special meaning. Wooden plaques for people with careers in the arts and public service can be stunning and enjoyable when paired with a private celebration.

The Message

The most important part of a retirement plaque wording is the message permanently engraved on its face. The message must have special meaning to the recipient and the group giving the plaque. The range of messages is as broad as language itself. It should always combine appreciation for the retiree’s service, elements of the nature of his or her job, and a great deal of personality. Every retiree has the idea that his or her service is unique, so a retirement plaque should have words reflecting the recipient’s notion of self-worth and love for the job. The following are examples of appropriate plaque messages with retirement wording.

  • Take time off. It’s on us!

  • [Number of years of service] that are greatly appreciated

  • In recognition for [number of years of service].

  • Loyal, Trustworthy, and Professional.

  • Always the employee with a vision for the future.

  • Thank you for generations of support and commitment.

  • Exemplary veteran achievement at [company name].

  • Here’s to earned permanent vacation time.

  • We remember when…[first year of employment].

  • Your years of expertise helped grow this company.

  • Mr./Ms. [name] corporate emeritus.

  • Happy retirement! Never stop the commitment!

  • Our company can never replace your efforts. We can only learn from your example.

  • New horizons through solid examples!

  • Employee, contributor, teacher, mentor.

  • Through times of trial, and times of plenty. Thank you!

  • [number of years] at the same office…deserves at least two weeks on an island!

  • We remember [first employment year].

  • You are loved, appreciated, and have our respect.

  • Happy retirement. Visit any time, but remember to check-in with the receptionist.

  • In honor of company service and [list the most important achievement].

  • An exceptional life and commitment to service in [subject].

  • The venerable [name, plus corporate title].

  • Here’s to seeing us [corporate name] through [number] of years.

  • For [number of years of excellence] as [job title].

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